I think the same as a Lexus originally came from Toyota uh pole Stars sort of coming from Volvo something along those lines. This will be an interesting video for for one. If I really like the car, I might buy it, I could be tempted to jump ship. Okay, guys here we are the pole, star 2.. How awesome is this car it? I actually really really like the looks. I, like the design you can tell its got that volvo esque type of design to it, the rear wheel, drive, has similar size battery pack to the model wire. It also has very similar range. A lot of the specs are actually very, very similar. Having a look at the front of the car, you might notice that theres a radar sensor in there or lidar something along those lines. This has forward Collision assist, but it doesnt have the auto driving or you know whatever you want to call it with the Tesla. It doesnt have that technology energy in it yet so this car really is aiming at someone. Perhaps that is more into something like a Mercedes. They want that really nice luxury feel but theyre not really looking for that technology side. They just want the latest and greatest but theyre, not necessarily looking for the full on technology geek out stuff that Tesla offers. Now the car has everything youd expect to see. Youve got the front trunk, of course, because theres no motor in it, albeit that this front trunk, is not as large as the model wires, but it is still reasonable.

It also comes with a tire repair kit and a pump just in case youre, getting a bit of strife going around the side. You can see. Youve got a traditional style fuel cap here, but when you open it, youve got your charge port with your high voltage charging and your DC fast charger just underneath that going on from there and into the boot and theyve kept with this cool design of. How can we make this boot as versatile as possible? So theyve got a false floor. Theyve got this little flip up Bay here which divides your boot in half for shopping. It also has elastic bands in there, so you can tie off things so theyre not flying around in your boot. On top of that, youve got this complete false floor that lifts up and you have more storage below. This is really really useful for things that you dont use every day. It will be a spare charger or your windscreen shade, or just to throw a jumper or a windsheeter under for those days, but you need it. Its also got well a sort of hatch style back the whole boot lifts up. You can get rid of this parcel shelf, as you see here, and then the seats fold down as well, really really well and really flat. That gives you tons of space if youve got rid of this password shelf. Youd have tons and tons of space for heaps of storage.

Youve got the center seat that folds down, so you can still have four passengers and have your fishing rods or your skis or whatever. It is just for that long and narrow item the cars got passive entries, so you dont need to click any buttons. It just knows when youre at the car, because the keys in your pocket, you can also program your phone to the Bluetooth and use your phone as your key. Its got those options that were growing accustomed to seeing having a look, I thought this was pretty cool. The mirrors, these are what they called frameless mirrors and, and they really are check it out its not just a glass mirror within the housing that moves, but the entire housing moves, allowing them to get rid of the thicker bulkier Edge and go for a more streamlined. Look, I really like the way theyve gone with this. It looks really neat. You probably have a bit more room in the back of the model Y in regards to head height, but this is still completely acceptable. Again. Im six foot: I havent adjusted this seat at all yet, but lets see how long it goes holy moly. I feel like Im sitting on the ground thats a lot of adjustment lets, go up and see Im guessing with that much adjustment Ill probably be hitting my head on the roof. As I go up, thats thats a decent amount of adjustment. I like to sit pretty high, so I can see down out the car moving forward, a bit back adjustment, so its got a manual steering wheel adjustment.

There we go thats a traditional, unlike the Tesla, which has it in the interface popping into the front. Youve got that tablet style screen, which seems to be the way of the world these days. Everyone wants a large high definition. Infotainment screen easy to look at and easy to use. Having a look at this one youve got your cameras. Youve got all of your cars details down here, so you can change all your options and then, of course, you can go to Maps Spotify, all the rest of it, its all there. Personally, I like leaving it on maps just to help myself navigate around. That being said, check this out in front of the steering wheel, theres Maps as well. This is something that the Teslas dont get until you pay for something like a quarter of a million dollar car youve got two options: you can have the GPS with a speedometer and your range or you can click it get rid of that. If you find that too distracting and just have a large speedometer with a large range – and it even shows you, the current speed of the road youre on all right lets – take it for a test, drive, okay, so first thoughts, I mean its a beautiful car. Well, my left knee is on the center console. I dont know if I care about that its just something I pick up coming out of the Tesla driving its its smooth.

