So what did you bring us today without wasting any more time? Please tell us about. This is an all electric Audi. This is an SUV based on the Q5, but bigger than it in all dimensions and the car speaks for itself. It gets 408 horsepower, 664 newton meters of power, massive performance, its a proper off roading SUV, electric electric anywhere at all, and also it gets amazing features of trying to get the digital Matrix light to get all LEDs get four drls over here. One DRS running strip across because the indicators that are placed inside the DRS, so these change up to be the indicators and of course, apart from that, you can see their swiping type indicators, projector setup up front and theres a functional air vent over here to pull The switch and the tires there are six parking sensors up front fuse body logo over here, and there is really cool. It looks very modern. It looks really good and it actually accentuates the SUV look of this car right now, its in the lower setting and it actually looks like a proper car, a proper City car. So when you raise it up higher now lets check out the front of the tires, and then you get the access to the trunk or the front trunk, its hydraulic struts. Of course you get one motor placed over here. It actually gets two Motors one up front and one out back the front placement is over here.

It gets a tiny front, thats, not a huge thing, but you can actually keep your briefcase for a weekend getaway for some business trip. You can actually keep a little luggage over here, thats, not bad. You can fill up the water over here, its actually very tightly packed. You dont get to see much space over here and its very well covered. It actually has no insulation over it, but for an electric car, why would you even need it doesnt make a lot of noise anyways, so it gets charged. Pretty quick, like Ive, heard that if you have 25 kwdc charger yeah, so it gets charged from 10 to 103 hours. Thats an amazing feature again also. It gets a very good range already claims to have a range of 484 kilometers at the top, and it is somewhere between 350 to 484. Also, this car in real life should easily give you about 320 kilometers of trains. That is amazing again, and apart from that, we end the front loop with the splitter over here, which accentuates the SUVs again, and it is actually a very functional thing when you are doing off roading theres chips and rocks that actually can hold your car, but just Affects them to that just headlight washers over there. That is also very good feature of the car. This headlights now coming to the side you get to see these amazing 20 inches and they are of 255 50 R20, so they actually have a very low profile, but a very wide tire yeah.

They are huge 20. The wheels look amazing. Actually, they really, you know, bring out the cars pressing. This button over here can open your charging port and it gets a charging port on both the sides. So thats an amazing feature. If you have a charging port on one side at your house, you can actually do that. You can charge your car from both the sides coming to the side mirror of the car. Theres LED indicator on them. Theres of course, a 360 degree camera over here. Just blind spot monitoring, theres a huge mirror, adjustable and foldable from the inside. It gets refresh sensors on all doors. You just open the door and you get it open s automatic seats for the passenger as well. You dont get memory functions for them, but, yes, you get automatic seats for them and now moving to the rear seats once that is also a very good feature. The ride height is not a lot right now: theres, a rare, wiper theres, a deep water and theres a high stop man placed right there. The reverse lights are actually going on through the back of the car, and that is looking. Amazing is the economy over there 5542, which is the second to the Top Model. It comes in at showroom, yeah, and it comes in at a 1.17 crore extra room price. Rare sensors actually lets talk about it. You also get netting over here, and here this is your bar filter.

You can pull it out and just get it in and just actually covers up your boot space. You get enough storage for like a lot of um yeah and you can open it from here. Theres also under storage over here this enough storage over here, you get a 19 inch spare wheel, which is also a space saver, but its still a 19 inches. So thats not too bad for the story. Placement over here as well now lets get inside coming inside. The car, when you close the door theres a huge cut to it. You get a chrome handle over here and that that is of course, looking a very good finish to it. You get uh AC on the B pillar placed over here at AC placement. On the D pillars, this car gets a four Zone, climate control. You can adjust temperatures for each seats over here and the airflow as well and airflow comes out of this – the vent over here and the vent over here. So you can adjust that in different. There are two USB socket feed, sockets and theres, also a 12 volt charging socket or a cigarette lighter. As you can see now coming over here behind the seats, you get a magazine holders, although the seats are changed in plastic features, so I dont know how well that does for safety. The seats, of course, are very comfortable in the rear. You get enough knee room. You get enough leg room this good under high support, theres good Headroom, the sunroof extends all the way up to the back.

You can actually turn on the lights from over here, along with the isofic child, seed, mounts and proper seat belts for all three of the passengers over here, and I think three people will be comfortable, although the third passenger might have some issues exactly so its perfect For like a kid in the middle of coming to the interior, you can see that there are some hard materials used. There are not a lot of soft materials used, although in the door handles you get leather finish, but apart from that, the entire door is managing hard materials. There is a proper bottle holder in the side and I think thats good enough to fit two one. Liter bottles – that is actually yes, it is a handle to hold on to theres a photo over here and theres. Another photo placed over here, as you can see, coming inside your greeter with three huge screens in the car theres, a virtual, cockpit theres, a good 10 inch display over here, and then there is a display for the AC controls for the other controls Hill descent control. Heads up display theres a lot going on over here, chrome, finish: yeah. You can turn on the Center display from here. You can actually do a lot in this car. This front parking, sensors and camera button over here. You actually get a 3D view of the car. In the camera settings that actually shows you everything around the car, that is a very good one and theyve done it.

