In several overseas markets. Byd surpassed Tesla nav sales in China this year and its new seal. Electric sedan is aimed squarely at the model 3. aside from the slightly odd and uninspired name, the seal, which will be sold at the auto 4 and so markets outside of China has good, looks, competitive Tech and good specs, and, if its as good as said it Could be a hit outside of the Peoples Republic of China today in this video we will show you all the features of byd seal stay tuned. Byd needs no introduction, just like other big Chinese Brands. Byd is the king in the electric vehicle Market, shaking up the car industry and giving Tesla EV models a run for their money. Byd is at the Forefront when it comes to electric cars from China. This relatively small company first started as a battery production company in 1995. as the Earths pass. It produces electric vehicles, including many electric buses, used throughout the developed World last year. They spearheaded a push into Norway with their byd, Tang SUV and now were getting our first look at their upcoming electric sedan. The byd sealed features, Cutting Edge technology and a Sleek design. The bydcl is set to make waves in the automotive industry and change. How we think about sustainable Transportation by TCL is a hybrid of long range high performance in electric sedans. Things are looking good for the byd seal, a car with potentially affordable pricing.

If and when it makes it to the UK and with this much equipment and impressive driving characteristics, accompanied by a sporty setup that creates a surprisingly engaging drive with plenty of range, it raises the bar for electric saloons, combined with highly practicable technology. It gives it a remarkable appeal: the Boyd seal made its first European appearance at the Paris Motor Show in October signaling that Chinese manufacturers intention to bring the model to Europe. Many automakers have stated that they will stop producing pure petrol and diesel vehicles, but byd stopped making Pure Ice Vehicles earlier this year to focus on ph EVs and EVS lets get behind the wheel of the long range seal and see what awaits us seal is the Third vehicle on byds new e platform 3.0 following the UK bound 803 and dolphin seal is not only the first model to feature cell to body construction, but it also rides on this new EV only architecture and uses byds blade battery. It incorporates the battery as a part of the body optimizing space to fit more energy into the pack, while also improving structural rigidity and thus driving Dynamics, its expected to launch by October and the booking starts in September. The expected price of bydcl is 86 thousand dollars. The seal is all important. Infotainment screen is a massive 15.6 inch display that can rotate and switch between landscape and portrait modes. Software appears to run as smoothly as possible and the graphics are perfect even compared to todays standards, the exterior of the byd seal.

When you look over the Bonnet youll realize the car is a sleek and smooth profile. This is because the company desired a smoother airflow over the vehicle that also AIDS in high range. The car has a sporty appearance from the back with connected tail lamps. The vehicles headlights are configured with twin pod headlamps that extend to the L shaped on the dashboard. The bytcl now has a sunroof make it more elegant. The cars door handles are Sleek with a press and open feature that make them easy to open. The cars wheel is covered and extra detailing has been done to make it move faster by moving smoother airflow and thus better range. This brings an excellent aerodynamic feature to the vehicle regarding the seal. We would like to highlight its Dimensions: eyt seals expect dimensions, are 4 800 millimeters long 1875, millimeters wide and 1460 millimeters in height. A wider body typically results in better shoulder room inside the car, while a higher roof makes getting in and out of the vehicle easier seal is 106 millimeters longer 26 millimeters wider and 17 millimeters taller than the Tesla Model. 3. seals wheelbase is 45 millimeters longer than the model 3s, but its exterior appearance reminds the Porsche taken. Steel comes in rwd and 4WD versions. Its cheapest rwd trim line has a 150 kilowatt per 2004 HP. A more powerful engine is available for the rwd seal with 230 kilowatt 313 HP. The Ford WT version has a 150 kilowatt motor on the front, axle and 230 kilowatt on the rear.

It can speed up from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in just 3.8 seconds. As for the range, the seal has three versions: 550 kilometers, 650 kilometers and 700 kilometers interior of bid seal Seals. Interior has its ocean Vibe. It has a blue black and gray scheme with many materials like Alcantara and leather. The air vents of the seal have a wavy pattern and are decorated with a delicate blue. The door handles also look attractive with a shell like shape. It is exciting that the door handle is integrated into the speaker. It is worth mentioning that Dyna audio, a famous Danish loudspeaker maker, makes the sound system the steering wheel of the seal has three Spokes and a flat bottom. Its shape looks like a fish stale and it also has blue stitching and some buttons for autonomous driving adjustments behind the wheel. We can see a large instrument panel. The main screen is likely borrowed from the byd Destroyer, zero. Five. It has a giant 15.6 inch. Infotainment screen there is a raider and camera system in the middle. The center tunnel of the seal also has an attractive wavy shape and is made of glossy plastic. It has two wireless charging pads and two cup holders. The center tunnel also has a crystal looking monostable gear shifter, which is eye catching a jive mode. Selector volume, control, hazard, lights, button and other buttons are placed in the circular element. There is a roomy compartment under the center tunnel.

The byd seal is expected to have a boot space of 320 liters. A larger boot allows you to carry more luggage specifications. The bydcl electric vehicle has a claimed range of 550 kilometers per charge and boasts an impressive 700 kilometers per charge range, which puts it miles ahead of most of other EVS in other countries like India. This has made a reality by the inclusion of a powerful 82.5 kilowatt hour and 61.4 kilowatt hour battery pack, which can be charged at Breakneck speeds at 110, kilowatts and 150 kilowatt charging stations, but thats, not all the CLS 2 powertrain options, including a single and dual Motor this means you can select the ideal level of power and performance for your requirements, whether you want a more efficient daily driver or a high performance Powerhouse now lets take the advantages and disadvantages of the bydcl, the advantage one, the price is Affordable. Many car owners mentioned that their thoughts jump between model 3 and seal when booking a car. The car owners finally chose to seal under the Rayleigh fragrant price advantage. A second Advantage is that the power is fast, stable and smooth. The seal is official 100 kilometer acceleration. Time is 7.5 seconds 5.9 seconds and 3.8 seconds respectively. The owner feedback that in actual operation, the dynamic performance of the seal is outstanding. The third Advantage is that the cruising range is sufficient. The official cruising range of the seal is almost the same as the actual cruising range and theres no need to worry about running long distances, but we should watch and find out how the seals will behave when winter comes when discussing disadvantages.

It must be addressed at the odor inside the car needs to be more satisfactory. The steering wheel and seats in both sides of the seal standard range version are made of imitation leather and the rear, wheel, drive and four wheel. Drive models are made of leather, but theres no plastic in other places, so the odor of new cars is difficult to avoid. The second disadvantage is that the chassis needs to be longer. It is worth mentioning that if you encounter potholes on the road, you should slow down and pass slowly to avoid hitting the vehicles. Chassis BYT has not yet shared when sealed deliveries will begin in China, but with pre orders opening its fair to expect customer EVS to arrive in the coming months. Dont you think. With all these features and specifications, the seal is a perfect choice for anyone.