. What if I say you can get a similar performance At almost half the price and without spending the expenses on petrol.. How will you react? You wont believe it right Guys. I am talking about an electric car, Which is the Mahindra XUV 400.. We have already made quite a few videos, But today is the time for a real life test.. It will be our first real life test on an electric car.. We will perform tests on practicality Check the second row. Space Also check the boot space.. We will test the performance handling And even the ride quality. So were gon na cover a lot of elements that no one else will do for you.. Neither you can test all these in the showroom., So this will be a very detailed video Watch, this video till the end.. What are we waiting for Lets? Go Music So guys, starting with the exteriors., But today we will not talk much about the design, As I assume that you have already watched our previous video, Where we have already covered the details of the design, elements., Okay And if you have not watched it yet, Then I am leaving the link in the i button.. The very first thing you will notice is that the front grille is closed completely And that has done for better aerodynamics.. In short, it helps to increase the overall range.. The headlamps get a projector setup for low beam And a regular halogen for the high beam.

. The throw of lights is decent enough, But the spread is pretty good.. The tyre size happens to be of 16 inches. And it gets disc brakes for all four wheels.. So, even if you opt for a lower variant, You still get all 4 disc brakes, which is a very good point.. The key of XUV 400 has the controls to Lock unlock and boot opening.. Also, it is a flip key.. It is the widest car in the segment And even the wheelbase is the largest too.. So the distance between the front and rear wheels is more than other cars in this segment.. In XUV400, you get the charging port and not a fuel tank, So that is placed on the left side front, fender.. Okay, you have the roof rails and Passive entry from the drivers. Side., The tail lights get the LED treatment and they look sharp. Getting in and out is not an issue for the rear. Passenger.. The height is decent enough., Its not very high or very low., And it makes ingress and egress easy.. Also the rear door opens wide. Enough. Front doors open wider, So if you want extra access to get in the car, Then its quite easy to do that with it. By the way, If you want us to do a proper comparison with other EVs, So let me know in comments right. Away. Now lets step inside the car to show you what else is different. The fit finish and quality of the interiors of the XUV400 are pretty good.

. There are hard plastics on the dashboard and the doors, But the quality is pretty good.. The driver touch points. Get soft touch material., The steering wheel, is leather wrapped And even the touch points where you rest, your elbows Are soft touches as well. The seats are really comfortable.. In fact, if you compare with even the higher segment cars, These seats are one of the most comfortable.. They are wide enough and do not feel tiring on long journeys.. Also they have decent side support as well.. So, even if you are on the wider side, You have decent support. And if youre quite lean, Then in that case also, you can sit. Comfortably.. The thigh support is also pretty good., So in terms of overall seat comfort, It scores quite a lot of points.. Both the front seats are manually adjustable., While the steering wheel can be adjusted for the height.. The touchscreen is a smooth unit with a bright display And it is quick to respond also. Overall, the UI is simple to understand.. The quality of the reverse. Camera is good enough. It even gets dynamic guidelines Giving you that extra assistance, while reversing the car. The quality, is decent at night. Although it gets grainy, you can still park in the sheer dark.. The car even comes with android, auto and apple carplay.. Now lets do the audio test. Audio Test Horn, Test Door, Thud, The car comes loaded with features, and I am just sharing the list with you.

. Some of them are leatherette upholstery, Leather, wrapped steering, wheel, Sunroof And many such features are equipped in this car.. In terms of safety, it has many features.. Firstly, it is a 5 star rated platform., So it shares its platform with the XUV 300 And that car has already scored 5 star in GNCAP crash test.. So we have no doubts regarding the build quality. Along with that. It has 6 Airbags and ABS EBD. Right now. It is a pre production car, But it will even get ESP once the actual production begins.. So the list of features and safety features is pretty long on the XUV 400.. There are a lot of storage spaces in the car. On the door pads. You have a slot to keep a 1 litre bottle, Along with a slot to store a smaller bottle., Also on the door pads. You have space to keep papers or books as well.. The glove box is deep enough to store at least 3 bottles.. There is some space above the glove box to keep your phone Or extra something like a pen or anything.. You have space to keep stuff in the front, Along with two cup holders.. You even have space below the centre armrest to keep a phone Or a lot more things also. To charge your smartphones. You have a 12 V charging port in the front, Along with a USB charging port through which you can even use android, auto and apple carplay.

