Turismo now in this, video were seeing how it compares to its Rivals and to see if its actually worth its price tag, because the new mg5ev starts from roughly 31 000 pounds and extends up to 33 and a half thousand pounds now. Indeed, there are two trim levels, at least at the time of filming and in the UK, youve got the SE long range and the trophy long range, both of which that house a 61.1 kilowatt hour battery pack and that is 57.4 kilowatt hour net. Now this means that you have got a quoted range from mg of 235 miles up to roughly 250 miles on the entry level trim, given that its a little bit lighter with less equipment. Now, in our own mix driving test, we netted 210 230 miles, which is actually pretty impressive, because its quite close to the manufacturers claim and unlike some of the Alternatives out there, where its widely different with the wltp claim. This, on the other hand, is actually pretty good now, in case youre wondering the old model, the old mg5ev netted 180 to 190 miles in the very same mixed driving test, and the reason behind that is because it housed a smaller 52.2 kilowatt hour battery pack or 48.8 kilowatt hour net now putting the older generation model to one side. You have got some alternatives to consider, and here the new mg5ev is actually better than the likes of the Vauxhall Nokia e and the Citroen ec4.

However, isnt quite up to standard in comparison to the zsev and the mg4ev, which actually do a slight bit better job, then you have got the likes of the Kia Nero EV with or without a heat pump. The Kia Soul, EV the skoda enyak IV, the VW ID 4, and even the hatchback, such as the VW ID3 and the Cooper born. All of these actually do better in terms of getting the overall driving range. And while we do appreciate that these are not all electric Estates, theyre a worthwhile consideration, given that they come in at roughly the same sort of price points as the new mg5ev now very much like its modern Rivals, the new mg5ev does not have a one pedal Driving mode and therefore means that when youre lifting off the accelerator pedal, you cant come to a complete standstill instead youll roll at roughly six to seven miles an hour. So, for example, right now were going and coming close to stationary traffic. You know if I lift off from the accelerator pedal Im still rolling at around 67 miles an hour. I have to apply pressure to the physical brake pedal instead. Now this is quite a shame because it would have been great to see mg actually optimize this across the range, not only the mg5ev, but, alas thats not the case. In order for you to Tinker around with the regenerative braking levels, you have got a little switch found towards the center console and its annotated by kinetic energy recovery system.

Now, here you can flick between the modes. Youve got level one to level three and three being the harshest level. One would replicate the coasting. So in case you do not like any sort of degree of a gender of breaking or just want to Simply Coast, like youd, normally do on an ice based vehicle. Then you can, of course, do that now, aside from recouping energy, while on the move, you can of course plug it in, and here you have got a ccs and type 2 Port found at the front of the vehicle now its worth pointing out that this has Got an 87 kilowatt input charge rate and therefore means that at its peak it can go from 10 to 80 percent via an appropriate charger in roughly 35 minutes. Now, if you were to find a 50 kilowatt charger instead, it will take you roughly 61 minutes now. One thing that will be of disappointment to certain individuals is that the onboard charger does not have any sort of three phase capabilities. In other words, it doesnt have an 11 or 22 kilowatt on board charger fitted, unlike some of its Rivals. Nor is it available as an option as such via a seven kilowatt wall box. It will take you roughly 10 hours and if you were to plug it in via regular 3 pin socket itll. Take you a whopping 21 hours now, aside from all of this, it is worth knowing that the mg5ev, like a few of its modern siblings, also has got vehicle to load technology, in other words, allowing you to discharge any sort of electricity that youve got within the Battery pack to lets say a household appliance, however, weve not been provided with the adapter, so we cant attest to the claims, but at least according to the specifications it should be doable so with all that out of the way lets talk about performance now here you Have got a front mounted motor that dispatches 115 kilowatts of power, and that equates to 154 horsepower and 218 newton meters of torque.

It is claimed to get to 60 miles an hour in 7.3 seconds. However, via race Logics v box spores, we had it tested at 8.02 seconds, still its not too shabby and its pretty quick to say the least. Top speed is rated at 115 miles an hour. Now, given the placement of the motor, it should come as no surprise to learn that its operating on a front wheel, drive system only and in our tests, whereby we put our foot down to the metal. We noted that the front wheels would actually spin a little bit. It is actually quite minimal in the grander scheme of things and is nowhere near as bad as lets say. The Hindi Kona electric, but its just something we thought to highlight. Similarly, over here, the drivers feel isnt there, even in terms of its sportier mode, presets and theres, some body roll presence, if youre chucking it around on Windy country roads. Now, while we appreciate all of this wont be of that great importance to those people looking at the mg5ev estate, the overall suspension setup must be up there and, in this respect, youll be pleased to know that its actually very comfortable to drive, at least in and Around town, because it soaks up a lot of the anomalies, portals and speed bumps, therefore making for a quite pleasurable experience, at least when you come muting now. What will also constitute in having a good Driving Experience is low cabin noise, and here the mg5ev does fare.