Its got a bit more engine noise than the Tesla does Im going to give it a bit of a hook here and lets see how she goes. I mean possibly faster than model y. It might not be. I havent looked at the stats, but it feels impressive. Regardless yeah, this really gets up in boogies theres a lot more motor noise, though electric motor, that is, but you can hear it whirling Ill, be quiet, see if you can hear it so Ive got it on uh one foot driving same as a Tesla. I would say the regen is almost identical. The acceleration is almost identical. One thing, thats really odd. Is the indicator sound if you can hear that Im trying to put my finger on what it reminds me of it reminds me of like a hearing test thats what thats, what it is? Can you hear this sound yeah? Look if maybe thats an easy change. I dont know, but um or maybe youd get used to it so from there. This has a phenomenal, phenomenal, sound system, but so does the Tesla Model y pricing. By the time you get leather in this or vegan leather, whatever they call it, you get your rear wheel, drive your standard range battery, whatever it is youre around that 75k price, so youre around the same price as model y as well, youre in quite a different Car this is coming its a sort of crossover between the model, 3 and model wires huh its hard to put it, but it feels as tall as the model y, but then youve got the standard.

Sedan shaped boot going on from there. The storage is all similar. Uh the sound systems similar your power is similar youre braking regen, similar youre still getting around 440 kilometers of range to a full charge, realistic range and thats the same as Im getting Im getting 438 kilometers in my model y real range, as opposed to 550 kilometers, Which is what they tell you on the paperwork, so, for all intents and purposes, these cars are really good apples for apples or potatoes potatoes. That depends where youre from youve got your indicator. On your left hand, stalk as well. Everything about this is similar, except the Bonnet hatch is a traditional Bonnet hatch, instead of being done on the computer. Do I care about that? Not really um? You know, for the most part, for all intents and purposes, this car is right up there on the quality of build on the drive on everything about it. All in all, I really like this car, and why would a bike? Why would I buy this car? Why Id buy this to be different? The only reason I would go to the Tesla is for its ability to drive down the freeway with uh with minimal intervention. For the most part, you barely need a touch of steering wheel. Dont have that and thats completely acceptable. 99 of the cars in the world dont have that its a very unique thing to me. Perhaps you dont want that perhaps youre just driving the city, you only drive a couple of minutes, so you only do the school, pickup and youve never had it before and you dont miss it.

You dont want it. So all in all this is a beautiful car Id put it up there with BMW and Mercedes any day of the week, especially for its ability to be so alternative and so unusual, and the only other thing I havent mentioned and thats the steering look, its super Light again, I would say its lighter than the Tesla. The Tesla has a very it has a feel to it, and I wouldnt argue that its better or worse, a bit like you, want to fill the road these light steering wheels. They remind me of a high end luxury car in the way that oh, its so easy to steer them, but at the same time you lose that feel of the road. If youre going around the corner, I feel like youre more likely to slide out with this light, steering, whereas the slightly heavier one where you can feel the road I just feel like youve got a better idea of where the wheels are and how theyre gripping all The maps in interface as youd expect they run really well theyre high quality theres no lag in them as youd expect from a manufacturer that comes from Volvo whos, been building cars forever now theres two things Id like to mention here – and this is in regards to Volvo and Tesla Tesla in the last couple of years have said: well, no point us patenting everything, because all we will be doing is holding the world back.

Basically, you know they, they didnt put a painting on a lot of their work and they said if you want to copy our work, thats fine. As long as we have an agreement that we can use. Some of yours, as well so Tesla have said, were willing to work with the world and we dont want to hold people back. We dont want to hold you back and say no, you cant copy out engine design and you cant copy our battery design because they know its only for the good of the world to move forward and a similar thing actually happened with Volvo back in the day. I dont know how many of you guys know this, but Volvo invented the three point seat belt for three point: harness that is guy here. One point two point: three point: they invented this: they had the patent on it and it was theirs and no one else could use it and they just said you know what this is saving, so many lives were going to open the patent up. Anyone that wants to use it can use it, and so many cars put it in. It became a standard, and now every car sold has to have a three point seat belt, and I really admire these two companies for this. This Outlook of were not here to burn everyone else. We just want to drive Innovation and drive forward and push the world and see it become a better place and, of course, pole, star coming from Volvo has the same blood in its veins.

Has the same DNA running through the car and I really respect it for that now its worth mentioning servicing. As I said, this is like a sister company to Volvo and no theres, not pole, star service centers everywhere that there are Volvo service centers. This car comes with five years of free servicing and, yes, you can get it done at any Volvo service center, all right guys. I hope you like going through this Pulstar too. With me, I do have it lined up a test drive of a Kia EV, the new one thats coming out and I believe its a 3.6 second four door. Car 3.6 seconds to 100 kilometers an hour thats faster than my old 6 liter V8 Ute. That was a two door Ute light, as hell has a massive junk in it and it still wasnt as fast to 100 as this Kia four door car. That is unreal, that cars got to land in Australia, mid to late March and well test drive. It then.