This is my mgzsev um. I have had this car since October first week, right now, we are in the end of Feb, so its October November December January February, thats five months. Um just want to talk about what I like about this car and what I dont like about this car thats, the interior, sorry for how much mess this is thats my office bag and office stuff. This is a sunroof. You have a full panoramic sunroof, it um its a its a useful feature. Sometimes, but overall I dont know if you, if its a something that will make your life, I thought it would really make a big difference, but it hasnt done all that I hardly ever use it only when I feel that my hair are a bit wet. I open it, but then you know how the Sun is quite unrelenting, so right now its its late Feb. So in the summer I mean I dont, know whats gon na happen, Im kind of concerned about it, but not too much um just wondering you know how that will transpire so far for the months of October November December, its been pretty good, not gon na lie. Now lets talk about the main feature of this car and that is an electronic car being an electronic car. This car is, I can confidently say its faster than all of these cars. Then this Mercedes, then that Ford, then this Kia, then this Tiago the other day.

I was racing with the Maybach and the Maybach was able to give me a good good Tucker, but eventually I won now Im, not a car Enthusiast Im, not a very fast driver, but this car is so smooth that you literally feel like you are not driving, But you are between driving and flying because its so smooth, even when you fly theres a rusty motor, kick that doesnt happen with the mg Zs EV IL um lets talk about the internals now lets talk about how much mileage it gives you um. First of all, you have this is the panel and you have a lot of options really you know. So one of the cool features is that when Im driving this car and theres a car in front of me and is going at 50 kilometers per hour – foreign Music, yeah, sorry so anyways, I was saying that um, you know when you have this car it gives You at 100 mileage uh. It will give you approximately 350 kilometers range, which is pretty good. Now I you I dont, use the sports mode for driving. I use the normal mode for driving. You know so thats, not a concern really and um. So thats, pretty okay. For me, Ive done 4 675 kilometers. I dont know if you can see that yes, you can and the battery is one of the best things about this car. Now I dont travel all that much its showing me a range of 373.

. I have never ever drained this to zero. In fact, Ive never been less than 10 12 because Im that kind of guy, even with my iPhone, I always keep it at 80 or 90. I just dont want to be dealing with. You know some delay because um lets face it. These things make you efficient and if youre not efficient and if youre not charging your phone and if youre not doing all that somewhere youre compromising on your productivity and Im, not that guy, I dont, live on contingencies. I like to have shorty um when I used to before this. My previous car was in Elantra and I had that for um eight years I didnt want to change it. My dad forced me into getting a new car so that that was somebody calling me right. There, so you could hear how beautiful the loud and loud and clear the speakers are um, since we are here, might as well switch on the AC um. I worked out so Im feeling a bit hot, okay, so thats how the AC works. These vents are awesome. The dashboard is very good and premium this Indian flag. Recently, my father installed it. This came with the car and I didnt think about taking it off um. We have black seats, carbon fiber seats. I dont know what you call these um, however, lets see how bad is gon na be in the month of June, no matter what car you have youre gon na suffer in June in Delhi.

Having said that, I feel that its gon na be fine Im, not very concerned, because the AC is very good and um. I think Im gon na be absolutely okay. Now I live in South Delhi somewhere and I travel to Noida every day and for all intents and purposes this car has been fantastic. I drive on average, maybe 30 kilometers. It Ive installed an electric charger at my office. So I dont even look at how much Im spending on it, but I dont think its more than 200 units in a month, 200 units in a month means somewhere around 1800 to 2000 rupees. Now I dont pay that bill out of my pocket. So I dont consider I consider it zero. Like my traveling expenses, I dont even consider that thousand two thousand rupees a month um. So when you are getting this car understand that your out of pocket expense will be zero, you will never be spilling gas, so people say one rupees or two rupees per kilometer. I dont even consider that I consider it zero rupees per kilometer when you buy an AC, you dont look at oh, my God. This AC is costing me four thousand rupees a month or even, if you do its something you make peace with. Similarly, Ive made peace with the fact that Im, probably gon na use 200 units in a month at the very most but realistically its about 150 units in a month, because I dont drive that much um driving is a breeze driving is a pleasure with this car.

