We brought you the Genesis G80 a few years ago, the 3.5 liter version, and it was really rather nice. We liked it a lot and it and from the front they certainly look the same even in this rather gorgeous Bluey greeny color, the grill on this one is solid and you dont notice it till you get close, but one thing you do notice is where you Plug the power in to charge it, this has a massive battery, its 87.2 kilowatt hours, the kilowatts theres 270 of them newton meters 700 and, along with those massive figures, guys another massive figure, the price of this car 145. 000.. Now it comes with the luxury pack, the petrol versions. You can add that on and I think its 10 or 11 000 something along those lines and around the back, something else: thats missing exhaust pipes, the boot will open and it is a boot, not a hatch. By touching the top of the little Genesis Shield or if youve got the key in your pocket, just stand there and itll open all by itself, not a huge boot, but certainly it does the job theres, no spare tire. All you have is a tire Mobility kit and, of course, like most new cars. Now that have electric tailgates and boots, you can close or close and lock the side profile. I still think this looks a little bit like one of those executive hatches its got distinctive wheels for the electrified model, and the thing that I like most of all is that its got soft closed doors.

So none of that nasty slamming nonsense at 3am when youve tried to sneak home silently as silent as the engine is you want the doors to be just as quiet one thing that does surprise me is theres no privacy glass in the back, but you can get Around that by raising the inside shade, this has the luxury pack, which includes a pair of tablets, now youll notice, theres, no buttons on these. The controls are all right here. So if I power up the right screen put on right, Ive got the sounds of nature. Its one of the Hyundai groups, little tricks for a saw thats a little bit loud, thats, an active Forest, apparently so Im going to leave that on for the entire thing and see if it annoys you as much as it annoys me on second thoughts. I cant stand that sound its driving me absolutely bananas. The other thing is, of course, I do have apple carplay. Its got to be plugged in with the Hyundai group. As you know, theyve still got that war on going with Apple. So no Wireless car play the system here in the front. This lovely touch screen some direct select buttons and then down below another control center, like the one in the back theres a wide screen here: 14 and a half inches, or thereabouts, and over 12 inches in front of me and thats in 3D, as well as a Nice wide Head Up Display now youll notice, theres, no sunroof in this car.

What there is on the outside is a glass roof, but its a solar panel Im not quite sure how useful that is. The controls work exactly as per any other Genesis, give them a twist now Im just gon na make sure that I have this in Comfort. Yes, I do Im going to turn that down just a little bit. Oh God, this is incredibly rough. The side bolsters they grip. You now lets just put the mode into sport. The zero to a hundred is under five seconds, oh Jesus, and were there oh, my sweet Fanny items, but I dont think you dont want to do that. Too often. The other thing about sport is that it makes the steering a little bit hard for my tastes. Ive got the system back now in comfort and thats. The way I like to waft through the countryside. Now I took some tight corners on the way up here to film and to be honest with you, this handled much better than I thought it would. You can still feel the half to the battery. Of course, its very heavy Ive turned all the regenerative braking off. So now Im just running as per normal thats, because sometimes its better to roll than recapture all of that energy that youd have wasted. You can go further by not capturing the energy. They can hear how lovely and quiet this is now that Ive turned the sounds of nature off everything is power, assisted the side bolsters the seat? Is power assisted the squab, the seat itself, obviously and theres some memories for that the rear window shade doors, this Executive Car is going directly after Audi, Mercedes, Benz, jaguar and BMW, and the thing about this car thats different to those its got a longer warranty than Most of them more reliable buying a European car is not a ticket to reliability.

More often than not its just the opposite. The paddle shifters here adjust the amount of regeneration, its something that you want to be able to do on the Fly. You can also adjust. Other settings easily here through the center console the one thing that is absolutely diabolical, and I have mentioned it before – is this navigation system in order for it to come up here on the heads up display, you have to use the inbuilt system now, if you try And search for anything, you can use the scratch pad to input a destination, but remember youre supposed to be keeping your eyes on the road, and this doesnt have voice input for anything but carplay and Android auto. So youve got to do it yourself with either the dial or reach forward and select the button directly on the touch screen or by using the scratch pad. I tried on the way up here for 10 minutes to try and get an address in. In the end. I had to stop and type it in. It was just too hard, meanwhile Ill tell you about the charging theres, only a few brands on the market that can take advantage of 350 kilowatt charging, which is currently the maximum theres, the Hyundai group. So Genesis Kia and Hyundai and Porsche if theres any others Id like to hear about it. Doesnt mean youll actually charge at 350, kilowatts its up to 350 kilowatts heres, the interesting thing if you navigate to where youre going itll precondition the battery for you, so that when you get there, you can charge faster, quite lovely Ive got the climate control set at A barmy 20 degrees, the seat coolings on Im, just slowly coming up to speed on the freeway activated, the auto steering indicate to come over and Ive activated the smart cruise control, which is now set to 110.

So what the car is currently doing for me is speeding up and slowing down, depending on the traffic and guiding me roughly in the center of the lane, and the other thing is that when you are going down a very long hill, this will actually keep you At the exact speed, something that some cars do not do and Genesis isnt without a conscience either the leather has been treated in an eco friendly way and its just as well, because theres Acres of it, as I said, the petrol one of these. I I really liked I thought it was a a first class car, its got a great warranty with brilliant performance, all wheel, drive, etc, etc. Well, the electric version is even better like its ionic and ev6 counterparts. It can power external devices theres a device that you can put into the socket at the front and itll power, an electric barbecue or an electric fridge, and the total output is about 3.6 kilowatts. So to wrap up the suspension is lovely. The ride is beautiful. Its very very quiet, the performance is stunning, 4.9 seconds to 100 theres gadgets, galore and theres. Nothing in here that you will waste. You can go and settle the settings to your hearts content.