This seems to be a trigger word for some EV driver. So this is you please dont watch this video. Joking aside, I can see that some EV drivers get marked up and when they hear about hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles, kind of reminds me of the way that combustion engine drivers are are sometimes versus battery electric vehicle owners or drivers or technology. So I just think we need to be conscious of that as to how were having this conversation first off Im well aware of the need for green hydrogen. What I mean by that is hydrogen made with excess renewable energy when the green grid doesnt need it Im. Also aware, there are other ways that we could store this excess renewable energy. It could be Hydro pumped, it could be the likes of batteries, it could be a flywheel storage, so green hydrogen production is one of the options and potential Solutions available. The other colors available are turquoise hydrogen gray, hydrogen blue hydrogen, etc, etc, even pink hydrogen, which is made from nuclear power. So um Im interested in finding out more about this, and this is my first journey into the hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles. Im also aware that there are no refueling stations here in Argent in Ireland for hydrogen. At the moment there are plans, but whether they go ahead or not um in the UK they seem to be closing some down in Germany and other countries. They seem to be closing down certain types of hydrogen fuel cell refueling stations or hydrogen refueling stations, and also how many models are available to um make this commercially viable or does it all have to be subsidized? I know that Hyundai have the nexo.

I know that Toyota have the Mirai um, whether BMW put this ix5 into production, its only a pilot. At the moment, I dont have a price on the actual cost of this if it was to retail. So hopefully you enjoy my video around the BMW hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle, the ix5 make sure you jump into the comments uh. I may even host a Power Hour on my channel this week, if youre watching this on the week beginning of March of 2023 but otherwise enjoy the video here we are just outside and, as you can see, it is a hydrogen BMW, ix5 stylistically very similar to The Standard, BMW IX, Im – sorry the X5, but what you will see is youll see some blue highlights around the front, well see blue things, blue and the headlights. I really like these alloy wheels 22 inch with again Aero and efficiency being important to this. What pretty much everything else is the same um alloy wheels as we talked about and then around the rear, utilizing the same. Bmw. X5. You have this beautiful, anodized blue on the back. What were going to do now is the styling is not really the main point of this car. It is the drivetrain, the hydrogen fuel, tanks Etc, and how thats all set up. So what were going to do is transport ourselves to the port of antorp and look at the inside of the actual BMW, ix5 hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle, Music, foreign Music.

So externally the BMW, ix5 hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle – I dont, think its going to have that badge on the back is very similar, aesthetically to the regular ix5 or sorry, the regular X5, but internally thats. What the difference is and thats what weve come inside to have a look at this full proper scale modeling outside of this chassis. I think it looks a lot bigger, but this is you can see these perspex wheels as to where the wheels and the axle will be on the BMW ix5 at the front, weve got our fuel cell stack and internally. Those fuel cells have that collaboration between Toyota and BMW that collaboration has been going on since about 2013, so its 10 years on and theyre working together on this technology. Everything outside of those fuel cells within the stack and the converter, Etc are all done in house. At BMW, so what we have here is the combination of the hydrogen and as youre driving through the oxygen converting that into electricity moving it down. Then we can have a look to see where we have that hydrogen set up in this T section weve got a 4kj sitting, 4kg cylinder, it is carbon fiber, reforced, plastic, theyve, crashed us theyve tested us very secure. There is a release, release valves as well. If it is involved in an accident where there might be fire, this is a 4kg. This is a 2kg. The Filling stank is here.

It is 700 bar pressure takes about for every kg. It takes about a minute so youre filling it between four and five minutes range youre. Looking at about a 500 kilometer range cost weve seen different prices. Today we did a filling station tour and that was at 17.99 kg per 17.99 euro per kg, but we believe thats blue hydrogen, green hydrogen were hearing in Belgium is 10 kg at the moment. So youre looking for a range of about 500 kilometers for about 50 euros, probably similar to petrol and Diesel, depending on what country youre in then moving back along power. Wise weve got 125 kilowatts worth of power in the fuel cell stack and then we have 175 170, giving a total of 295 kilowatts worth of power. You have your e motor E Machine in underneath and thats the same one from the BMW IX. You have a two kilowatt hour battery that helps you with acceleration Peak power whenever you need that extra power. So the combination of all this comes together and the reason that I came here to film. It is because of that electric vehicle side of things – and this is that fuel cell electric vehicle in Ireland we havent – got any fueling stations yet. But a lot of my audiences are from around the world and I think a lot of people are going to be interested in this technology. Whether you want to go longer distances whether you want to fill up faster, whether you want the ability of being able to operate in a colder climate, its not going to affect us heating of the cabin is done as a byproduct of that process.

Of converting that hydrogen into energy and efficiency, others were were hearing around about 60 percent efficient as always Im a proponent of green hydrogen and making sure that were using that as much as possible and today were hearing about the production of hydrogen and that renewable energy Side of things, but thats the technology thats whats in underneath what were going to do now, is take it out for a drive and feel that Driving Experience of the BMW ix5. One of the reasons we were in the port of antarp is right. Beside the Port Authority building is the CMB Tech hydrogen filling station, and this is where they actually fill up the cars but also bolts, buses, lorries, buses and lorries are coming in. At a 350 hour pressure on passenger cars like this one are coming in. At a 700 wire pressure, they have an electrolyzer on site, so theyre actually producing their own hydrogen very self sufficient. Whether thats green hydrogen or not, is another question um but yeah, as I said already Im a proponent of that green hydrogen, so very similar to a fuel station setup uh. The efficiency that we can see here is 1.2 kilograms of hydrogen per 100 kilometers. So with that six kilogram setup that t shape the four and the two kilograms it was um coming in around the 500 kilometer range driving, it um no great shakes here, uh set Mass on Twitter reply to me: spoiler, it drives like an electric car and it Is because it is a fuel cell electric vehicle, so what they have is they have the same regenerative brake and set up as the I4 and The IX.

They even have the hand Zimmer sound when youre driving along very smooth, really nice to drive like all EVs and just interesting to do it in a BMW X5 that theyve converted I wasnt behind another hydrogen ix5 on this trip. But I was speaking to my travel colleague, Geraldine Herbert and she was saying she was buying them and she could see the water coming out of the tailpipes just dripping out. So that is the only emission that comes from the tailpipe of a hydrogen fuel to electric vehicle. Hopefully, youve enjoyed my look around the BMW ix5, as mentioned Im, going to probably do a Power Hour this week. So, if youre interested in continue, this conversation jump into the comments subscribe to the channel, but also remember, if you think an EB is for you leave it to me and Ill review.