If youre attracted by its quirky, looks and green credentials and maybe need a safer option than an e scooter to get you to the station or perhaps navigate a short Urban commute, then the Twizy might fit the bill hello there welcome. Today we will tell you the facts and figures about the Renault Twizy, so watch the video Until the End to never miss any of the information and see what to expect from this marvelous vehicle Music. The Renault Twizy is, unlike anything else, on the market from a mainstream car maker today and was developed as part of renaults brave, but possibly over. Ambitious attempt to convert Europes, motoring public to the joys of electric motoring, its the cheapest and smallest model in renaults. Electric car range – it really is small too, at just 2.33 meters. Nose to tail and 1.23 meters across the twicey is classed as a quadricycle across between a motorbike and a car, and the passenger sits tandem behind the driver foreign. We hope that you are enjoying our content if you are new here and if you like. What you see please subscribe to our channel for daily dose of tech Gadget, invention and craft reviews, hit the notification Bell so that you will be notified every time we upload a new video, also dont, forget to like and share the video, as it will help us Grow our Channel and reach more audience Music. The Renault Twizy is classified in Europe as either a light or heavy quadricycle, depending on the output power, which is either 4 kilowatts or 5.

4 horsepower for the 45 model or 13 kilowatts or 17 horsepower for the 80 model. Both names reflecting its top speed in km H, the Twizy debuted as a concept car at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show in May 2011 Renault announced they would produce the Twizy and began taking reservations. In March 2012, the twizey was released to the French Market, followed a month later by several other European countries. The vehicles Frame and Body offer occupants Extra Protection with its deformable structure, while the outboard position of the four wheels and the lateral beams located either side of the chassis provide protection in case of a side impact. The safety retention systems include a drivers airbag. A four point: safety belt at the front and a 3.1 at the rear Music. The twicey may be winterized with winter tires and adding flexi side windows to enclose the cabin would be provided by plugging in electric blankets to keep the driver warm. The battery can be charged with an extendable spiral, cable stored beneath a flap at the front of the vehicle. The integrated charger is compatible with roadside battery charging facilities, as well as the standard 220 to 240 volt 10 ampere household electrical supply charging an empty battery takes around three and a half hours. All variants feature sides that are open to the elements, but optional scissor doors and zip on windows provide some protection, while the lockable cubbyhole, designed to take a briefcase, serves as the boot more off putting to potential customers.

Perhaps is the increasing diversity of proper electric cars that have become available since the Twizy was launched, offering four seats and the level of comfort that passengers expect twice? He doesnt really stack up as a motorcycle or scooter rival, either because its far more expensive and its size means it. Cant squeeze through City traffic safely, like a two wheeler, the Renault Twizy couldnt be easier to drive, just hit the drive button on the dash press. The throttle and you pull away in silence the gearbox is operated via push buttons on the dash and the handbrake is activated by a lever underneath the steering column foreign as it carries most of its curb weight load down between the wheels. The Twizy offers plenty of grip and hardly any body roll thanks to its stiff suspension, but the firm setup means the ride is uncomfortable with even the smallest bumps leading to shutters through the cabin big bumps can send you flying out of the seat. While the whining electric drivetrain in constant buffeting mean the Twizy can very quickly become tiresome to drive, any electric car will turn heads, but not even a Supercar can attract attention. Quite like the Renault. It looks like nothing else on the road. The scissor door is a custom option, provide real drama but theyre only half the usual height and theyre. The only barrier between you and the elements in Colder Weather, youll need to wear a jacket and gloves and youll have to resign yourself to the fact that you might get wet when it rains.

The driver sits ahead of their passenger in a tandem layout. So theres not much room in the back Music. A simple display screen shows the cars speed and Battery range, while the Rubber and Plastics are weatherproof, not plush. There are three trim levels to choose from entry level. Expression comes with 13 inch Wheels. A heated windscreen, a lockable glove box, an onboard computer and a three meter. Long charging cable, Dynamic trim offers different color combinations, including Diamond Black Snow White Flame orange and Lagoon blue along with 13 inch color matched alloy wheels, Music, the Twizy isnt as practical as the latest City cars. But then Renault would argue this isnt a fair comparison, because its around half the size, its tiny Dimensions, make it perfect for driving around and parking in town, while the 6.8 meter turning Circle gives the Renault Black Cab rivaling? U turnability, however, despite its narrow stance, the Twizy is still too big to drive between rows of stationary cars since its launch Twizy, the electric quadricycle from Renault, is a unique machine that has found its place on the urban Mobility landscape as well as in the more Recent world of shared Mobility, Renault twices range, can reach up to 80 kilometers of real use, twices energy consumption and therefore the range of this electric vehicle not only depends on the conditions gradient of the road outside temperature Etc, but also significantly on the style of driving Eco driving can save up to 60 percent of electric range compared to a more Brusque Style on board.

The econometer indicates energy consumption in real time, enabling the driver to optimize their twices range recharging. A Renault Twizy couldnt be simpler. It just plugs into a regular household socket for its seven kilowatt hour. Battery 3.5 hours are enough to charge the battery to its maximum 80 kilometers of electric range Music foreign. Did you find interesting? Let us know in the comments section: it takes a lot of time and effort to make these videos your subscriptions likes and shares are what Inspire us to create more content. Therefore, please consider subscribing to our Channel if you havent already and finally thank you for watching until the end.