I have already been doing so its already four. Some opinions here, but well be going for a drive here on this Saturday coldish Saturday afternoon for Malta, its 14 degrees Celsius, which for our host country, is quite cold, um and thats important, because we are going to be talking about the efficiency ratings of this car. If you havent seen it yet make sure you check out my tech focused review on this mg4, where I dive into everything from the battery to the electric motor to the regen strings, Etc. This video is going to be more about the Driving Experience, but besides that, welcome to another episode of the future is electric, so I mean my first impression like to be honest. Youve heard from a lot of reviews already probably is that this is a quality car at a very good price. A little con I found about the car driving it around this morning is the cabin noise. Now, to be fair, it is quite windy today, but and the cabin isnt as sealed as Ive seen on other EVS. Now I have to remember coming from the internal combustion era. One of the thing that manufacturers are really placing an emphasis on is the noise all the components of the vehicle make. Because, given this new nature, where youve got an essentially noiseless electric motor running the vehicle, then everything else sounds to starts to sound very loud. And if I was to complain about one thing about this mg4 is that, especially as you get up to some speed, you do start to hear a bit of noise wind noise here in the cabin, but obviously Ive got the radio off so its a completely quiet Environment, besides that, you do start to feel that rear wheel, drive motor does push you along quite nicely, its quite a powerful electric motor as well zero to a hundred in in under eight seconds, making it one of the faster electric vehicles 200.

Especially in this category of vehicles, I mean the driving position is very comfortable. I have very good visibility in the front, the back, not so much, but a few cars give you good visibility at the back these days. Thats, why you have to rely a lot on the sensors speaking about sensors, actually has played a huge role in the five star safety rating. This car has been given. Is the auto lane keep option and its a system which is going to detect those Road lines and the second you start drifting into the other lane. The car will straighten you out and bring you back to the middle thats on by default. Ive had to turn nothing on. I have driven some cars with that option as well. Some have it on by default and some have it on as a as an option. However, in this case, it is on by default Im going to try it out now, making sure theres, no one near me, so I have to say its not working though it has worked before there. We go so its gon na warn me so thats, a camera based system, so it could be that we came around that bend. The sun glared up. The lens is of the of the cameras which are guiding the system and it could be thats why it didnt work back there, but for the most part right now, Im already feeling the steering tugging me back to the middle of the lane.

Um, I mean its a great feature. You do have to get used to it. So the first time this happened this morning, I genuinely thought my the car was was about to Skid, because we were in rainy conditions and but once you get used to it, I think its obviously, a fantastic safety feature to have a lot of cars are coming With it and another feature, this has is the auto braking. So if it detects that the car in front of you or the cars um or a pedestrian Etc has crossed in the road, the car will warn you and break um. I did get the warning this morning, didnt actually break, but I did get the warning which is which is nice to see. I mean the only sort of other thing I didnt like about the car. Do speak about it in the in the other review as well. Is the regen mode, so you do have quite a lot of regenerative modes to choose from four. In fact, however, even on the strongest option, its just not strong enough or as strong as I would like it to be, I am used to driving other cars. My car on nearly one pedal literally not using never having to really engage the brakes, and I cant say you can do this with this car. I think this is something you only appreciate once youve been driving an electric car for a while, because thats a very big difference coming from a petrol car, the regen you use the regen or the charging of the battery as the vehicle is moving in your favor.

So interesting thing: the journey from when Ive started. Speaking to you, weve done 6.2 kilometers. To be fair, it was a downhill. So I have to keep that in mind. We will check out what about to tell you once we go uphill again, but I am getting an efficiency of 10 kilowatt hour per 100 kilometers at the moment, which is absolutely fantastic, but to be fair thats only based on six kilometers and only based on it. Downhill so downhill, the car is using much less energy were about to go uphill, so well see what were getting when we get to the top of the hill, because at efficiency rating is, I think, gon na be a huge thing in the future. I mean coming from the petrol era: electric cars are just insanely cheaper to run, and it could because they are very efficient compared to their petrol counterparts. But as we started entering an era where your only selection are electric cars, the efficiency certain brands are getting is to be noted. So lets lets. Try sport mode. How about that? Well, thats going to ruin my efficiency number, so maybe maybe well keep that for a bit later, so that will definitely drop the efficiency rating and, to be fair, I am on normal mode. I was on eco mode, even with the efficiency I mentioned before I mean like any electric car, its just, even though the car is naturally very heavy because of that battery pack, the power is absolutely Flawless.

You just press the pedal and it gives you power. Some people still have this impression that electric cars are weak, but they are the complete opposite of weak because you press the pedal and the car just goes Instant Power, instant, torque right away, so the steering wheel is also quite comfortable in this case. In this spect model it is heated which I am liking on this cold day same. Are the seats underneath me, but the heated steering wheel is a nice Added Touch and the interesting shapes one of the fully round steering wheel, not too big and not too small. Either, I think, its a perfect so theres the warning that the car in front of me was breaking, and I hadnt reacted as fast as the car would have wanted me to um. So again were seeing all these safety features which are becoming commonplace in in all modern cars. So maybe you dont know what every year when they do safety tests they get for Star five star rating being the best, but whats important is the year. So, for example, this car has a 2022 5 Star safety rating, which would be a lot better than a five star rating in 2021, because they, the the safety protocols, always increase their theres strictness, so to speak on the safety protocols. So this card, the results have just come out. It was tested at the very end of 2022, so great to see those five stars on the safety rating, so another cool thing about this car.