Pretty well at lower speeds, although it does suffer from a bit of tire noise that Creeps in at higher speeds. The thing wed like to point out, however, is that theres a little bit of low end resonance. That can be heard now, if you want a detailed breakdown of the sound measurements that we recorded within the mg5ev, to check out our detailed audio review that can be found up on your pop banner down the description below, or indeed in the pin comments. Now. This does actually perfectly lead us onto its audio system and here as standard on both the SE and the trophy long range, you will find a six speaker. Audio system with 3D sounds now. On the whole, it doesnt do too badly across the sound frequency range, but isnt exactly going to excite certain individuals for those people, for example, who are into their audio again more details of this on terms of our detail, audio review so make sure to check that Out in case youre interested now past this we have to get onto the use of technology, and here there is a 10.25 inch screen, thats planted towards the center of the dashboard, its actually slightly angled towards a driver, making it a little bit easier to use. Now its intuitively laid out and also is pretty responsive and Vivid. However, we did find that the integration with Apple carplay and Android auto seem to be a bit temperamental so much so that we actually had to reset the mg5ev a multitude of times now.

This was a complaint of ours when we reviewed the mg4 EV and it seems like the operating system. Hasnt really changed to the mg5ev, so itd be great to see. Actually the manufacturer optimizing their operating system to work with these third party mobile operating systems. Now, aside from this, you also have got a seven inch fully digitalized instrument cluster, which is certainly improvement over the part digitalized instrument cluster that could be found in its predecessor. Here you will find all the key driving information and you can customize the view to a certain degree. It is a shame, however, that the instrument cluster does not feed through any sort of turn based navigation data from the infotainment system. Specifically when it comes to Android, auto or apple carplay, equally, there is no option to add a head up display, which would have been a great addition specifically at this price point now past the use of technology or indeed the lack of it. We would like to comment mg for including a few physical buttons within the cabin, for example around the dashboard, the instrument cluster and the steering wheel, the latter being quite intuitive, while youre on the go. So, for example, if you want to adjust your media volume or flick through the different instrument cluster screens, however, it is a shame that all the climate controls are all now based on the infotainment system and therefore makes it less intuitive to use while youre on the Move because, indeed over here, you can access it via shortcut button.

But if you want to adjust lets say the fan, speed or indeed the climate within the cabin youll have to faff around with the screen. None the notion of interacting with different things within the cabin we would like to commend mg for the overall interior design from the upholstery, the stitching work, the choice of materials towards the dashboards, the door frames and even the look of the center console, all of which Certainly looks snazzy, while it wont, compete with more premium offerings. Of course, it certainly does look the part now. On the other hand, both the front and rear door bins are not lined with any sort of fabric and therefore means that if youve got any sort of loose change or Keys, theyll be heard rattling around now. This does perfectly bring us on to storage, and indeed the door. Bins will suffice, specifically the ones at the front whereby they can easily accommodate a 500 milliliter bottle alongside a purse or indeed a wallet. Then you have got the glove box and towards the center console, youve got a pretty large Bay, which is lined with a non slip. Material youve then got two USB type, A ports, one of which can be used for connecting up to the infotainment system and then a 12 volt socket for providing charge to, for example, a dash cam. Then further down youve got two cup holders and then youve got a small little storage compartment found within the center armrest, speaking of which, at the rear of the cabin youll, also find a pull down armrest with two cup holders comprised within it.

As for the rear portion of the center console, youll find a very small storage Bay and a USB type, A and type c ports which can be useful for providing charge to your rear occupants. Now, of course, when it comes to storage, we have to talk about its boots in order to access it. There is a button found just off center from the mg badge, which does feel a little bit awkward. Now you might be able to notice that when it does open up it, hasnt got an electric tailgate and indeed that is not available as an option either, which is quite a shame now. Thankfully, however, it does open up with that hatchback design as someone whos just under six foot, Ive got absolutely no problems when it comes to loading in and out Goods, speaking of which over here you have got 479 liters to play around with, and this extends up To 1367 liters, when you pop down the seats now in case youre interested the old model offered 464 and 1456 liters respectively now, here, youve got a 60 40 rear, split, folding design and also a pretty handy retractable and removable bootload cover better still. Youve got a sizeable underfloor compartment, which can be pretty handy for taking your charging cables now, while thats all very good, we do have a few complaints also has an improvements that could have been made see here. You do not have 40 20 40 rear split folding seats, nor do you have an integrated ski latch, making it a little bit more cumbersome to take elongated Goods.

