The cool thing about the Nero it comes available in Bose, a hybrid, a plug in hybrid, and you could go full electric with the EB model and thats the world. We have here in the past few days that car behind me has been my daily driver and heres the things that I discovered in terms of cool features, driving handling and uniqueness that this vehicle has to offer if youre looking for a practical, daily driver. So first thing: first, this thing has some interesting unique Design Elements, definitely separating it from the previous generation, but like in previous EV version. The Charge 4 is still located in the center, which is a pro and a con. Con Bean is, if you live in a winter environment, buy yourself in muddy situations. I know cars in Colorado, usually in front of, is filled with like mud and snow. So you may have to clean that up, but if you open it up here it is, it is DC fast charging which has a max Peak around 84 kilowatts. Now Kia does advertise. It should take about 40 something minutes to get the vehicle from 10 to 80 percent. If your DC fast charging. However, this was my time: charging was Electrify America, so its Hit or Miss just. This is the worst that Ive experienced, and this does support the Kia. Reverse charge, which means was the appropriate adapter which Kia did provide for us was this adapter allows us to actually use this as a household Outlet, so you can basically power a campground but other unique aspect of things that this vehicle has.

I really do like the headlights personally, it gives me like a Tron Vibe, almost like a motherboard circuit board, thats, what it looks like to me Im just a Tech head, but that is pretty cool. This event back here actually is functional for aerodynamics, because if you look closely, it does follow through the side panel. So does indeed help in aerodynamics, and I dont know about you, but it definitely reminds me of an Audi R8, like the very first Generations. Thats, not a bad look, not a remote to this key fob does feature the summon capability which, if you lock the car, not only does it look like a like a bomb switch which is kind of neat but yeah the common buttons right over here, but these Buttons are your summon buttons technically so if you long press, while the vehicle is locked, wait for the headlights to chirp, since it blinks twice long press the forward or back button to move the vehicle forward or back, you got ta get close to the vehicle. But you could actually allow the vehicle to move forward. This is perfect during like tight situations when Vehicles Park super close to both your driver and passenger side, so you could easily move the car forward without having to daint the vehicle in the back. You just have to be within, like a certain distance for sawmill to work and, of course, itll utilize, its parking, sensors and stuff, and once you let go of the remote it merely Slams on the brakes.

And that leads me to the next unique thing about this vehicle. Is it still lights? I like them? It feels like there needs to be tail lights right here, but I dont know I kind of like this. Like no tell light look and, of course your turn markers are actually located on the bumper now the vehicle has other unique things like it does have a smart app that you could connect your vehicle to since Im, not the owner. This is a pressed vehicle. I dont have accident, but you do have all the cool, Smart Car features so lets go ahead and talk about numbers. Ev version starts at thirty nine thousand dollars and has a very Advanced Driver assist system, something you expect to find on a car. Thats close to six figures is more powerful than the base ev6 as it does have a 201 horsepower. Engine was 188 pound feet of torque its capable to DC fast charge, as it could take 84 kilowatts meet Max Peak with a ccs, and it has a battery capacity of 64 kilowatts. Unfortunately, since this vehicle was manufactured and built in South Korea, it does not qualify for the states tax incense. Unfortunately, but even though this is a more affordable version of the ev6, it actually does have a faster 0 60, as this does have a 0 60 time of 6.5. A little bit quicker than the ev6 base model just front wheel. Drive is standard on all Kia.

Niros theres, no all wheel, drive option now getting in the car. It does have smart door handles, which is nice. You go unlock or lock the vehicle from the door handle itself. The interior is extremely futuristic and reminds me a lot like the ev6 and so Im going to go ahead and show you why so hop inside. I have a lot of head space right here and we do have a sunroof that we do have for that option. This is why I say it reminds me of the ev6: it has this system right here, where you can only control one thing at once in terms of climate and the uh stereo system, because heres your AC vent, AC control. If you tap right here, this will take you to your radio controls and you do have your shortcuts right here for defrost or Auto climate, of course, but this acts as your volume, rocker youre on and off for your radio and then, when you tap your AC. Now its your temperature level dial its chilly, so Im gon na go ahead and put it in 780 and every long press on a Nikon. If its like the ev6, it will beep and thatll, be your uh preference to always be on by default. Whenever you start up the vehicle, thats kind of a hidden trick, I discovered about these uh Kia vehicles was that interesting, AC and stereo unit control and the seats are very similar to the ev6 too, especially from the back side.

