This car has got a title: the most affordable electric car in India, not only that the car has a price tag of just 8.69 lakh rupees. Imagine this is an electric car right and you have got also and two battery pack options along with that multiple variants where you can choose. According to your convenience, the price goes on increasing if uh till the top end model thats according to your convenience, and you can choose about it. So talking about the battery pack, let me tell you two battery packs 19 kilo battery pack under 24 kilowatt battery pack. I will help you which one to choose: if this is your primary car, then just go for the 24 kilohertz battery pack, and if this is your secondary car, then you can look for the 19 kilowatt battery pack, where in the total buying option of this car, I would prefer you to just go and book the 24 kilowatt battery pack, because this is much much better than a 19 kilowatt battery pack. Talking about the power figures, 19 kilowatt battery producers, 60 BHP of 4 and 110 newton meters of torque, then the 24 kilowatt battery producers, 75 BHP of power and 114 newton meters of torque range is the 24 kilowatt battery gives you a range of 315 kilometers, but I would tell you to expect from 250 to 270, whereas the 19 kilowatt battery producers uh, gives you around 250 claimed by the Tata Motors, but I would refer you to expire 200.

Kilometers range from the starter Tiago, even 19 kilowatt battery pack Music. So let me show you whats: under the hood uh you get complete electronic Motors and all that orange one is for the high kilowatt battery uh high voltage, wiring and talking about the front fascia. The bumper has been completely changed with try Arrow design here. The space is for the number plate and absolutely you can see this uh blue Grill, which is in every Tata Motors cars like the Tata, Nexon EV, Prime and the Max, and you can see this piano black finish: Grille uh, even over that theres, a dry Arrow Design, it says dot EV, to show you that this is an electric car, not only that even as soon as you look at this car. Even with that, this is an electric car. Talking about the headlamps of this, the projector headlamps are actually halogen, where I would expect Tata Motors to give LED in an electric car so that it would consume less power and beside that. That is the high beam. Even that is also halogen. The indicators are blinking here. This is the fog lamp, and this one is the DRS. The front fascia looks quite good, showing that this is an electric car. Now lets talk about the safety of the vehicle safety. This car has four star safety ratings, uh, the normal Tiago, and it continues here also not only that the weight of the car is around, which is totally amazing.

It weighs more than the normal tag of petrol variant and all the fenders. Here you get dot, EV design alloy wheels. Sadly, there is no alloy wheel in the car theres. Only a steel rim and over that Tata Motors have installed the hubcaps, which you will need not worry about that, because that similarly looks like an alloy and ground clearance. Is actually 183 mm uh, which is sufficient for a car like this piano black finish or the door handles and the request sensor? Let me show you the keys of the vehicle keys. Look like this. This is actually given in higher end Tata cars, just like the Safari Nexon and the Harrier. But now you can see this key in tata, Tiago electric as well, where you get lock and lock this to follow me function and just to open the boot of the vehicle. Now let me show you the rvms war. Vms are actually electrically foldable and electrically adjustable. Let me show you: let me lock the car first here you can see uh indicators on the or VMS as well piano, black finished or VM, and the body design from the side profile Remains the Same as the normal Tiago. But you can see black Roofing, which enhances the look by hundred percent, and you can see that uh old style antenna, which I would prefer Tata to give and shark fin antenna here now talking about the rare design of the car.

The tail lamps also Remains the Same as the normal Tiago theres, no as much change, but let me tell you a feature which was not available in the normal petrol car. That is this button to open the boot. You just have to press this button with your thumb, and that opens this. This is actually available with the keyless entry function as well. Talking about the boot. It has 240 liter, but the older Tiago used to get 242 liters. Now it has been dropped by 2. Liters, let me tell you that, because the spare wheel has been completely vanished because the battery pack has been placed in the spare wheel space So to avoid that they have the floor them boot in quite good material and not worry about, they have just dropped. Two liters: here you get a partial tray. If your luggage is totally On The Higher Side, you can remove this and you keep it in your home. This becomes a sufficient boot for you, while youre traveling and lets shut the boot. As of now. Here you get a parking camera as well. Okay, I had to shut it again. Here you get a Viper. This is for the complete uh defogger. Even this side profile Remains the Same. Let me tell you: it says vocal for local uh to improve the local productivity in India thumbs up from my side, data now lets look at the interior first. I would like to thank arasca Tata Motors for giving me this vehicle to review.