Actually, when I, when you get in and unless youve been told this, you might scratch your head for a good five minutes or even longer, so there is no place to put in the key as its common these days and there is no push to start button. The push to start is achieved with none other than your buttocks. So as soon as you put your butt on the seat press, the brake pedal car comes on, which is something I knew going into. This review. Picking up the car and what I didnt know, and I was like questioning myself well, how do I turn it off now? You know when Im about to leave the car, but you get out you look and it turns off so thats how it actually turns off. But I think its a fantastic feature very easy, very simple, because the whole thing ubiquitous – and I like it so were going up that hill. Now that I spoke to you about efficiency, as at 12.4 kilo Tower per 100 kilometers average speed just 31 kilometers per hour, which is very normal here in Malta, so were already were starting to see that efficiency rating going up, of course, smaller that number, the more Efficient the vehicle is, but I tell you 12.4 is pretty good, so this is not a. I wouldnt say its a small car Id say its. Neither is the big car, though its a medium sized vehicle and 12.

6 is pretty damn good and they are getting that because again, this is an all electric built from the ground up electric vehicle on the new saic platform. I talk plenty about that in my tech review, which I will link above and in the description and its the choices like those by the people. Building the cars which make the huge difference here in in in in Old the aspects of this vehicle from the safety to the performance. Its doing that pulling me back into the lane thing again and I have to say this is quite aggressively. So I think it was the uh it was the inero or the Nero EV router that we were driving a few months ago, and that also does the auto lane keep option. But I say the nudging that the steering wheel gives you is a lot stronger in this car and it really takes over and pushes you back to the middle. You do get blind spot detectors on the mirrors here, at least in this trim. Highest level trim Im, not 100 sure youre going to get that in the lowest trim level, but I genuinely love seeing them on the mirrors. It was one of the features I was really looking forward to in my car blind spot detectors with all the motorbikes around its just an added safety feature that you really thank the second. You need to use it so its a little light that turns on in the mirror, which notifies you, if theres something here in your blind spot and its a real game changer.

I think for safety, because Ive already avoided two accidents: motorcycles, in fact, which, despite looking through the mirror and over my shoulder, I had genuinely not seen them, and yet the the blind spot detector was flashing for me and I knew something something wasnt right. So I slowed down and suddenly this motorcycle appears in both cases out of nowhere. So I really like that that blind spot detector. So let me tell you, I think this car does say stay true to those efficiency figures we spoke about in the tech focused review. They vary depending on the model of this vehicle because thats, what Im seeing here in the dashboard on this little drive? Another nice neat feature of this car, which comes on when you engage. The indicators, is the four cameras which this car has one in the front. One at the back on either side and it turns them on so you can get a peek of what you have on the side as youre about to make a turn left and right. You also can activate 360 camera from your center console here and and loop around and see um your surroundings essentially quite useful. When parking the vehicle, I mean the cabin as well. The cabin is very spacious and youre getting that, because this is a ground up built electric vehicle, so this is only around 20 centimeters longer than my Peugeot e208. Yet the space inside the cabin and even in those back seats does feel a lot bigger and thats, because this is built from the ground up as an electric vehicle.

No Frank, though, were gon na have to wait a bit for mg to give us a frunk in the mg4, because this version does not come with it, so no front space. So another thing I like about this car is the wireless charging pad for your phone. Here in the center console its nice and big, which is, we cannot say the same for for other cars weve seen on the channel, and it also started charging my phone instantly, I didnt have to like stay tweaking it around and moving it left and right. I just found the right spot, so charging pad Works flawlessly and the phone has been charging all this time. The seat also on this spect model is the drivers seat at least is fully electric, so you can move it up and down left and right and adjust as necessary, trying to find how I turn on the air recycle its not entirely obvious. I have to be honest because I cant see it so if theres any advice I give to the next chickens in the roundabout chickens, if theres any advice I give to the Next Generation or the younger generation, seeing these reviews as your car will have a recycle Button – and I should I I suggest you keep that one at all times, unfortunately, weve gone through a phase of History where car emissions were bad and weve come to learn that they were even worse than what was written and those cards are in the roads.

Today, the auto manufacturers, who are cheating these emission tests paid a huge fine which is funding the EV Revolution here for consumers. But those cars are still on the road despite polluting more than they stated to do, and you want to do yourself a favor and keep the recycle button on and windows up in my opinion, because knock skills. So again, a big thank you to mg Malta and Muscat motors, for I think we keep this mg4 for a bit longer than I usually do for these reviews. Weve had the chance to go drive it around here and really get a feel for for how it feels here on the Maltese roads. I mean Ive seen from my drive today that the efficiency ratings we mentioned in the other review. As I said, I am getting those here in the real world, so thats also a good sign temperature 13 degrees, so not as good as it can be as well. Of course, the ideal temperature for this car would be 21 degrees because thats the temperature. They are cooling that battery too, so whenever youre, further away from that 21 degrees, the car is going to use more energy to cool the battery to the correct temperature. I was more on that in my tech review check it out if you havent, seen it as always: Im Luke.