Do you have an electric car but dont know how to take care of an electric car battery and want to extend the life of the EV battery? The top way is to increase the lifespan of an electric car battery, include no quick charging monitoring, speed Park and Shard dont charge to maximum Etc. Before get into our topic, please make sure you subscribe to our Channel and hit the like button. It means a lot to us and if you are interested in reading such insightful content about electric cars so visit, our website, link is given in description. Lets back to the video first way is stop charging to the maximum with lithium batteries. It is preferable to charge to about 80 rather than getting a full charge, whether out of habit or because you simply think having a full charge will allow for a longer commuting time, regenerative braking, which can turn kinetic energy into useful energy. If there is enough space in the battery can be used because the battery is not fully charged. Second way is monitor your speed to consume less energy and save your battery. Try to drive more slowly whenever you can driving more slowly, isnt always an option, especially when interstate traffic is moving quickly. However, it might be a better option to select a Less Traveled route, with a slower speed restriction as opposed to driving quickly and then having to spend hours recharging, because you drove the battery down too quickly.

Third Way is avoid deep. Discharging the lifespan of your EV battery is decreased. If you fully discharge it before recharging dot, when you notice that the charge has fallen to 30 percent recharge the device dot recharging, the device now will prevent the charge from falling any lower or remaining low for an extended period. Fourth Way is Park in the shade. Many people have a habit of parking far from a business to avoid congested parking, lots and the Blazing Heat when barking an Eevee look for a site that will provide some shade in addition to keeping your car cool while it is still parking in the shade stops. The thermal management system from running continuously, additionally, it stops the battery from getting too hot when an EV battery becomes too hot, it starts to lose charge and fifth way is take time to charge in the heat. You need to take additional time to charge your battery while its hot and humid outside, when its hot, outside lithium batteries tend to drain more quickly since they dislike the heat. Just as much as you do. Sixth way is plan for vacation storage. If you have a trip coming up and wont need the car for a few days schedule your EV battery recharge, leaving your electric car at the airport or your departure Port will allow you to drive it home when you get back when returning. If you take a cap from the airport, you can leave your electric vehicle plugged in with a charge level of almost 50 percent dot.

This will prevent the battery from being overcharged. While you are away each day that goes by an EV batteries, charge decreases make sure the battery has enough power till the time of your return and last is stop quick charging. It seems like a great approach to save time, especially when youre pressed for time to charge your EV battery quickly. The units lifetime is shortened every time the battery is charged quickly. A Lithium Ion battery typically loses 20 percent of its life after eight years of charging and discharging eight years of consistent, quick charging will result in a batterys life remaining at 70 percent or less yeah. We conclude that using an electric car must need to take care of electric cars and electric car batteries. Thus, we discussed the factors which affect an electric cars battery life and, as we also stated, the best ways to increase the lifespan of an electric car battery dot. The lifetime of a battery in an electric vehicle can range from 200 000 to 500 000 miles. Many EVS already have longer battery lives than many gas powered cars, which is more than enough for the majority of people dot. However, giving electric car batteries better care will extend their life. Thank you thats it for the video please subscribe to our Channel and hit the like button.