That is Carnival top list. Todays video is going to be about the 2024 Acura NSX. So lets begin. The Acura ns6 is a high performance version of the mid engine. Sports car, with the 27 additional horsepower and an optional carbon ceramic brakes that serves as a final act for the second generation NSX. The 2022 types will be the only NSX that offer next year, with just 300 units available in the United States before the production ends. But now an interview with an Acura vice president and the bond official John ekada in the drive has revealed that the NSX will be a future beyond the 2022 and the iconic nameplate will likely return on an electric vehicle. The Acura already hinted that the sports car could get a successor in the press release for the typist that states that the company was already exploring what the next generation of the sports car should be in the coming electrified era. But the recent comments from provides more clarity on the future of the NSX. Speaking with the drive the mandatory car week, aikida explained, if you notice, we make an NSX when there is something we want to see. The first generation was gas. Second, was a hybrid theres gon na be another one. When asked whether a third generation NSX would be an electrified sports car, the Ikeda smile and refused to comment the car markets General Trend towards the battery electric power range. It would make sense that the next NSX would issue a gas engine for the battery pack and an electric motors, the I could Havel did not reveal any sort of the timeline for the NSX successor, but we would expect it to be at least a few years Away Acura bed available to the LSX in the April, with the unwiling of 1 million sixty nine thousand five hundred dollars, typist epilogue limited to just 350 cars.

However, mere days after the worlds premium, the vice president and the brand officer John Ikeda hinted the performance. Machinery will be returned at some point in the future as an electric model. The fast forward to this week, this theme person retired to the plan for the third generation NSX. In an interview with the weekly news magazine, when asked about the Prospectors and new flagship sports car, interestingly, the citys people familiar with the acuras agenda, saying and all electric NSX would come or arrive as early as 2026, when the parent company will introduce its dedicated Honda E architecture, however, nothing is official at this point, so take the piece as an unconfirmed information with the proverbal pinch of salt. Meanwhile, the Enthusiast with the sports soft spot for the gas engine can buy the new Civic Type R or weight for the itegra types that can seemingly Sprite for the first time in the last week. Of course, the future of the electric, be it with the batteries or the hydrogen fuel gas, as Honda has pledged to drop the IC altogether by the 2040.. The two Japanese girls that have bigger fish to fry as Honda is preparing the 2024 prologue and Acura Z deck 6.. Thank you for listening us do like and share my channel.