I think better than most cars do 3D camera systems. Apart from that, the maps, the fluidity of the screen, its all, very amazing, of course, when you press on cards, you can adjust the ambient lighting light and vision majority, and then you can adjust the background lighting. It gets a lot of background lighting options but, of course its not as good as the Mercedes 64 light colors. You can set it to Caribbean to make it a blue color. You can do a lot with this now checking the music system of the car. Exactly now you press this button over here and you get a drive system. You can set up your speed warnings, you can start or decrease ends. Hazard alerts, rest recommendations, so the card senses when youre tired – and it tells you that you should take a rest for now on – and apart from that, you get a traction control off button over here start stop button placement over here you can you get a wireless Charger and Center cup holders over here, apart from that, this is the center armrest that is also placed over here. That is movable, of course, and this two USBC sockets right under the center armrest, the here gear lever, actually doesnt move physically, but there is a side silver attachment to it that moves in that lets. You change the gear, so you can change from neutral to drive to Park and you press this button for Park lets check the glove box.

The glove box is actually lockable through the key. Yes – and you have good storage lets finish like Velvet Touch, so that is of course amazing. Also, this car gets a very good dashboard, apart from the hard plastics used all around this good leather finish on the top half of the dashboard. The lower half, of course, is not that great and you get headlight controls over here with indicator controls. These wiper controls over here, the paddle shifters, are actually for regenerative braking and this cruise control placement over here you can control your volume from right here. Apart from that, there is a voice control, there is seek tracks, there is called picking up buttons and you can use this to control your Center screen as well, so that you can do you can play music. You can go to the map. You can check the tire pressure monitoring system theres a lot of features going on in the center console, of course, because this gets the Audi virtual cockpit feature. There is also an electric parking brake as well. Apart from that, you can see the entire Interiors are finished. Amazingly theyre like great features to it, its a premium finish to the interior exactly and compromised anyway. Nowhere but there are hard plastics used, although theres a lot of glossy finishes well, which is, of course the fingerprint magnet. You can totally see your fingerprints every time you touch it. The AC vents look like they come out of an Audi A4.

They give you an A4 vibe to it. Theres a lock unlock button on both the drivers and the passenger side. Both driver and passenger get electrically adjustable seat. Although the driver gets two memory functions, theres a automatic inside rear view, mirror lets open the sun visor and see what you get. I get a light and a mirror and you get a light in a mirror as well. So that is, of course, amazing. You get light placements over here as well, and that is actually a touch lights as soon as you touch it. It turns on opening the sunroof of the car Applause. It opens in one touch, and it goes all the way back, and there is no. No second touch that you need to do to push it any further. Closing the sunroof exercise. You can actually see that its a smooth operation theres a handle for the drivers side as well. That is again a very different feature of the car you got to handle for the drivers side as well, and you can close the sun line from this button apart from directly covered the entire interior. So now lets go for this. So now we start our drive with the left foot right from the accelerator battery it drives up to the 50 battery marks. Speed up to 100 is actually pretty its smooth. It gets up to 105.7 seconds and, of course, this car doesnt get any sound inside the car.

That is one luxury picture of body, because even the Tesla models outside you can have the motors binding constantly when youre back. Apart from that, you dont get any ludicrous mode or any launch control in this car. But you do get parallel shifters, and that is for the four levels of regenerative. Braking that this gets, the suspension seems pretty comfortable even on Corners. This car gives enough confidence to drive around with these its comfortable drive. There are no body rules. Lets see the speed Breakers theres, not a lot of audience as such, and you dont feel the vibrations thats. A good thing. Suspension also feels pretty comfortable. The like breaks are extremely. You know. They have a good vibe to them, theyre very confident when youre going around the city. This car is like the boyfriend card. You have. It has a good range, a practical range of about 400 kilometers. That is actually pretty good for an electric car. The company claims it to be 484 kilometers, but for the power that it gets, 664 newton meters of stock 408 horsepower its actually a very powerful car, and the range that it gives Is Amazing by itself Its a combination of luxury but and power. And you can also take this car off roading if you actually need it. Yes, yes, so with this driving it on bad roads lets see. Actually the suspension doesnt make any thoughts it doesnt. Let any kind of noise creep in there is no bikes whatsoever for a car of its class.

Of course, you dont expect it being an Audi but gets everything that you would expect from a good electric car and definitely when Tesla launches in India. This car will give tough competition to it. The model X that it claims to like compete with what Audi has done actually with this car is made the perfect electric car for Indian roads and you get a charging socket on both the sides. So that is, of course, a very good feature, and there is always one or the other issue going on with that. We come to end of our test. Drive in review, so follow us like this video.