With this decision, the check car manufacturer is taking its electric offensive to a new level. Three more brand new electric models will be launched by 2026. The aim is to offer a full range of electric products from small cars to seven seaters and to increase the proportion of Bev deliveries in Europe to over 70 percent by 2030.. Like the coupe variant, the inyak RS4, equipped with two electric motors, an all wheel, drive with a total system, output of 220 kilowatts and a range of more than 500 kilometers in the wltp cycle. The maximum charging power of 135 kilowatts enables even faster charging and compatible charging points. In addition to the two design, selections, RS, lounge and rs Suite, as well as extensive standard and safety equipment. Skoda is offering two new Option: packages for the inyak RS4 Advanced and Max, which make the range even more transparent. The check car manufacturer also relies extensively on recycled and recyclable materials for the inyak RS4 and delivers it to its customers with a CO2 neutral balance of Dot. The new and Yak RS4 is the second all electric model in skoda. Sporty RS series like the inyaka pay RS4, the SUV, looks sporty and emotional and is equipped with the most powerful Drive in the current skoda portfolio. Two electric motors one at the front and one at the rear, deliver a system output of 220 kilowatts, while the maximum torque of 460 newton meters is transmitted to all four wheels via the all wheel drive with a top speed of 180 kilometers per hour.

It is 20 kilometers per hour faster than other in yacht 4 models. The maximum range of over 500 kilometers in the wltp cycle is made possible by the combination of an 82 kilowatt hours. Battery and High Energy Efficiency with an outstanding drag coefficient of CW 0.265 Advanced and Max option packages make the structure of the range even clearer, with the introduction of the inyak RS4 skoda. Auto has further improved the structure of the range one of two RS design choices. Rs lounge or RS Suite is chosen before many more features can be added with the new Advanced and Max option packages. Some extras, such as a heat pump, trailer hitch and panoramic roof, are still available separately. State of the art, infotainment and comprehensive safety functions since the in yacht 4 is always online. The vehicle software can be updated over the air, in addition to multimedia content such as podcasts and videos, vehicle functions such as adaptive cruise control ACC can also be called up on request. In addition, many skoda connect services are specially designed for electric vehicles, the inyak 4. Also offers state of the art, active and passive safety. All of the Safety Systems currently available from skoda are available for the SUV, including the with up to nine airbags advantages of Electric Mobility. Drivers of the new skoda and Yak RS4 benefit from the advantages of the skoda 4 ecosystem and can charge up more than 400 000 points across Europe with a single power pass card.

This also includes around 15 000 fast charging stations at over 5000 locations. 135. Kilowatts charging power is available at compatible charging stations for even faster charging. Topping up without a card is also possible as special Top Up points with the new and plug and charge function with which the inyak RS4 automatically identifies itself for convenient charging at home. Skoda Auto offers three versions of its skoda: 4 wall Chargers with optional installation, exterior, unmistakable RS sport, look with black accents, powerful, sporty and exciting. At first glance, the enyak RS4 is one of skodas 40rs models with special front and rear spoilers rear apron, a full size, rear bumper and lots of black accessories common to all high performance models Crystal face. Headlights and full array LED headlights are standard, skoda and Yak. Rs4, which combines sporty looks in emotional style, is 4653 millimeters long 1879 millimeters wide and 1 605 millimeters High. The wheelbase of the dynamic SUV is 2768 millimeters.the aerodynamically optimized Wheels with plastic Arrow inserts in conjunction with the roof line that slopes slightly towards the rear, ensure an excellent drag coefficient of CW 0.265 interior, two style options and new Option packages. The spacious interior of the new and Yak RS4 offers comfortable space for five people and 585 liters of luggage, with the rear seat backs folded down the luggage. Compartment increases to 1 710 liters. The color palette is dominated by sporty black contrasting seam set visual accents. You can choose between two design choices: RS lounge and rs Suite, which are exclusive to the inyak 4 family RS models.

Customers of the inyak RS4 can also choose between two new Option: packages Advanced and Max, which combine popular equipment features and make the program even clearer. The inyak RS4 offers a spacious passenger compartment that can comfortably accommodate five people with particularly generous space in the rear due to the emission of the center tunnel, as is typical for the RS. The overall Aesthetics of the Interior is dominated by black. The extensive standard equipment includes sport seats with integrated headrests and the RS logo, as well as a three spoke multi function. Leather sport steering wheel with the RS logo, multi function, buttons and rotary dials are used, among other things, to adjust the heating and Recovery levels of these steering wheel. The steering wheel also features hand recognition which allows some assistance systems to determine whether the driver is in control of the vehicle exclusive design choices. Rs lounge and rs Suite still to customers can choose between two exclusive design choices reserved for the RS models of the inyak 4 family in the standard, RS Lounge style selection. The black seats are upholstered in suede, microfiber and finished with lime, green piping and contrast, stitching contrasting stitching in the same tone can also be found on the leather steering wheel. The dashboard with black suede, covering in the center armrest the floor mats, also have Line new Buck piping. The optional design selection, RS Suite includes seats in Black perforated leather, with gray piping and contrast stitching, which are also found on the leather steering wheel, center armrest and leather instrument, cluster dot, the nubuck leather, on the black floor mats is also Gray.

Powertrain two Motors, all wheel, drive and 220 kilowatt system output, skoda Auto, has equipped the RS models of the inyak 4 family with the currently most powerful powertrain for a production vehicle. The premium SUV is equipped with two engines with a total output of 220 kilowatts and the maximum torque of 460 newton meters is transmitted to all four wheels via all wheel drive. The high level of Energy Efficiency in an excellent drag coefficient of 0.265 guarantee a range of over 500 kilometers in the wltp cycle.the high voltage battery with a capacity of 82 kilowatt hours and the maximum charging capacity of 1 135 kilowatts can be recharged from 10 to 80, in just 36 minutes at fast charging points maximum charging power up to 135 kilowatts. The inyak RS4 supports a maximum DC charging power of 135 kilowatts. This means that the high voltage battery can be charged from 10 to 80 in just 36 minutes at fast charging points. Thanks to the AC wall box, the SUV can charge with up to 11 kilowatts. The inyak RS4 comes standard with the mode 3 charging cable, while the optional Universal 4 charger with interchangeable plugs, offers maximum flexibility as a mobile charging solution.