, And you can even connect the phone through the AUX If it has a 3.5 mm headphone jack to enjoy the music. Rear seats are the biggest advantage of the XUV 400.. You have ample kneeroom and headroom And being the widest in the segment, Three adults can comfortably sit in the second row.. There are adjustable headrests for each passenger And if you have just two passengers in the rear, Then in that case you have an armrest to sit in comfort.. Also, the recline angle will make your journey less tiring.. Thigh support is just decent enough. And thanks to the beige colour on the roof and pillars, The cabin feels pretty airy and adds a sense of space In an already spacious cabin.. So three passengers can sit in utmost comfort in the second row., The storage space. At the back is sufficient enough. You can keep a one litre bottle in the door pads And you have some extra space to utilize that as well. The centre armrest has the slot to store two big size cups.. You can easily store a full size bag. A medium bag And a small size bag inside the boot. And still some space is left in the boot for more extra stuff to go in By the way. If I compare the boot size of the XUV 400 with other EVs in the segment, Then it has the largest boot at 378 litres.. The spare wheel is of 16 inches, But the width is less and cannot be used as a full time.

Wheel., Thanks to the 6040 split seats, You can easily increase the boot space and utilize the space. Its time to drive the car.. Turning on the ignition, Extremely silent Shifting it to L mode, which is the one pedal drive mode Released the handbrake – And here we go., The acceleration is the strongest point of this car.. It cannot be compared., Hardly any car at this price point or even higher Can offer you the thrill of driving like the XUV 400.. There are 3 driving modes. Fun, which is more like a normal mode. Fast, which is a bit more responsive. Fearless, which is more like a hyper mode.. The acceleration is extremely thrilling in this mode. And when you experience that mode, You will just fall in love with the power.. In fact, my friend, who owns an Octavia Drove the XUV 400 And he just couldnt stop admiring its power.. So it talks a lot about power. And with the one pedal mode I just lifted, the accelerator pedal and the car slowly came to halt.. It might take a while to get used to it. As in when to lift the accelerator pedal Many times, you might even apply the brakes, But if you just let the car stop itself, then it even improves the overall range.. It has a claimed range of 456 km, But you can expect it to return. The range of 300 350 km in real life conditions. Now, since I am at low speeds, Let me show you the acceleration by getting into fearless mode.

What an amazing acceleration The power it has is actually uncomparable.. The handling is pretty good, even at ghat sections.. The high speed stability is excellent. Or even in the city. You will never have a problem with quick overtakes For hard accelerations Or even to do some high speed cornerings.. It is a confident aspiring car.. Despite having a light weight steering wheel. It is very lively in nature., It wont feel disconnected from the wheels at any given point of time, So it always feels connected.. You will fall in love once you drive this car. Plus the edges of the bonnet are clearly visible, And so getting used to the car is not a problem at all.. It is one of the biggest advantages of the car. Just drive it once and you will fall in love with it., And that is where this car clearly excels.. You will have no issues driving this car in the city.. The ride quality is just amazing. Sit in the front or rear row. It does not feel bouncy at all.. The car performed well in the speed breaker test And all three passengers were comfortable.. Now, if you want to go uphill, You can go very easily.. The ease of driving The power delivery, The response from the motor, Like I just love, to push the car to the extreme., But overall, the response is so good That you can easily go uphill with fully loaded car too.. It performed well in the braking test as well.

. The A pillars are not that thick, so it does not create blind spots or hamper visibility., And also the ORVMs are of perfect size.. So if you are coming from a small size car, You will not feel uncomfortable driving, XUV 400.. You can get used to it in absolutely no time.. So if you want a car to drive in the city – And you need something thats fun and fast, along with a responsive gearbox, Then the XUV 400 becomes a recommendable product for you.. Now the question is whether should you consider it or not. So guys? This was todays video on the XUV 400.. Now lets talk about what is important for you.. Turning off the car, and here we are. See. Xuv 400 is a spacious and a practical car with great boot space and Amazing space in the second row Performance ride handling is one of the best in the entire category., So you do not have to worry at all about these aspects.. It is an excellent and strong product. And if you want a car with outright performance, Then this is the best and only choice and You can just go and pick the XUV 400.. Now, If you want me to compare the 400 with other EV SUVs, Then do let me know in the comments below. And since we have not done a comparo of EVs. This could be our very first EV comparison on Motoroctane., So that is one thing.

. Second is if you are still confused about which car to buy. In that case, you can join us on a phone call to clarify your doubts.. No one else offers such genuine service as we do., And the people who guide you are experts. And, for instance, if we recommend you the XUV 400, Then you will not get frequent calls from dealerships to buy the car.. We simply do not do such a thing.. This service is only to clarify your doubts.. My team are the experts who have driven all the cars And they will guide you and help you to avoid ending up with the wrong car.. This project is for your benefit., But hows that done Visit. Motoroctane.Comcar consultancy Fill up some of your details And book a call time with an expert. Before that do subscribe to Motoroctane As we bring you detailed car reviews to simplify your car buying decision. So thats. All we have for right. Now.