The dealership has amazing inventory in stock, ranging from the all new Audi S3 the RS6 going all the way up. The range to the RS e tron GT be on the lookout. The full review is coming out soon, so be sure to get subscribed to not miss this one. It will be one for the books, give them a visit and see the cause for yourself. There was a wide variety of cards to review, but since the future is heading towards electric powered cars, our desire was to review an electric vehicle Evie. In short, introducing an EV in South Africa is a big step for companies to take a huge Factor such as load shedding get customers worried, especially since we will be living with this new pandemic for a very long time. Bmw was the first one to take this giant leap and more and more brands have since followed, including ODI haval, Jaguar, Mercedes, Benz, Porsche Toyota and weve. Seen a few Teslas going around. This has shown that there is definitely a market for EVS. However, in 2004 there was the Dual concept EV launched in Cape Town, which unfortunately did not make it to production. It was tough to choose a card to review between the e tron SUV and the RS e tron GT. However, since South Africa is deviated more to SUVs, it only made sense that we reviewed the e tron SUV, introducing the Audi trans support. Bed. 55 300 kilowatt Quattro s line quite a long name to say the Audi brand signifies Comfort, performance and style.

The e tron provides all those three in the mid size. Luxury SUV shape. Lets be honest. All the exterior designs, as of late are just draw dropping. This car is no exception. The best thing about this one is that OD has made an EV. That looks like a normal internal combustion engine car and thats, exactly how Evie should look. The e tron 55 300 kilowatt Quattro features a 95 kilowatt hour lithium ion battery pack with 86.5 kilowatt hour of usable battery capacity hooked to a dual motor powertrain, making 300 kilowatts of power and 664 newton meters of torque combined. They claimed 0 100 Sprint only takes 5.7. The fundamental aspect that prospective EV buyers look at before buying an EV is the range that the car is capable of. Doing worry, not because this e tron has an estimated range of 452 kilometers. The Real World Range May differ according to how you drive it. Another aspect is the charging Network, especially in the South African context. The e tron has a wide range of charging options available, both at home and at work in South Africa. Audio offers intron customers access to a rapidly growing network of over 300 charging connectors, most of which are fast charging thanks to a partnership with a leading and reputable charging service provider. Audi has also partnered with global leaders in electrification to offer fast charging points at authorized. Audi edron dealerships Nationwide and in selected major shopping malls and with audio connect, you can check the charge level of your e tron in the myod app anytime anyway.

The e tron we have on test is packed with a myth, plug metallic color with a black appearance package plus which plugs out all the four rings. The black appearance package simply means that all The Shining Chrome pieces on the exterior get black spray treatment and blacked out exterior, mirror housing that adds to the premium and sporty look of this car. On the front. It is dominated by the big Audi grill, which is actually inoperative since it doesnt need any cooling. There is just small openings for cooling down the batteries, but also adding to the premium look of the car. The Matrix design LED headlights to a splendid job in brightening up the road they can generate Dynamic, leaving and homecoming animations that appear as projections on the wall or on the ground and various other fantastic and cool functions. The side profile looks slick and stunning, with the 21 inch star style, audio Sport Wheels in Black, since this is a sportback version, it has the sloping roof line, which makes it part of the coupe SUV segment. The rear end is the best angle of this car. The LED lights are the coolest party piece, with the fully extended light bar joining the two tail lights together, the rear tailgate is electrically operated, the interior is a lovely place to be in. It comes with a 12.3 inch Audi virtual cockpit and 2 MMI touch responsive screens, the upper one with a diagonal of 10.

1 inches for the infotainment and the lower one being 8.6 inches, which is mainly for heat controls. It comes with a flat bottom steering wheel with a paddle shift. Four regeneration braking the sport seats are covered in a wonderful valcona leather, with an embossed s on them very plush. The e tron is very spacious, with great Headroom and knee room for rear occupant. The interior is very premium, looking Sublime and very much well crafted well done. Woody. The boot capacity is 660 liters. The e tron price range kicks off at 1745, 000 Rands for the normal e tron SUV for the sportback version. The price starts at 2, 115, 000 Rands, with both variants coming with the same power and Quattro all wheel, drive system, the one we have on test has a plethora of optional extras that its faded, with which brings the total price to 2 ‘9 197 Rands. It is quite expensive at that price point and in all honesty you can do away with some of the optional extras for more power. You can get the Audi etron s, sportback Quattro for 2, 425. 000 Rands. If that doesnt appeal to you, BMW has an alternative with the BMW IX, I think after you see the IX, the e tron will definitely be the more appealing Choice. The cost of ownership is also important when it comes to owning an electric vehicle, especially the electric bill. So it is important to consider that before purchasing this car, if you want to upgrade through this car, there is quite a number of factors to consider, including load, shedding the range and The Limited number of charging stations.

The big question Still Remains is the future of electric cars in South Africa viable and promising. Only time will tell, and we have come to the end of the video. Thank you so much guys for watching this video stay tuned for the next one. Please like and leave in a comment for this video for more car content. Kindly subscribe to our Channel links for our social media pages are in the link description below.