You can buy today, Im Max atavani and welcome to driven Plus now you probably already know mg and our Chinese owned car manufacturer gone are the days of being a British standard. Go to but theyre slowly, making their way back into the UK market and theyve poured out an absolute bargain here now lets talk about the price, because this is the best selling point about the mg4. These start from 26 995, and this is what the world needs. An affordable electric car because it still is a premium with electric cars over ice cars. This is the entry level mg, so its the SE spec. You have a 51 kilowatt hour battery with about 218 miles of range. Now, for an extra two and a half Grand you can upgrade to the 64 kilowatt hour battery, and that gives you 280 miles of range, I think for the two and a half Grand I think its definitely worth it. Electric cars are getting quicker at charging these days, which was always the bug bear when it came to charge and they always took too long, but the infrastructure is getting there, so its definitely going in the right direction so charging time. If youre going to charge the car with a CCS connection, which is a combined charging system, so you charge the car using both ports there. You can charge the car from 10 to 80 in just under 40 minutes now, if youve got a home charger which is using one of these, if you plug it in this, will then take nine hours of charge from empty to full.

But if you havent got one of these – and this is potentially your first electric car, then the plug at home isnt, going to work because thats going to take 26 hours to charge so definitely invest in a home charger. Lets move on to the design and lets start off with the front. It looks alright doesnt, it lets be honest, got nice sporty headlights, there LEDs nice, carbon fiber, trim down here its all fake, but it looks good trims here and on the trophy model, which is top of the range you get an LED strip like here, which also Looks really good nice little bulge in the bonnet, I wont be too bothered if I drove on this with a front end like that. Moving on to the side profile, theres a lot of sharp lines going on again nice, big side, Sill trim here with again the carbon fiber stuff, Five Doors – you can only get them in five dollars, no three door option and you get a 17 inch alloy wheels. As standard so moving on to the rear of the mg4, it might just be me, but a first glance you kind of have to look twice because it looks like some Toyota doesnt. It might just be me anyway. You get a nice small red brake light on the top there. Now onto the the LED rear lights there youve got like a crisscross light. Thingy, I dont even know if they light up of its design, looks pretty cool nice little badge there.

Seven year warranty on these mg4 electric badge and a nice cool plastic trim. Thingy here and red reflector light. Yeah looks okay, doesnt it so heres the test before we go in and have a look at the boot space. Will the boot open on the key ish? Then you have to manually: do it? What can you expect for 26 Grand now looking into the boot, its a decent sized space 363 liters to be exact, which is smaller than the VW ID or golf, if youre going to compare it to them too? Now, if you bring the two seats back, which you have to do from the middle, this storage then extends to 1177 liters. So, moving on to the moment lets see if it gives you any storage because theres electric car no and one thing to kind of go back 15 20 years. Its got one of these instead of struts, but its got all the heating system battery and all the washing fluid stuff, but dont expect to have any extra storage and the mg4 in the Bonnet now option lectures on this car. Its got the silver paint, which is about a 500 quid option. Now, as you can see, this has got the tints. You see its funny because only the trophy version of the mg4 comes with the tensor standard, but this is the SE. So why has it got tint well thats, because the first 600 models of the mg4 come with tint.

It was a mistake by mg, which is funny, and another funny thing is the owner of the car had to take it back for a recall last week, because there was a software malfunction where there was a potential of the car, locking the driver inside and looks Like mg has a few things to sort out – and you know what sitting in the rear of the car is actually really comfortable, Im actually sinking into the seats really nice leg. Space is all right, headspace thing: if youre a bit taller than me, you might struggle as it does. The roof does slope down a bit towards the end longer fingers the windows go all the way down, which is good, yeah USB socket there isofix here as well. What more can you want right? So moving on to the interior, get a nice flat bottom steering wheel here, feels good nice and sporty um, the Plastics and the Leathers use its, not bad. I mean cheap leather here, hard plastics here, but whatd. You expect for 26 Grand two cup holders down the bottom, with storage bin and a netting thing there. You get the mg4 EV embroidered onto the the carpets, which is all good Apple, carplay and Android, auto as standard, which is also good, but one thing which Ill just you know maneuvering it around here: theres no reversing camera, but that does come standard on the trophy Model so on to the tech, so youve got seven inch.

Drivers display really good and simple, and you also get a 10 inch infotainment system here which its a bit knacky to use its its like a fireball system. You click something takes three seconds to load um, to put it in different driver modes. You have to go in different settings, its yeah Im, not not a big fan of this to be honest and I dont even know how to turn the radio on off and youve got. You got a button for obviously the volume down and volume up, but theres. No like generic off button, so whilst Im in the mg4 lets get on the road now this road here on a bit of a bumpy road first thing is all nice and quiet and its soaking up the bumps really well. It is all weird all this electric stuff, everythings quiet its new for me – Im quite a fun to be honest because its its just so quiet, theres, no noise of an engine work and its just going just pure silence, now bear in mind. This is the standard mg4 you get 168 horsepower and 184 foot pounds of torque, which aint bad, no its a 16 seven and a half seconds and Ill top out at 99 miles an hour. What more do you want? You know for something youre just going to go drive to the shops in or drive to work and thats. What its all you need, and another good thing is its rear wheel, drive which we all like not for any reason, youre going to be drifting in one of these, but I quite like that.

But you know what its genuinely fun to drive its responsive, really comfortable same position is good. Armrest is in a good position and one probably prefer that one there but Ill tell you what lets uh lets put it in sport, because weve got a bit of a straight road here: driving, not snow sport mode. Take a right turn here see how different yeah, not bad, picks up well: Music, its genuinely fun to drive. You know its responsive, really talky doesnt lack any power and heres the good bit theyre, going to bring a 440 horsepower model out now thats going to be interesting, but around town you know in a belt of areas its perfect. You can even hear the birds tweeting. So I put the car into eco mode now and theres a lot more regenerative, braking which I can tell immediately A lot of people looking at the cars if theyve never seen one before and as Im looking into the mirror. Its got very poor visibility. Now, with electric cars, obviously you do miss that noise, that natural noise coming from the front and thats the engine and that kind of blocks out any road noise where with electric car youve got none of that. So you do get a lot of road noise coming through to the cabin, but on this one there is quite a bit more than usual Im. Quite a fan of this regenerative. Braking because when youre coming to a junction or a car in front of slowing down to you, you just have to let off the throttle, and it just naturally slows down its just ease for driving.

I actually do quite like that. That element look at the end of the day, its a 261 car it doesnt have the luxuries of potentially, maybe a VW. You have to compromise for a few luxuries, such as it hasnt got heated seats, but its just a car. It does its job very well by just being a car as in or go to work Ill. Take the kids to school and the range is good and its comfortable. If you want all those luxuries go, buy a Tesla go, buy, BMW go buy VW, whatever Audi, but this job. This does its job perfectly. So before I go, what are my thoughts on the new mg4? Well, its not trying to be anything spectacular, it is what it is and thats just a car with an electric motor and it does that job absolutely brilliantly. You know its cheap, affordable and it just gets you a to B in just an ordinary fashion, which is sometimes what you want and, if youre thinking of changing to an EV for the first time. Hence why its so affordable start here, because this car ticks all the boxes anyway, thank you for watching today like And subscribe if you uh, if you enjoy our content and the series is very very close, so hang with us its a very special one. Thank you.