Basically, they took out all the internal combustion stuff so like the engine, the fuel tank, the drive shaft, all of that has been removed in places, batteries and motors and a whole lot of wiring. So heres what you have to do under the floor, theres an 87.2 kilowatt hour battery that allows this luxury sedan to travel, 454, kilometers or 282 miles. All of this is yours for 105 000 Canadian dollars, while its certainly not a small amount. It does come fully loaded with no additional options. The closest competitor to this will be the Mercedes eqe and the pricing of that. Well, it should be about the same as this, but at a base model, whereas this Genesis comes with all the bells and whistles, but lets go over everything you need to know. Starting with the looks on the front is distinctively Genesis. You got the large Genesis, Crest Grille integrated neatly into that is a charging port and the Beautiful stacked headlamps on the side on the side. Here we have the distinctive 19 inch wheels. These are specific for the EV models. Do love this line on the side here for the side marker its just Sleek, it goes from the headlights all the way to the rear. You do get the proc proximity door, locks on the front doors, but sadly not on the rear. And of course, you got that distinctive sedan shape with a little bit of a lip spoiler on the trunk LED tail lamps, its well a G80.

It looks the same as the standard G80 that you get. The only difference, no exhaust pipes on the bottom and on the front, of course, that Grille and front bumper is different, but thats really it of course the wheels as well, but it still looks good still looks like a normal car. It doesnt stand out it doesnt. Shout to you, like, hey, look Im different Im better than you Im driving an EV. What isnt as good is because this is a modified platform. There are some sacrifices. First, the trunk inside here we only get 11 cubic feet, thats two smaller than the standard G80 and, of course, theres a big hump right in the center there the pass through. Well, you still get one thats in the middle of the seat, but definitely not as large as well the standard G80. But you still get a power trunk, which is nice but lets head inside the cabin all right, the back of the G80 Im 511. And if I sit upright Im okay, my heads just grazes the headliner – I mean this is another compromise of the vehicle itself. You dont get as much Headroom or leg room because of the battery itself, but I do get soft closed doors which I do like. Privacy shades on the side, awesome RMS in the middle which houses my cup holder and my heated seat, control and, of course, theres. A roller blind in the rear to really well increase that privacy, its not like its a bad place to be.

I am comfortable, but certainly not as comfortable as the standard G80 that has just a little bit more space. I am a child passenger safety technician, which means I am certified to install child seats inside these vehicles. This is a collect link here on the drivers side, as you can see, no problems fitting to have child seat in here. The doors do open nice and wide, allowing you to put that infant carrier inside the cabin on the passenger side, heres a clock; fifth, a rear facing child seat and because of the amount of space theres, no problems getting this bulky rear facing seat in here. Absolutely no problems if youre going to be chauffeuring your kids in here there are two sets of lower anchors, one on the drivers side and one on the passenger side and theres three upper anchors thats on the top deck here, theyre all pretty easy to get access To but the lower anchors, because theyre just between the bite of the seat itself, they might take a little bit of finessing but not too bad. Lets head up to the front seats all right. The front seats of the G80 Im 511. As I said and I fit, but I dont have as much Headroom as I like, and you actually feel like youre sitting on top of the vehicle and thats once again due to the battery itself its under the floor. Because of that everything it says raised up.

So if youre a little taller, you might not fit the best in here. You can of course slide a seat back, but this is as low as the seat goes and yeah. I just feel like Im, really really tall in here. However, the seats themselves are really really comfortable, theyre heated and cooled. They have that Ergo motion thing, which means it moves you about a little bit, but its not a full Im massaging seats by any means, but they are still very, very comfortable seats in front of me. I got your typical Genesis steering wheel its different in a shape, but it does have all the buttons that you need, but the shape is certainly weird, but it has really nice stitching. It just looks a little odd, but you do get regen paddles just on the back and Ill. Tell you more about that as we go for a drive behind that you got your 3D digital cluster. You can turn that 3d effect off. If you dont, like it its kind of like the 3DS, the Nintendo system, but for some people, youre just gon na get like a little sick looking at it, but, like I said, luckily, you can turn that off. If you dont like and pretty good heads up display to show you everything that you really need speed proximity in the vehicle in front of you and on the sides and the infotainment this large widescreen unit. Not only can you use the rotary knob thats in the center, but you can use it as a touch screen.

