. I get it so much so that I already did a video about the ones that will take you the furthest right here.. So today, Im bringing you our list of the worst EV ranges that weve tested and stand by. Thats right, we dont just take automakers at their EPA estimated word.. We test for ourselves. And speaking of EPA. Estimates thanks to over the air updates. Car companies are constantly tweaking their powertrains to get the best results.. These numbers are current. As of this recording. Before I do that, if you want to catch more of our videos, you know what to do hit that Like and Subscribe button right, now. OK., So full disclosure. I dont, want to come into hot here.. So, Im going to start this list off easy with an EV range thats, not great, but still doable., Its the Volvo C40 Recharge, an EV that may leave you safe, but also possibly sorry. Its small but packs a lot between its fenders, including an operating system powered By Google and more than 400 horsepower., We got 252 miles to the charge, which at least beats the EPAs. 226 mile estimate could be worse. At the number nine spot. That, for us, is the Porsche Taycan 4S Cross Turismo.. The Taycan represents Porsches official entrance into EVs. And it doesnt disappoint in so many ways. Weve loved its sparkling performance, tech, comfort and effortless ability., But the range its aight. We were able to get 250 miles out of it, which isnt bad far more than the EPAs Estimate actually.

Just not knocking our socks off. You know what I mean. Moving on number eight on our list of EVs with the worst range weve got the Audi e tron.. When it first came out, we were wooed by it. OPERATIC SINGING, But over time its lost. Some of its luster., Its still a right size machine that feels like a two row version of the Audi Q7. And the electric powertrain only adds to the experience with a smooth, effortless oomph. At 248 miles its, not terrible.. And yet again we got more than the EPA estimate by about 20 miles., But when youre paying around 70000 for it, you might want your money to go a bit further. Literally Some good news, though Audi knows this is an issue. And for 2024 theyre updating the model with an eye towards more range., Its even getting a new name. The Q8 e tron. Look at that. Next on our list at number: seven, the Mercedes Benz EQB 350.. Now I understand. Building a new electric vehicle from the ground up is no easy feat.. This SUV shares a lot in common with the GLB. But Mercedes yanked out the models, traditional internal combustion engine and replaced it with front and rear electric motors and a 70 kilowatt hour battery.. All that said this is no lightweight.. The range Well its decent at 242 miles out beating the EPA estimate by 15.. Next on our list, its the Volvo XC40 Recharge.

, Its Volvos first stab at an electric SUV., So basically its like. If you want to go electric and not shout out to the world that youre doing it, then yeah go with the XC40., Its a good way to go.. But if you want to go long distance, we were only able to squeeze 240 miles out of it.. The EPA 223. So were trying to get you as much as we can here. But like they say, sometimes your best just aint good enough. Halfway through our list, and you might be surprised as to what vehicle holds that number one spot for worst EV range.. Another Audi has found its way on our list: the Audi e tron Sportback.. So before I dump my Debbie Downer rant on you about it. First, heres, what we like. It has smooth and decisive acceleration with well executed, driver assist systems and a healthy list of standard safety and luxury features.. Its range 238 miles., The EPA Not even close., And given the fact that the best range for an EV is more than 500 miles. Yeah this one is a bit like lacklust. Were really inching our way towards the one who holds the top spot for the worst EV range. Coming in at number four, its the Nissan Leaf.. Now look. The Nissan Leaf has come a long way since its 2011 model, which was the first mass market electric vehicle to come to America.. We like its quick, smooth acceleration driver assistance, features and quiet driving experience.

, But, along with its limited storage space for small items today, its range has been beaten out by nearly every other EV.. We managed to squeeze out 237 miles on the last one. We tested. Now keep in mind, though thats with the big battery plus model. Thing is theres an even shorter range Leaf, the standard S thats less powerful and has a smaller battery.. Its got an EPA rating of only 149 miles., But we havent tested that one ourselves. So this plus model stays at number four. At the number three spot, its a brand thats known for being reliable, though sometimes late to the party., I like to call it fashionably late, the Toyota bZ4X Limited front wheel drive.. It took Toyota a long time to produce a mass market electric vehicle.. The question is: was the bZ4X worth the wait? Spoiler alert, not so much.. The bZ4X is comfortable and packs in lots of features., But its exterior and interior design and lackluster range totally sink it.. Its Edmunds tested range sits at 227 miles. Thats less than the trims already disappointing EPA estimate of 242 miles., A lower spec XLE carries at least 10 more than that. Thats still disappointing. At number. Two weve got the Mini Cooper. Se.. Look. You buy a Mini Coop because its functional great for day to day errands and lets be honest. It looks like that groovy Austin Powers, vibe, is going on., Yeah baby. Yeah., VIDEO PLAYBACK, Yeah baby.

Yeah END PLAYBACK, LAUREN MCCAY. When you look at it that way, 150 miles from our tested range might be good enough for you.. But when you compare it to say the Chevy Bolt EUV Premier with 247 miles on it yeah., I think the grass is a bit greener. And finally, we made it to our number one worst EV range., What a journey its been, not one. This EV could take. CHUCKLES Shade. If you know this brand and how good their vehicles tend to drive, you might be a bit caught off guard that its the worst.. I mean its just rotten., Its just bottom of the barrel., Its just bad SPEAKER, 1 Lauren, LAUREN MCCAY. Oh my bad.. I got kind of went down the rabbit hole with that one. OK. Ive, stalled and frustrated you long enough.. Our number one worst EV range goes to the Mazda MX 30., Its smooth eco, conscious interior and interesting exterior design packed with a nice modern look, couldnt save it from being our worst of the worst, with only 114 miles we tested on our loop. At least thats, Better than the EPA. Well there it is the honest truth. And yes, you can handle the truth.. Does this mean you shouldnt buy any of these on our list? No, not at all. Knock yourself. Out. Just make sure youre close enough to home when you do so. I dont have to say I told you so. All right, thats, all the cynicism I have in me for one video.

Ill, see you next time.