Admittedly, this isnt massively different looking from this angle, but a lot of subtle tweaks and some big changes inside to answer criticisms from you, the owners. To be honest, this is all a bit of a surprise. You see normally wed expect to see a car updated after three or four years, but VW has decided it needed to speed things up a bit as technology moves fast in the world of electric cars. In fact, Volkswagen claims it doesnt want to be a car maker anymore. It says its becoming a zero emission software based Mobility service provider right so before we look at the software lets, look at the hardware or, as I would call it a car at the front. It has these two fangs here and this extra panel theres also this electric radiator blind, which only opens when the power units need Cooling on the old car. There used to be a black strip here, which made the Bonnet appear shorter, its now much longer and a bit more elegant. I think, then there are these clever headlights which are designed to resemble a human eye. When you walk towards the car and open it, they swivel like this and give you a little welcome. Then theres, this silver strip along the roof and the weird stickers have gone from the rear pillar. At the back. There are new two part tail light clusters which stretch onto the boot lid a bit. The brake light creates an x shape and the indicators sweep from inside to out.

If you spec the optional LED Matrix headlights, you also get animated lighting patterns in the lamps, which welcome and say goodbye to the driver. Goodbye ID3 there also some new wheels and some new colors too. This one is called Dark, Olivine, green, and it appears to change as the light changes from evening to day. I think it makes a real difference from all the kind of dark, Grays and blacks and washed out whites and look at you Tesla, but lets have a look at the really interesting bit inside. Everything is animal free, at least it was until I got in here. There are lights, lots of Lights. In fact, you can pay to upgrade to have 30 illuminated colors on a subscription, but the dashboard is dominated by this new 12 inch screen. This is the reason the facelift of this car was brought forward. The technology just wasnt good enough, even when it worked properly, the switches were infuriating and customers hated them. If you disagree in the comments below, then I can only assume youre the software engineers mother trouble. Is you see this nice 12 inch screen? We dont get that in the UK we only get 10 inches until mid 2024 and the reason is the light switch over here for the headlamps gets in the way. The other big criticism inside the last ID3 was the quality it might have been screwed together properly, but it felt a bit cheap. This feels much more well volkswageny theres lots of squishiness on the surfaces, youll touch off and and the door panels have been completely redesigned.

The seats are great too, and are now better as standard, rather than it being an expensive option. If youre one of the people who moaned about the quality inside an ID3, then rest assured, you were heard by the big bosses. Theres still lots of room in the back that hasnt changed, but the quality hasnt had quite the same upgrade as the front of the car, but there is some extra squishiness in the door panels too. Now one thing that hasnt been fixed is the wipers. Now people say Im obsessed with this, but I know a lot of you feel the same so come on back me up guys. When the car arrives in the UK in the summer, they will still have the wiping pattern, which is optimized for left hand, Drive which gives us Brits a bit of a blind spot and splashes in our line of vision. But dont worry it never rains in the UK, but at least it still has a rear wiper, which is becoming something of a rarity these days, okay, enough of the Cosmetics Im guessing you want to know about the mechanical bits. Well, theres, nothing really to report here its a cut and paste of the old card, which is not a bad thing. That means there are 58 and 77 kilowatt hour power packs with a 201 horsepower motor at the back. Obviously, the official range of the 77 has gone down slightly just by a couple of miles, but the smaller 58 manages 264 miles and thats the same as the old car.

There is a smaller battery coming within a year, but were not quite sure what size it is. It wont be the 45 that we saw in the last car. One of the cleverest bits of new technology is something called plug and charge. So you turn up at a public charger instead of having to mess around with like contactless or an app you just open up plug in and the car and the charger talk to each other. It all goes to your account and you get a bill in the post, which is going to make life much easier. Now. I know all you Tesla people have that already, but for the rest of us, its a great new innovation or even Tesla cant claim to have is swarm data, though the ID3 will talk to other vws and transmitters by the side of the road to warn of Things like traffic accidents or nasty weather, thats, really clever. The ID3 is also now ready for a bit of bi directional charging action, which means youll, be able to use the battery to power your home at Peak periods or even sell energy back to the griddle. The profit, if you want to know more about this, its called v2h then have a look on the electrifying website and, lastly, a word about Supply. Now, when I last checked, the waiting list for an ID3 was longer than a year, so some people are on that list. Instead of getting the old car well be getting one of these to help free up Supply.

Volkswagen is opening the Taps by extending the production to the big home plant for this company Wolfsburg thats, in addition to the three other factories making id3s. That means theres going to be a lot more of these available. The first of these new models will arrive in the UK in early summer and the price is expected to be broadly the same as the current model. So what do you think? Let us know in the comments.