On that note, you do not have a flat loading Bay either. Indeed, here the rear seats are pretty. Propped high and therefore diagonally wedged and equally at the front of the vehicle, theres, no additional storage, compartment or front, as is often referred to now, we appreciate not every all. Electric vehicle has this space, but given that the mg5ev does actually have a sizeable area underneath its plastic cover, it would have been great to see the manufacturer actually optimize the space now aside from transporting goods. What about when it comes to giving someone a lift? Well, a Headroom and leg room at the rear of the cabin are actually not too shabby, although its worth noting over here that it wont, compete with larger sized SUVs both on the flip sliding comparison to some of its competitors. There is a flat rear, footwell design and thats certainly appreciated for the rear middle occupants, as they can lay their feet completely flat. Now, on that note, in terms of the overall seat design, they are diagonally wedged, at least at the rear of the cabin, and therefore means that you might get a little bit of discomfort on your quad muscles if youre going on longer excursions. Of course, if youve got longer, legs like I do, but if youve got lets say kids that are sat at the back, it will be a non issue now, as for the front of the cabin got six way, controls theyre manual on the SE trim and become Electronic, at least for the drivers seat on the trophy long range now, no matter which trim level you go for youll, find heated front seats fitted as standard, although theres no option to add a heated steering wheel, a heated windscreen nor heated rear seats and equally its A shame not to see the option to add a fixed, panoramic, glass roof, or indeed a sunroof.

Now, on that note, the roof rails will take up to 75 kilograms of weight, which is certainly impressive in comparison to its predecessor cell, which was only capable of taking up to 35 kilograms. As for the max Towing weight, it sits at 500 Kilograms. Now this does bring us onto its exterior design and on the whole here, the new mg5ev is a leagues apart from its predecessor. Indeed, it looks a lot more snazzier and upmarket from the front its got a little bit of that aggressive design. Due to how the headlights are positioned and also the Bonnet as for the side, you have got body colored, wheel, arches and side skirts and then youve got 16 inch. Alloys with alloy covers on the entry level trim and on the trophy long range. Youve got 17 inch, Alloys, which certainly look snazzy youve also got every privacy glass in the more expensive trim level. As for the rear, it certainly does look the part thanks to its tail light design and the overall profile that mg have gone for now. In terms of your color options, white comes as standard, although if you want a metallic finish, such as the one that we have itll cost 545 pounds theres, also a red tri coat finish that comes in at 695 pounds. Instead, now moving past this exterior design, we have to talk about visibility and here at the front and at the side, its absolutely excellent. As for the rear, its not too bad either.

However, it is worth considering that the view can be a little bit limited. Thankfully, you have got a rear, wiper, reversing camera and also rear sensors, all of which come included as standard. In fact, in the trophy long range, youll also find 360 degree cameras preventing you to potentially curb your rims and give you a little bit of extra peace of mind. The only worthwhile consideration, however, is that the camera quality is actually pretty low and for a modern vehicle one might have expected a little bit better. So, finally, we get onto safety. Now we cant quite comment as to how this vehicle would do in the unlikely event of a serious accident, because its not being tested by urine cap, at least not at the time of filming, but we can talk about the driver assistant systems. Now here you have got adaptive cruise control, although it does seem to fail to regulate the distance between you and the leading vehicle accurately. Then you have gone to Lane, keep assist and and Lane departure warning alongside high beam, assist traffic jam, assist and also emergency brake assists, all of which are certainly appreciated and given that they come included as standard across both trim levels. It is certainly a highlight over some of its competitors. Furthermore, unlike some of its Rivals, you can easily disable Lane keep assist by pressing a button on the left hand, stalk. This is something that is of a complaint of ours, for example, of vehicles from the Volkswagen group, because, in order for you to disable this each time you step foot inside the vehicle, youll have to faff around with the infotainment system.

Thats not the case in the mg5ev, and in this respect the manufacturer should be commended. So with all that in mind, it brings us onto our verdict and, quite frankly, the new mg5ev is a refinement and an improvement over the previous generation model, offering longer electric range and also better exterior and interior styling all while retaining practicality and driving Comfort. Now granted. It is more expensive, but so all the prices of other all electric vehicles, and indeed here all of them – have risen in price. Now, given all of this and given what you can currently find in the market in terms of SUVs and hatchbacks, the mg5ev still undercuts them and still provides a comprehensive package as such. It gets. Our Best Buy Awards now well be curious to know what you make of the vehicle down in the comment section below and if its the vehicle. You would pick if you had roughly thirty thousand pounds to spend now if youve liked this independent detail review and want to see more from myself and the channel definitely do consider dropping a like, subscribing and hitting that Bell notification, all of which would be greatly appreciated.