The mgz EV, which was the initial offering for the electric car in the Indian market, so yeah so lets get started. So this is the facelift before there was a regular CV, then now they bought the facelift last year. And so, if you come to the front, it is similarly the aster is also based on these ready CV or vice versa, since they both have the same structure and the platform as well. But the thing is the grill is closed. The mg logo is then – and here you have report where you can charge the car, so there are three charging options which Ill come to in a bit. So if you see from the front under the logo there you have a 360 degree parking, Amazon Frontier and at the both the sides you get LED headlamps with LED DRL as well, so theres, the towing hook so from the front. Since everything is closed, since you didnt, you dont need cooling for your engine there, so nothing is required. Electric has been written over here to differentiate it so seeing here the entire size seems mg logo. So you get fund displays as well. So the electric, the only thing is, like you, dont, have any gear or you have instant torque and power as well since theres at 0, RPM, so automatic or VMS Chrome mixture do handles with passive entry as well on the passenger, handy driver side. So the length of this car is four three two three mm and the wheelbase is 2581 mm, so yeah.

So if you see at the rear, you get these LED lights. Za CV written over the rear, wiper and the main highlight is the panoramic sandal. So you get the key log and log and tag you open the Boost from the key. So the key has the red design, which looks absolutely absolutely great and the green number plate exactly for the electric cars so zcb internet inside over here, as well. So big mg logo, so this is how the boot opens. So the boot is for 48 liters yeah, so it looks big as well. The loading is also not that high, so you can slide in big suitcases easily. The light is placed over there and you have a partial itself here. So under this you have the spare wheel as well, so practical bolt yeah so lets just close it. So your build quality seems fine, not that bad. We are parking sensors as well. So lets get it through your seat, so getting in and out is kind of easy for me, since the car has a tall profile and Im six feet tall, so closing the door, no shots with a good third, so single legume and name them um legume seems Fine good enough nigum is also decent head Dome is Disney, since I have only a couple of inches, mostly Im, six feet tall. I think I dont think even couple of I think maybe one inch or half inch something because my hair is touching the roof because of the panel mix and move it its up to a headspace head room as well.

So the window area is decently big. So you may feel claustrophobic in long journey, since it has an all black cabin magazine owned up as well. So you get real easy vents. Three people will be comfortable since the cabin is wide enough and the hump is very low. So yeah you get three adjustable. Headrests as well so thats good that has been thought of like for the third passenger and youll, get a video Im missed with twin cup holders. So yeah you get this Rich teaching as well on the seeds which actually enhances the look of the car and yeah talking about the backish angle as well. The backless angle is really good. The seats are supportive, so it gives a comfortable feeling as well. So there are no height adjustable seat belts, but talking about the safety, this guy is loaded with safety and it has as well so six airbags, ABS, ABD ESC, tire pressure monitoring system. If you come into Ada, then you have a hill statuses, Hill descent control. If you come into it, as you have blind spot, monitor Lane departure warning Lane, Keepers Lane change, assist automatic emergency, braking all of those stuff, so thats really good. So yeah. What do we say? They have also looked kept an eye on safety as well. So they know what the consumer want, so thats good. So this is how the dashboard looks so the overall the build material seems good, not bad, but this seems little okay, if this seems good, actually not out of place so lets get to the drivers seat.

So did those are kind of heavy and yeah? You get a central locking button here as well, so you get the circular air vents, so those pockets are beginner, so one little body fit easily here. So you have one touch down for all the windows, not for up so yeah. If you come to the center console, you have the driver armrest with some space between cup holders, and this also you can close it function. This is the Gear, Drive parking, reverse neutral drive, you have this modes as well, Eco, normal and Sport, and this will show the battery information as well. So these are the air conditioning controls and the controls for the touchscreen as well. This is so. This is a 10.1 inch touchscreen with Android, auto and apple player. So this is how the multi information display looks. So this is a digital display and yeah, so they showed the motor speed voltage current and it is the current Journey data. This is the range, this is the gear and this is the mode normal, and so this is the region level, and this is the charge. So this is the total drip meter, tire pressure, monitor and the brightness these settings as well. You can change the settings, so yep, like could have been more loaded, but yet its good. The main thing. What I liked about the zcv was the build quality. If you see here no hard material, all soft touch so seems good and showing the touchscreen system yeah.

You get this um EV battery, so itll show you the battery status there. This is 55 charge and the range was 216 kilometers and CO2 saved. It also shows the amount of CO2 which is generated. How much it has not so thats, actually good telling you how much you have saved, but yeah Works, whether AC music, and these are the systems like apps. Also you can put. If you go into more, you have theme Store settings. If you want to settings, you have account Bluetooth Network, sound, lock, screen wallpaper, display time Voice, Assistant user manual, factory set all of those stuff, the usual stuff, and then your vehicle settings as well. So you have the follow me home, headlamp log, weird drivers list Hill descendental pedestrian assist, so it has rear cross traffic alert as well so find my curve thats good. So all of these systems are there and you have navigation audio and you can lock the screen as well, so thats good, so yeah this its a. What do we say interactive touch screen, but I think user experience is good. User interface could have been better with more systems as well. So here you have the glove box which is decent size, so yeah. Well, I honestly like the build quality of the car, so it is the volume control call and this I accidentally pressed it theres. Actually it the Call Comes to the car or the owner as well. So it was kind of my mistake that time – and this is the voice command as well, so you get the light controls here and the wiper control zero, its the opposite way, not like the ones we see on the Koreans or the Japanese.

So talking about the battery delete them and Battery, it is a permanent magnet synchronous motor producing around uh 176 horsepower and 280 Newton. Miss of torque, which does 0 200 in 8.5 seconds, claim having a limited top speed of 180 kilometer per hour, and you have three charging options as well, so theres, a 15 amp portable charger, which takes from 0 to 218 to 19 hours, then theres, a 7.4 Kilowatt AC wall box charger, which does 0 200 in eight and a half to nine hours and theres, a 50 kilowatt DC fast charger, which does 0 to 80 in one hour, so thats good. So basically the volvox charger. I think thats enough if youre placing it at home and the portable charger is like. Okay, whatever you go and you can just charge the card, so thats just an emergency case. If you want to keep so yeah over what I would say, I think the pricing of the car is good and um keeping the competition in mind the Nexon EVD tatas. I think it has offered a great package for the money. What they are asking – and one thing I forgot to show you – you get these lights as well twin lights here, and you can control the Blind and the sunroof individually, so thats good, you can see and the panoramic sunroof extends till the end. So thats, absolutely great speakers are placed over here as well, so thats what Im telling seeing the competition here.

I think if you see the Nexon EB, even if you see the EV Max its slightly overpriced, no, I wont say over pressure, its priced above the Exxon. Eb, but sometimes it does offer good features as well like Adas and good battery as well like going from 0 to 8.5. Second is really good, plus it has a claimed range of 461 kilometers. So its good, like, I think, for the city purpose. This is a good car to go for. So if anyone is interested to go this guy, you can definitely comment on YouTube combination. Dm me Instagram. I can help you anytime, you want so thank you so much.