So this is Subarus. First, electric car and its been produced alongside fellow Japanese brand Toyota. The soltera is almost identical to the Toyota bz4x in terms of size within the Subaru range, the saltera sits between the Outback and the Forester. It also has that familiar Subaru face at the front. The plastic cladding around the wheel, arches gives it a rugged, look and being an all wheel, drive Subaru. This electric SUV can cope with some off roading at the rear. The sloping roof line gives it a little bit of a sporty Vibe. When I first saw the pictures of the soltera last year, I wasnt overly sure about the design both seeing it in the metal. The Styling has definitely grown on me with this being the touring model. It also gets an electric tailgate that reveals a usable space of 441 liters. The Harman and Kardon subwoofer takes up about 11 liters of boot space versus the standard spec model. There is enough storage underneath the boot floor for the charging cables onto the interior and the rear space in the saltera is generous at six foot four, I had decent leg room and Headroom back here, even with the panoramic sunroof rear. Passengers are accommodated with heated seats. Two USB ports and air vents. The seats in this touring model are leatherette and I found them to be comfortable and supportive. Naturally, the interior is almost identical to the Toyotas with the same touchscreen and switch gear.

The design of the steering wheel and Driver display layout is a little unusual at first glance, but I had no problems in finding a satisfactory driving position. The layout of the touchscreen is intuitive and it is responsive its also nice to have some physical buttons close to hand in the front interior of the soltera equipment levels are good with heated seats, heated steering, wheel and safety. Tech, like blind spot warning, makes you feel assured behind the wheel. The digital rear view mirror is another handy feature, as is the 360 degree camera which is great for tight Maneuvers. The saltera is capable of charging at 150 kilowatt DC and can get up to 80 percent charge in about half an hour. Like we said at first glance, the driving setup may appear a little bit unusual, but in many ways its like what youd find in a Peugeot when youre out on the road. You look over the steering wheel to view the digital display and I found it easy to settle into a comfortable driving position with plenty of adjustment in the steering wheel and the seat. It has as much power as youll ever need with 215 brake horsepower thats. The combined figure of both front and rear Motors when pulling away from a set of lights or joining the motorway, the all wheel, drive system helps to get that power down. The wltp range is a little over 400 kilometers for this touring model, with the 20 inch alloy wheels, as I only had it for a short test drive.

I can confirm what the real world range is Ive, yet to drive the Toyota bz4x, but from what Ive read online, there is very little difference between these two cars in the Driving Experience. This Subaru has various Drive modes that alter the throttle response, as well as an X mode for off road driving. The saltera has 21 centimeters of ground clearance, which is a little more than the Toyota. The steering is light and the slightly smaller steering wheel gives it a little bit of a sporty feel. My first impressions from behind the wheel of the soltera is that its comfortable and relaxing the low center of gravity gives the car a controlled and assured feel in the corners. It lives up to the Subaru badge offering a pleasant Driving Experience, while the interior is also a nice place to be its worth, noting that this platform will also be used for future electric vehicles from both Subaru and Toyota. The Saltair, then, is a solid effort from Subaru, with a premium feel throughout its an accomplished car on the road, with the ability to go off road as well. It should appeal to those that are in the market for an all wheel, drive EV, Subarus havent, been as common in recent years on Irish roads, but this saltera could be the beginning of a new era of success for the Japanese brand.