If you want any of those Tata cars, you can contact them. I have given the contact number and address in my description box. You can also visit the newly opened uh second showroom in Mysore now lets focus on the interior. Here you get a white color and a black colored of fiber, which is of very good quality, and you can here notice uh, you cannotice here that theres a blue treatment or the AC event, which will signify that you are sitting in an electric car. Not only here, it is also given here for the co passenger side, chrome door, handles you get four Peak four speakers, two tweeters talking about safety. You get two airbags, a four star rated car, not to worry about that automatic climate control, a seven inch touchscreen for Inman system, which is in the same, which is the same of the normal Tiago petrol that 7 and these buttons. This is to adjust the regenerative braking levels. If you press this, the level goes on decreasing and if you press this, the level goes on increasing. There are total two buttons, these two to operate, your fog, lamps, and this one is to open the lid of the charging port. This one is too locked and unlock the car. This one is to open the boot of the vehicle, and the amazing part of the car is the gear knob of vehicle, which is uh absolutely given in the Tata Nexon EV Prime and the max here is also the same thing.

Neutral Drive, Sport and reverse lets check the car 0 100 in sport mode. I think it will do around 13 to 40 seconds, but even then well check the drivability of the car steering wheel. This is the left. One is completely for the audio control. The right one is completely for the cruise control. The one thing please try to avoid cruise control in your cars because to because, if you go on increasing the cruise control till 80 to 100 kilometers per hour, then the battery will drain as soon as possible. So, to avoid that, please stop using cruise control in the cars then lets honk the car, okay yeah. Here you can see here the hunk of the car and this one is completely for the wiper controls. This one is for the headlamp controls theres, a small digital instrument cluster, where it on the left side. It completely shows you the torque meter and on the right side, its completely for the range uh. It shows you how much battery is remaining in your car and theres a speedometer in the center. It says the drive selector neutral Drive, whichever you are theres a trip meter as well, and its currently saying me in uh 198 kilometers. I can go through Now: power VMS light is not given here. It is here uh, then the Tata logo. The steering has been done in a very good way. Leather, app steering wheel with some stitching. It will start stop button.

Ah – and you know what theres automatic, wiper and automatic headlamps in this car, which is not in other cars, so this is a very good feature in the vehicle and you can you need not even touch this uh touch those levers which are on right and left. It will turn on by automatically itself uh theres a electrically adjustable orvm Button as well here and okay lets, stop talking about the interior and now lets focus on the drive range and all uh. The first thing I would do is I will first drive the vehicle and see how it performs in corners and all to watch that uh, please dont exit the video keep watching till the end of my Vlog. This starter Tiago EV hand, believe me or not. I never expected such good performance from this car after after the power figures in the paper 75 hp. 114. In the name of talk, I thought this car could be surely underpowered, but not thats, not a point here. The car is so powerful. Let me show you how the pull is: it can reach 0 100 in just 13 seconds yeah. According to my drive uh its its a currently in between 30 to 14 seconds, which is uh amazing. I I cant expect that level of performance in such small cars. According to the battery pack uh the 24 kilowatt uh its performing really well, the range could be from, According to my drive, its probably made 230 40 50 uh.

If you drive it even better, then you could gain around 2 17 kilometers, which is totally an amazing thing. Try to charge it uh till 80 dot more than that, then your battery remains for a long time. Uh. Then. What do you know about the car? Is there any missing feature that I have forgotten to tell in this video? Let me know in the comment section below and what do you think about this car even that you guys should tell me about what you feel uh now currently its in sport mode? Let me show you how to accelerate Music. Diego itself. Is this much fun and how could the ultra gvb Im totally excited to drive that car Tata Motors, when you, when will you bring that card and Trust Evie Im waiting for it now for todays Vlog uh, its completely finished uh, when nothing is left with this Card hope you liked the video do like share and subscribe to my YouTube channel High fuel Automotive. If you want even more updates about the car uh, follow me on Instagram Ill, surely update it in my story or make a reels about that.