It looked pretty much like a carbon copy of existing estate cars on the market. However, the new and improved mg5 is a strong Contender to Secure Title a best estate car on the market. So here are five reasons why you should get yourself an mg5 Music. However, before we go on to the video make sure to drop a like subscribe, and also, if you are in the market for a new or used vehicle, then make sure to go to the whole crop website linked is in the description to point number. One of why you should get yourself an mg5 is the design. Now this new fresh face that mg have implemented to their all electric estate. Car to me is a very good improvement from the previous model. This is a very refined modded and you know what good looking design it very much reminisces the mg4. You know it is grilled down the bottom. These lines that curve in it has that replica of the mg4 and potentially mg are wanting all that electric and future election models to have a bit of similarity and trying to I dont think thats necessarily A Bad Thing. The LED headlights are massive, and they also like this little glass panel in the middle of them, makes it very striking a few dips in the Bonnet give it a bit of a sporty look. You know. Estate, cars like the old mg5, usually have a bit of a bore in theres, not really much about it.

You know the previous mg5 just had a standard front grille with not much going on this. Its got nice curves, obviously different segments to different grilles. I, like the little Chrome strip that runs around the middle. You have Chrome strips, which run along the side of the vehicle and chrome door handles also got roof bars. So for me, the design and look the updated design and look of the mg5 its a reason. Why the mg5 could be classed as the best estate car on the market because its not like your typical estate car somewhat, like the previous mg5 look, you know it looks a bit sporty its refined, its a unique styling gone a day to the end of the Boring estate car, where its literally just car, this actually has some style some design. I, like it so point two, then why I think the mg5 is a strong Contender for best estate car on the market, its because the interior now mentioned when talking about the exterior design, the the mg5 almost has some character about it, its not a typical estate Car has a sporty look, has some nice design has a nice style and the interior is exactly the same? I really like the contrasting material to this chrome panel here and also the blue strips which go all the way around. You know you have it on the air Adventure here, you have it on the door cards and also blue stitching on the seats.

I just think it gives it a bit of an edge from your typical estate card. You know its not just boring its, not just components thrown in to be practical; it has a nice design. One thing I do really really like is this floating center console? You know because it allows for so much storage underneath and also just looks really nice and its a really comfortable height to have your arm rest when youre driving. Here you have your gear, shifter, your drive modes and your regening through braking system, which I will get on to later into the video. I also really like the drive display. You know it has a screen in the middle, which can obviously show all your different driving information stay on Wheel to honest, nothing special here. It does feel a bit like a state of Car steering wheel level wrap will. Obviously you know the dotters features nothing special, but you know what its not exactly bad 10.25 infotainment system and that obviously has built in navigation, Apple, carplay and Android auto, which is wired. You also have all your clamp controls in here, which Im not necessarily the biggest fan of clamp controls which are in sound infotainment system Id rather Ive just had controls, however, having it in this system means this section is more refined and it allows for this floating Console so do you know what I can somewhat bear with that, so you have 360 parking camera.

So one thing I do find it quite funny. To be honest, is if you press the 3D icon, then it comes up with the car. It almost looks like the car on GTA 4 on Playstation 2.. It has that sort of graphic its quite funny, but you know what its very practical, so the interior to me is just a valid reason. If youre in the market for an estate car, the mg5 should definitely be a choice up there, it has so many different, unique features and styling over your bog standard estate cars. You know it has different components, makes it unique. I really really like this floating center console. I know I said that before, but I just think its a really nice design Ill ask for more storage. Obviously youve got USBS down here. Overall, then theres not much to complain about pretty much all positive 0.3, then. Is space and storage inside the mg5, with the mg5 being classed as an estate car, a tickle characteristic of this vehicle youre going to want lots of space and storage? And you do get that with the mg5, because in the boot capacity, if I can open? Where is it because in your boot you have 578 liters of boot capacity, which is a decent amount of space that Also Rises to 1 378 liters with the back seats folded down? You know if youre in the market for an estate car, then you might be using it to go on long trips.

You might be using it for work, so youll want a big storage and you do get that in the boot. You also have lots of space and storage inside the car itself, so I mentioned before about the floating center console that allows for so much storage under here. You also have two cup holders and a nice deep storage pocket here in your doors, you also have decent amount of storage and also a little slot here. Glove box just use those standard, nothing special there. When we come to the back. You also have decent amount of storage. You obviously have a little compartment in your armrest and also in your door. You also have a nice lever, wrapped folding armrest with two cup holders in – and one thing I do like – is a nice little storage pocket here. For example, youve got two USBS in the back. If you want to charge your phone on a long trip, you know if we rear passengers quite easily pop it in there very handy at all. Now, before we go any further here, there are three little things that I really like about the mg5 first I mentioned it before put these blue Accents in the front interior to me to just add class the ad style. It makes it different from State cars on the market really like them point two: is the comfort of the back seats now theres a lot of cars on the market that someone to throw the back seats in without any really photo care the seats, leather wrapped? To really really spongy really comfy, and also the headrests look how nice and spongy they are normally theres a lot of headrests on the market that are just there.