No matter how bad Delhi traffic is you dont really mind? You know see how smooth it is its such a smooth ride, theres, no engine noise, um, very good feedback from the steering the steering is a major major, plus major major goal in this car. You know I really like the steering of this car Music. You know got ta, be a bit careful. No, I think my opinion matters because I have five cars wow big deal, I know but uh. I have uh Mercedes E Class. I have petrol, which is seven years of age. I have a skoda rapid, which is 10 years of age petrol, regular manual. I have Hyundai Elantra, which I said is 2014, so its eight nine years old, now its an automatic petrol, we dont buy anything but petrol cars, and then we have the Honda WRV, which is again six months old, only and its a its a manual petrol. So those are my cars now I dont even think twice before sending my driver with this car, because if I can save a rupee Im, the guy, who will do it and uh its around 4 600 kilometers, so four thousand give or take lets, say: 4. 700 kilometers so around 50 500 liters of petrol, Ive already saved, which is about 50 000 rupees, but thats, not why you should get the card now. Im gon na tell you why you should get the car besides, that factor number one its an electronic card.

You are future proofing yourself number two. It is genuinely a very fast car. I mean it is super fast number. Three. I have never in my life imagined that I will get this many stairs when you are going in an electronic car on the road people. Look man like people look now what kind of people look the low grade, income and the middle a great income look a lot, but even the rich people are always like a bit. They act like theyre, not staring, but they all are staring man theyre, admiring. Now why are they admiring lets get out of the car and show you that theyre admiring? Because you know this is how the car looks. I mean this is optional. By the way, I had to pay like two three thousand rupees extra for this or 5000 rupees extra, but I did it just look at the way this car looks from the front thats where you charge it from this is how the car looks. I dont see any better looking car on the road. None of these guys. None of these guys, not your fortuners weak engine. My car is faster, go home and even this car dude like even look at okay, the back is not the best looking. It looks a bit like uh a bit scuffed up but uh on the top. It looks brilliant from the side. It looks brilliant. This electric logo looks pretty good, so, as you can see, and its so much fun like I six months on Im still not bored.

I still look forward to driving this car because its such an experience Ive been driving since the age of 22. Im 38 right now, and I cant tell you how much I like this car. So the other reasons you should probably get this car is for the fact that youll have the coolest car on the road number four um, like I said it has Lane assist. So when youre driving and theres a car in front of you, it will match the speed of that car automatically. If that car slows down your car will automatically slows down. If that car breaks its able to see whats happening 50 meters ahead of you, I think so so thats a pretty cool feature when you drive it, you get used to it after one month of driving this. You will be super good with it. After three months of driving it, you will be very comfortable with it and youll be able to fly with this car. When I first got this car because Im used to a sedan – and I found the center of gravity a bit lopsided like with all SUVs, including the Innova which I was gon na buy – but man this car is super fast, its super cool theres. There are so many features. The sound system is very, very good for an entry level, sound system um – I I havent got a change because they have scared me with the fact that I might lose on the warranty.

The seats are very comfortable. The back seat is very comfortable um you this. This thing can fold up and you can have a third, a fifth passenger seat, um the way the in the inner you know, dashboard and everything looks, and these materials used is very good. I love the way. The AC vent works tomorrow, if I find that this is irritating me Im, just gon na Im, just gon na take a towel and put it on top of it or Ill. Just you know. This is a glass right, so I can literally, you know, get this glass uh black blacked out, thats, completely legal. You can do that with your sunroof right um. Besides that I love this car because Im saving so much money on it. Im not spending any money on the per kilometer, the coolness factor is there the wow factor. Is there its very quiet? I like it, its its environment friendly. I like that um the steering is a brilliant 10 on tent staring the horn is a brilliant 10. On 10 horn, itll scare, anybody like look at this. You know its like a UK horn. You know like when you used to watch Top Gear. I never used to watch it, but you get my drift right um. Besides that, the driving the pillion seats, the driving seat, is very comfortable. The non striker seat is plenty comfortable, although I always like to be driven in this car on the back seat, its not that much fun Im more of a driver.

