I really like this color. I still love the yellows around dont. Get me wrong, but youve got your daytime running light at the top and your LED headlight high low beam inside there. Your fog light, your contrasting gray, with the um black sensors youve got your seven Stripes Jeep with that e. Really to stillantasy and then youve got your Jeep words typed out here. Beautiful really nice youve got that SUV, and this is the higher its the highest stalantis electric ground clearance that they make, even though its a very small SUV things, B, segment, SUV, glass, back, Winger, glass, black roof shark fin aerial, like kind of a matte B pillar C pillar then kicks back up and then youve got your stalantis AC charging up to 11 kilowatt in DC up to 100 kilowatts. So like its fast charge – and this is a 54 kilowatt hour battery, so its slightly bigger than the e208 2008 Corsa e, Mach e Etc. Let me see what the sound quality is like. So youve got your little driver display here. Youve got your pill shaped sitting on top of the dash here, a hard plastic, but then that kind of a brushed Goldy metallic with the Avenger logos here, interesting shelf and a glove box. But this shaft is going to be very handy, start, stop putting, which is the land to switch gear, great to have an actual physical roll switches and then youve got the park.

Reverse neutral Drive buttons, big chunky buttons, and then you have this weird laptop tablet. Cover thing that kind of folds up on itself very tall magnets, its very weird found some lights, so we can see whats going on um massive spacing underneath there and youve got the traditional dry mode, selector stalantis parking brake, then some um cup holders and an actual Little armrest box as well Jeep embossed on the seat, nice fabric yeah. Well, this floor works but thats set for me. Im six foot: two 188 centimeters bleeping bleeping away there nice to work hard. Actually um, Like A Renault Zone, youve got the door handle up on top here and the mirror Megan actually, and then it is going to be tight, theres a b segment SUV, but Id manage it like Headroom. Not bad, no arm rests getting very minimalist back here. Now, theres not much going on one single USB type. A lets have a look in the boot thats what it looks like up. The top there nice nice front nice Dash nice color, nice design, which is a bit on the small side, but if it suits yeah, this is a power tail lift if Im not mistaken. Now let me remember where the button is high level brake light. Wiper, probably similar to the likes of the this is a dual floor as well, so you can have a flat floor. You can take it out nice type of electric.

Actually, this is a bit more expensive than the Mucky, if Im not mistaken in the e2008. This is beautiful here. Really nice, beautiful youve got this Jeep language down here as well under the bottom of the Sills yeah. I like it. I like a lot. I lost card here as well. Isnt it Car of the Year 2023 so its hard to beat that some other stats on the Jeep Avenger. It is a 54 kilowatt hour battery at 50.8 of that usable wltp of ‘0 kilometers uh AV database is saying a real world range of 295 um 115 kilowatt motor, giving you 156 PS and our 260 newton meters of torque. It is 11 kilowatt in AC and 100 kilowatt on DC fast charging and that trunk is 355 liters. Its already won some awards Womens World card of the Year, best family, SUV, 2023, and then the big one we just talked about is that your European car of the year, the Jeep Avenger overall, so phenomenal stuff and looking forward to getting the test drivers huge thanks To my patreon supporters, new patreon kudzo Heinrich leisner Adrian Kerry, Blake Boland from EV life, Ireland, Eve daily and Mark. Hopefully, youve enjoyed my quick, very quick, look around the Jeep Avenger and make sure you subscribe to the channel, hit the like button comment and share and remember if you think you need a few leave it to me and Ill review.