Theyre not terrible looking or anything like that. Theyre super comfortable and they are indeed ventilated and heated, but the interior is really stylish. Nice premium material, heated steering wheel and you have your seats and heated steering wheel, control right here as well as your auto hode. It is a digital shift knob and your power button is located right here. It does have wireless charging capability, as well as Wireless car play and Android auto unique ambient lighting right here, which can be changed in the settings, but you can also tap on the menu. The mode button right here and it will change to the appropriate mode that you select and by default you have the choice between Norm, normal sport and Eco, heavy long, press, youll, actually toggle snow mode. So, even for a front wheel, drive vehicle, it does have snow mode and I really do like this instrument, cluster and design that they have going for, because this is an EB vehicle. We dont have our RPM gauge, but they actually cleverly engineered it. So you still technically have a little dial right here, which doesnt feel weird or odd. I actually really do like this. It shows me how much power Im putting in as well as how much Im regenerating back whenever Im using braking for a region but heres your battery overall percentage and, of course you have the capability to move between the other infotainment screens that you have available. Now.

This vehicle does have a heads up display, which is extremely useful, especially when setting navigation. It does display everything right here, as well as, if theres a vehicle in your blind spot, which does display blind spot monitoring on your heads up display, as well as your mirrors and a cool thing I like about this car as well, is whenever you toggle, like Your wipers for rain itll actually show you what youre toggling right here instead of having a look at down here. Same applies for your alliance. Controls are also shown right here and then, of course, the other columns where you find your auto high beams and such and then both the driver and passenger seat are both automatic, because each side has their own control and the rearview mirror right here. This is where youll find your home link capability to link to your garage Mercy, dials lights, which are touch sensitive or you can manually press to turn it mold on to disable. They all go on when the door is open right here, yeah pre loaded for people that care like myself. You do have a full mirror right here, but it does have a little holder right here for a business cards and such the light. Eliminator is right here. Oh and if you close, it itll automatically turn it off now in terms of unique features. This is Kias infotainment system very similar to like what the ev6 has. I really do like it because it actually has some Nifty tools like the EV mode, will actually show you how much range you have, plus the AC on or off.

So if you need to squeeze that extra range. If I turn everything off, I do have 80 miles capability and right now the vehicle is at 37 percent should give you a general idea how efficient it is for daily driving, and then you also have quiet mode, which was this mode enabled only the front speakers Will be enabled so your rear passengers will be able to sleep fine, and then you just disable this its much quicker than having to go into your audio EQ settings to disable the rear speakers and then an e vehicle settings right here. You have the capability to edit your heads up display and if you wish to have your phone to be asked the dedicated key for this car, so you dont have to carry the key fob. You can always set that up as well. Then, if you go to Cluster and go to illumination, you can actually set a blue light. Filter too, if you like, you can schedule it as well or leave it on automatic whenever sunrise or Sunset sets now some Kia models do have a built in dash cam Im, not sure if this is because its only a UK thing, but here in the states We dont have it, but if your vehicle is a put, was on, if you actually open up the glove box, which is a normal size, score box, but mines a blank. But right here was supposed to be a USB port.

So you can actually add, like storage to your dash cam, because the external cameras of this vehicle has some Kia. Nero models do have a dash cam capability which were able to find right here, but this one doesnt have a pad equipped. So maybe in the near future, next year, model might have it who knows, but if yours has it theres a USB port right there for you now, this vehicle does have wireless charging capability and will actually give you feedback on the LED light right here. If your device is charging right or not, so if we actually like take our phone out its going to go blank, if we place it back in itll, wait for a couple seconds. Itll show us some feedback right there if its charging or not. Of course, you have USBC usb a any 12 volt Outlet right here and the couplers are extremely interesting, because if you dont need the cup holders, you could just open them up like so and give yourself more space right here. But if youre using cup holder, you just push here here and Bam now you have like a flop for your bottles and such in addition that you have additional storage right here above this armrests now lets go ahead and go into the back seats back seats are Pretty cool due to the fact that its fairly roomy back here minus the legs or leg room space, but forever size, adults, theres plenty of space right here, Im about five, eight, so Im able to fit back here, just nice and you have a USBC ports right Here on the side, you have vents, which is nice, and you have additional storage right here behind the seats, and these do have heated and heated seats back here, which is right above the window, switch to casually toggle that right here.