Like I like to drive myself, you know theres no light for the back seat, so keep that in mind, theres no light in the back thats a bit of a demerit um. Sometimes I feel that when Im at 100 Im – not very confident so I guess thats something to do with me, but at 100 I dont feel very confident at 80, Im totally comfortable at 100. Im, not very confident, um. Look. 350 kilometers range is pretty good um, but it could have been a thousand. You could argue with that um if I have to charge this at the local place. Itll probably cost me about 800 bucks for a full charge or a thousand rupees for full charge. In 15 minutes, I can charge it from zero to 100.. Now this place here is a wireless charger. You know this this spot right here. This is an iPhone 10 and Im just gon na put it on top of this with the case and its starting to charge it, it does charge it. It Heats your phone, I dont like to use it much. You have a USBC fast charging port. Here you have a regular USB, a port. You have apple card play. As you can see, I can simply connect this in apple carplay. I can use a bunch of features. All of these options are at my disposal. This touch screen is very nice and good to use. I love using Google Maps on it and it works like a charm, theres podcasts, theres uh.

It can read your messages in case. You want to do that. The Spotify Apple music. Everything works like a charm, its a really beautiful thing, but this is constantly charging your battery. So if you are a battery nerd and you have a new phone youll have to let go of that, but then whats a one lakh rupee phone versus a 27 lakh rupee car, the car is more precious right. Another thing I dont like about this – that I sometimes find that this flap is constantly flapping and I dont like it because it makes a noise, maybe its to do with the plastic. You guys can tell me if I remove the plastic, would it help from both the sides? Im, not the kind of guy to keep plastic this long, but Ive done it anyway, um so yeah man. So so much you like the steering is nice. The drive is nice, the lane assist is nice. The looks is 10 on 10. The horn is very good um. The features are very good uh. I love the tires of the car. Another negator I want to talk about. Is the boot space its trash like? If you have more than one or two suitcases, you probably will have to keep the third suitcase in the front and the two small suitcases will fit in the back. You cant even probably fit two large suitcases in the back, so I dont like that about this car.

You know thats one slightly big deal at it for me um, but then I seldom travel with more than two or three suitcases, so its a minor inconvenience and I dont travel every day. So, but when I do travel Im a bit peeved I can. The application is very nice. I forgot to talk about the application, which is another 10 on 10 feature. I can literally check everything that is happening in this car and the way its happening um. You know I can literally see who drove the car how they drove the car. What did they drive the car? Well, the application is super. Super good Im not going to go into the application right now, but the application is also a perfect 10. It has many features, it shows you how much time till its complete the battery is going to be complete, yada, yada yada. All that kind of thing it shows you why your car is suppose. Supposing you forgot, where you parked your car? This will take you to your car through Google Maps or Apple Maps, or whatever you use. It has an inbuilt navigation system also, which you never use. There is three years of warranty and theres, also three years of free internet, so this car has its own internet. As you can see its saying 5G right here, so I can use that thats. I can even talk to it like I can press this button switch off the AC climate control is off hi.

How can I help close the sunroof? Please foreign, like it, you can press a button here and do that. If you press this button, you can call mg. You can make a call using this button. This is first, I think, source. Okay, you can design that anyways. I dont ever use this button. This is very comfortable. The steering is very comfortable, looks very good um. You have all of these buttons here. Um, the back seat is pretty decent um, really nothing much to complain about, in fact, theres. Nothing I can complain about. This has improved My Life by eight to ten percent, and that is a lot. That is a lot my friend, you will only know that once you know what Im talking about, if you have no car, if you have a car which is getting very old, if you have like a like a 15 lakh, rupees skoda or a Hyundai or if You have a 10 lakh Rupees Swift or a 8 lakh rupee Swift or an I10 I20 um. I strongly recommend you get this car. Yes, there is a six to eight lakh rupee difference in the price of this and the Tata. But the Tata looks trash man. Why would you get that sorry, dude Im, calling a spare Spade feel free to ask me 100 questions. Im gon na, be here answering all them for you. This has made me into a car buff into an EV buff uh.

This is the way to go, dude and Im so happy that Im one of the early adopters, which is not very much like me. I always like to wait for the fourth or sixth generation, but now, when I look at a teaser or a petrol car, it could be a one crore, BMW 7 Series. I think what a waste dude. I look at a Range Rover Im like what a waste dude like all that gas. All that sound. Even if you look at a Mercedes which is diesel driven dude, it is so noisy man get it out of here. Get that trash out of my face. Dude, you have an iPhone right. Why why the F? Would you go for a car which is not an EV man go home, dude no dont go home.