These are really really nice. Another point about the comfort of the back of the mg5 is the fact that the floor is all flat. The middle person isnt gon na have to awkwardly put the legs either side of some weird little bump here. Its all flat makes it really comfy the first small thing that I really like about the mg5, its just how fun it is to drive in a state car that is, this fun thats great work mg. I mean the acceleration hes brilliant. So then, three slightly annoying things about the mg5 is the fact that in the back you dont have them blue accents. The nice blue accents like you do in the front. You know you still have the blue stitching, but where is it here mg? It would be nice if that was blue as well, would add to the whole feel of the car. The second slightly annoying thing about the mg5, but this is me being a bit of a diva, its the fact that the electric charger cover is quite awkward to open. Itd be nice. If it comes on your car key, but the fact is, you have to push in it. If you only get it in a certain spot, will it open its this top corner here everywhere else, but then sometimes it doesnt open. Sometimes it works somewhere else. Theres a little bit of a fast sometimes, and I can imagine it being really awkward in Winter.

The third and final thing thats slightly annoyed about the mg5, is, although I really like the 3D parking cameras, I think its great technology Im, not the biggest fan of this. I feel like this could be more flush. I feel like it looks a bit ugly, pointing out, like that looks a bit like a beetle, but a fourth reason why. I think the mg5 is a strong Contender for better state car is the driving performance now, the feel of the car when he sat here and holding a steering to be honest, does feel like an estate car, but when it comes to the actual performance thats, where The thumb really starts because what mg have done is theyve made a really exciting drive in an estate car, and it was a bit hard to do. Estate. Cars are somewhat just practical cars they get from A to B and also like take a lot of stuff from A to B. So in fact, it made it fun, thats great work, because the mg5 in just under 7.7 seconds for an estate car and the fact that the acceleration comes with 280 newton meters of torque. It means you get thrown back into your seat. You get this really exciting. Drive also with multiple driving modes, you get Comfort, Eco and Sport. You have driving mode to suit all, but the sport, let me tell you its really fun so, since theres, nothing behind us were going to slow down slightly, and I just want to show you again how much you can get thrown back into your seat with this Car, you ready, I mean its an estate car, I keep forgetting its an estate car and I think thats whats so great about having an all electric estate car is.

It makes it fun, it makes it exciting. Youre not just having this really annoying sort of engine standards. Dont sound nice at all, you just sort of gently plodding on it is so fun. I keep saying its fun, but ah Im on the whale of a time now early on in the video I mentioned, theres a button next year, driving mode selector and its labeled code, now youre, probably thinking what the flipping neck is Curse. Now that is your regenerative. Braking mode and its seen in quite a lot of EVS on the market, and essentially what that means is you can somewhat get one pedal control. You have three modes, you have one two, three one being the lowest, so you dont necessarily get automatic braking on free, though if were accelerating, and then we lift for the accelerator. You can, I mean its hard to see, but the car will break naturally, for you. That also means its just a bit of a comfy drive. You only really have to use one pedal to control the car, and also it means you get more out of your electric range, which may I add, its actually really impressive on the mg5, because this car can do 250 miles. Electric range coming onto driver safety, convenience features and the mg5 has the mg pilot system implemented in this vehicle, which is mgs assistance drivers system. This comes with a rate of features including hillstar assist. You also has Hill descent control.

You also come with Lane departure warning and Lane keep assist and that lane keep assists somewhat means that the car somewhat drives itself. I mean you do have to keep your hands on the steering wheel, otherwise, itll sound the alarm. You also have traffic jam, assist front Collision, assist pedestrian warning cycle, detection, speed warning, which also comes with a speed limiter and the cruise control. So you have a lot of driving and convenience safety features and, finally, Point number: five: is the economical benefit of having an all electric estate car? Now the mg5 runs off a 61 kilowatt per hour motor and that can get 140 miles on a fast charger. In just 42 minutes – and you might think in 42 minutes 100 140 miles is a bit excessive. However, you can actually get from zero percent to 100 in nine hours, 15 minutes with your standard home charger, which I know nine hours. 15 minutes is a ridiculous amount of time just to refuel the car. However, when you get home from work plug it in and it will charge fully overnight, so weve got a website called zap Maps. Then they have a free online calculator which help compare the running costs of an EV compared to a petrol or diesel car. So if we select mg5, then also put it against a similar car in its class say We Do 50 miles a day for work. Energy tariff lets, say 35 P per kilowatt and also my local pet station is 1′ Pence per liter for petrol.

Now, as you can see across a year, you will save 913 pounds using an all electric estate car to a petrol one. Now, obviously, that figures on average and obviously energy costs can rise, go down, etc, etc, but all electric estate car can help you save a lot of money. So then, there you have it the new and updated mg5, an all electric estate car which can help you save pounds if youre doing a long journey. Also, with this updated New Look its also one of the most stylish and, to be honest, characteristic estate cars on the market, its not just your typical boring estate car. This has class, it has style and, to be honest, has a bit of a sporty look with a similar style interior that has class and also that very good performance. To me, the mg5 is a strong Contender for best estate car on the market and also the fact the mg5, so just over 30 000 pounds. So it doesnt necessarily break the bank for a brand new estate car and also helps to save money on them. Running costs and if you have watched this video – and you think I want to give the mg5 a try – whether you want more info or whether you want to book a test drive, then call your nearest mg whole craft dealership. All contact details can be found on the whole craft website.