So, yes, it is slightly smaller than the ev6, but you do have the important things you expect to have like armrest was cup holders and of course you can fold all the seats down for additional cargo. But aside from that, its pretty much standard back here, it also got your light switches here. But since were in the discussion of cargo space. Lets go back there and see what its, how its like so heres, the back cargo space and if you fold out the seats thats, basically how you do. I have a backpack there thats, why its not falling flush, or else it would have been sitting at the same height as that one. But this is the back seat. Do have hooks right here for your groceries as well as additional hooks right here. If you need to strap something down, you have hidden Cubbies right here or side Cubbies, I should say, and right about up here, gives you access to your tail lights. If you have to replace them or remove them. The same implies for the opposite side, and if you need additional cargo, you do have the access to this hidden compartment, which does give you access to not just your subwoofer right there, but also your inflation kit. And if you like, to give yourself more room, you can remove the sides right here for your Cubbies but thats. Basically, the back cover how it looks like you have a handle and or the button to press to uh automatically lower it and you can auto adjust the height as well.

If you need to, it does have a rear wiper, which is quite handy, and you do have a roof rail that you can actually attach stuff to later on, if you like, but now lets, go ahead and go on and drive and talk about how it handles. Oh and you do have two memory seats for the driver, its a little daily driving the Nero EV, well, its actually really interesting, even though this is an EV vehicle. This is definitely one of the most easiest EV vehicles to get used to. Yes, it took me a while to get used to the regen, but what I like about this vehicle is that the pedals that you see on the steering wheel are plus and minus, but theyre not there for Gears theyre, actually there, so you can actually adjust the Braking region aggressiveness, so, if you like to decrease it, you have full freedom to decrease it or take it off completely or increase it at Max. I personally prefer having a Max due to the fact that I could increase the range as much as possible. Well maximize. My range under a single charge, because this gives me chargeback to the battery now the extreme driver assist that it has is actually brilliant. Now Ive tried Tesla autopilot. My vehicle has that I tried Chevy and their super cruise and four Worcester blue Cruise. Its kind of similar how they almost rhyme uh, but what Kias has going for, is actually extremely Advanced.

Its super confident and I like the fact that the heads up display will actually show me what the car sees. So I know that the vehicle thats in front the car is picking it up. So I dont have to be prepared to take the hands on the wheel, but you do have to have your hands on the wheel once a while. So it will beep you once a while if you have have your hands fully off the wheel but for the most part, its super, reliable and nice and works on all roads. Well so long as its clear, of course, and theres no bad weather, but overall, just being a very small crossover, slash hatchback its super easy to drive around the cities, crowded, environment, easy to maneuver and handles really well due to the back that its well balanced besens. The battery is in the bottom portion of the vehicle, so thats a good center of gravity, so you could easily make some confident turns if you need to, but aside from that, it drives like a drive like how it looks its not bad. I have no no uh complaints or anything like that, and that is basically the experience with held like driving the Kia Nero its good looking, in my opinion, its loaded with a bunch of safety features. It has like the capability to also like alert you if youre stopped behind a red light and traffic is moving in front of you.

It will actually buzz you in the screen. In addition to that, you also get some premium paddles by the way, but under the hood you do have a small storage container right here. If we actually put stuff like first aid kits flashlights or even to go snack bags, I mean, if you want to dont, want to stink up your cabinet. You can always put stuff here its, not big, its, not massive, like Tesla. Some other vehicles was frunks, but it does have the additional option, which is quite nice, because they could have easily just covered this up and made it into just an engine cover for the EV motor, but its honestly, not a bad car. Overall. Aside from that there, you guys have it. Hopefully you guys got some good information out of this video.