Obviously you cant actually like reach it. Normally you do have to reach forward, but I like the well the option of having a touchscreen when I need to and honestly, while Im driving this knob its like, I drive it. Just works really really well to get you where you need within carplay. You do have the plug in wire, sadly, but it still works. Just really well does what you need honestly and thats the best thing about this vehicle. You got a lot of physical controls in here, even the climate control, while yes theres a screen in the center. Most of it is physical and the things that you press most theyre right there, so its quite easy to access and for most people, youre able to jump in and drive theres no fuss it doesnt well have that eqs. Mercedes type feel where everything is in a screen: youre just looking all over. For you know your headlight switch, maybe not that, but this is not over complicated and thats. Probably the best part about it before we go on the road lets. Talk about that powertrain, the electrified G80 only has one powertrain option: its a dual motor setup: 365 horsepower 516 pound feet of torque, that said, 87.2 kilowatt hour battery with 282 miles of range or 454 kilometers, and all of that translates to a 0 60 time in About four seconds which, as soon as this light turns green, I will demonstrate, for you yeah its uh, its absolutely quick Applause who would have thought right.

500 foot pounds of torque and its not just off the line Im traveling at 50 kilometers per hour right now and Ill floor. It, oh yeah, you just get all that torque its great, but I mean whats new. Every single EV has that same party piece. It throws you back in your seat. It feels great because well most EVS, I shouldnt say: oh a lot of them have a whole lot of torque to really throw you in your seat, its probably the best thing about electric vehicles isnt it. But I mean, is this still a G80 and I certainly will say yeah because its still very very quiet like if I just be quiet, you dont, really hear anything. Wind noise is very hush Tire noises just all quiet down the cabin. It just feels very isolated. In here it does have like a microphone or way to help cancel out the noise. It I mean it has to work pretty well because well, it just feels very isolated in here and its a very comfortable ride as well the suspension its its very, very soft. It does have adaptive suspension, so if you have it on sport mode, it does firm things up just a little bit and even the seats the bolsters they hug you a little bit but honestly, even at the firmest setting on sport, its not that firm. It really isnt its a car designed to be well a very soft, very comfortable daily, Cruiser, its probably aimed at a market thats a little bit older as well, and because of that well, its just an easy driving vehicle.

The steering is nice and light. You can put it on sport mode to have just a little bit more Im, not gon na say feel because you dont get much more feel, but you get a little bit more or a little bit less in terms of assistance. So you have to turn a little harder, but I mean its still a very, very good car to drive and with those paddles on the back, you can change well the resistance of the vehicle, because the regen can vary and thats actually kind of cool, because on Macs, which they call eye, pedal its a one pedal driving. So if I have it on ipedal right now, if I lift off the throttle, itll come to a complete stop for me, its actually cool, and I can just use this one panel driving all the time. The only thing is when you stop the engine and start it that turns off, so you have to enable it every single time which is kind of weird. But if you turn regen down a little, then its not full one pedal driving. You can well still lift off and itll still break for you, but you can turn Regen to zero. That, basically, is like putting the vehicle in neutral its kind of weird feeling because theres like no resistance, you put it on neutral and it just basically cruises its just the only resistance, its this tire and wind and thats.

It well kind of feel, like Im sure theres some drivetrain loss, but you know I I dont know the entire physics of that, but it just feels really really weird. When you have zero Regen personally, I have it on either the max, which is what I have it on right now or with ipedal, and I find it to be absolutely fine and on the highway, the adaptive cruise control the lane centering, because it is a Genesis Product it just works so well where you can basically be hands off, but it tells you to put your hands back on the wheel every now and then this this is an amazing vehicle. Sure its a hundred and five thousand Canadian dollars is not the cheapest thing. In the world, but it is 22 and a half thousand dollars of more than a top range Genesis. G80 thats the hardest sell, because personally, actually, like I love the G80, the top spec with that twin turbo V6, but because the well how the vehicle is designed. The four cylinder is more Suited like yes, you hear the engine a little bit more and obviously its not as powerful, but you dont need that kind of power in a vehicle like this. So personally, I kind of want to step down a little bit more. So this is a whole lot more money than that, but of course it is fully electric and I know in the U.S at least well, you get, I think, three years of electrified America, so you dont even have to well pay to charge it, which is really Cool not sure if you get anything similar to that here in Canada, but I mean honestly overall, this is a terrific vehicle and Ive driven the eqs I havent driven the eqe just yet, but knowing what the eqs can do and that is supposedly on a higher Tier I like this more because its a better driver all around the suspension feels better, and I like the fact that it does it doesnt look like an egg and eqs is basically an egg on Wheels.

This looks like a regular car. It looks good and thats really it in any case. Thank you so much for watching this video, like the video you subscribe.