Well, certainly slightly different to my normal fear, which is usually more on your smartphones or laptops or peripherals kind of viewpoint. Because what Im reviewing is the thing that Im sitting in its a car? The mg Zs EV, to be precise, and at the time of recording this, this was one of the more affordable EVS now thats, a very, very qualified statement which I will get to shortly now. I do want to lay down a few ground rules before I start Im, not a big car performance person, so you wont see me cooling this thing around a track or telling you exactly how fast it does not 60 or anything like that. This is a more regular car review because Im a much more regular, get from A to B type driver thats when the focus is and the advantage there, I think, is theres more of us than there are of the performance people, nothing against you. If youre a performance style driver, but then I dont know that youd particularly be looking at this car per second okay, I think the primary point of interest for a lot of Australians especially, is in affordable EVs, and this is one of the lower cost EVS out There again, I will get to that shortly now. The thing is, while Im, not a car person in terms of that performance Enthusiast space, I am an EV Enthusiast and Im someone who owns a couple already and my frames of reference for this are basically the two EVS that I drive on a regular basis.

So, most of the time you will find me getting around in a 2016 Nissan Leaf, thats an import Fair bit cheaper than this car, but with some other considerations in play, of course, as an import vehicle, uh or a Tesla Model, three Fair bit more expensive again. So my comparisons very much are going to sit in those spaces, but then those are decisions that Australians could also make in this kind of space. So the zsav is your classic kind of mini SUV. Shape got to be honest here. It is not my actual favorite shape for a vehicle, but I do understand. Theyre super popular lots of people really really rather like them, bigger in the back of course, than at the front one little Oddity to know here is the way you open the boot its actually by pushing in the NG logo here and pulling up rather than by Any kind of lower button or sensor or anything like that – I mean it works. It just took me a little bit of time to work out: hey thats, how it works, but otherwise Pleasant enough car. This is the blue model. Of course, blue will cost you extra. I believe the white or the black models are the ones that are the standard paint in the mg World, um Its a larger ride, its a little bit higher. Up than again, I particularly prefer, but again tastes can totally vary its certainly a reasonable sort of looking vehicle.

I think so what about the internals well look. Most of it is fine, its not exactly premium, but its certainly got its own degree of snares. I do rather like the fact that it does actually have an in dash display, as distinct from as I mentioned, the Tesla Model 3 that I sometimes Drive where its all off to the side. I wish the model 3 had that, but you do get basic Speedo and power usage here, some in dash buttons, which I do like as well, because for a lot of these newer, EVS theyre opting more for a lot more touch, screen control, which is not great When youre actually driving and should be paying attention to the road, the main display over here again entirely serviceable, nothing thats terribly difficult to work out or sort out now the zsev does support, as it says, just here – Apple carplay and Android – auto, although only in a Cabled configuration you will have to bring your own cable, which you plug in down here, to plug your own phone in, underneath that display theres, also a little range of toggles for toggling, the temperature, the fan, speed, uh things like the volume and then below that you Have a series of switches for the driving mode, what they call Curves, which is to do with their regenerative braking mode and Battery. So the car itself has three different Drive modes: youve got normal youve got sport, youve got Eco.

Sport is a bit punchier a bit. Bouncier not to my taste, but obviously some people will like it. The one thing that slightly irks me here is: I genuinely want to drive in eco mode all the time so like that, but car will default back to normal every single time. You stop it again. Miner niggle, but one that does stick with me in terms of in car storage. Youve got you know, standard kind of glove box, just a regular latch, a little bit plasticky same with down. Here we have a little kind of plasticky cover for your drink holders or mask holders Im using it there and then a slightly larger compartment. Just behind this is all fairly standard and look its not super premium, but its perfectly nice. I I like the trim and finish and its fine and I feel fairly appropriate for the cost of the vehicle. The back seat is well, I mean its a back seat. Um I can fit in here, but its not great. If youre a much much taller person lets have a look at what that looks like now, admittedly I do have the passenger seat back a little bit. This would be totally workable for most drives. The seats are a little hard to my feel in the back. If not faced with a whole lot, apart from my knees standard little carrying space, just there uh two simple usb chargers and air vents there thats about your lot, really youd get three people in here, but theyd have to be fairly comfy and snug within each other.

I think so what about price? I did mention that this was one of the lower cost EVS in Australia, although that shouldnt be confused with being cheap. This is not an inexpensive car, because no EV in Australia is as yet word of advice by the way, if youre an international viewer, the EV Market in Australia is not that mature. We just dont have that many low cost choices so, while youre free to plan to point out hey this car exists or that car exists not necessarily for sale in Australia just yet, but this one is now, the price does vary a little bit by state thats. Presumably, just state taxes and levies at Play Ill put the price up here, for example, in New South Wales, for the official kind of retail price for these vehicles now bear in mind that theres a whole bunch of rebates that you can get against these kinds of Vehicles as Im recording this, so you can probably score one of these in most parts of Australia for somewhere around 45 to 46, 000 thats, still a fair amount to pay for a car, of course, but its well below that of you kind of Premium models. Like my aforementioned previous model, three a fair bit more though than an import older EV like the Nissan Leaf, but this is still one of the lower cost models out there I mean the basic competition. Its got right now, as I speak, is byds ATO 3.

Although Cooper is also coming into Market fairly hot, fairly, soon hoping to check one of those out, but not an inexpensive car by any stretch of the imagination and what I really wanted to tackle with this review, because Im aware theres a ton of other reviews, you Could be watching a lot other content on this car or another EVS? What I really wanted to tackle were those kind of common questions that I get hit with EVs and what they can do and what they cant do. So, for example, can I go and get my shopping into the back of this car yep sure can quite easily too theres plenty of space in here. Okay, I think we need something a little bit more challenging. Could I get flat pack furniture from a major Swedish brand into the back of this car? Yes, thats, durable within reason, I will say I did have to slide the passenger seat forward a bit to get this to fully fit, and I could get the same piece of furniture actually into my seemingly smaller Leaf, but still yeah itll work. The boot will close. I could drive away a happy man with my flat pack, furniture and obviously youve got to tackle the other important questions like. Can it go through the drive through? Are they major fast food, restaurant, yeah yeah? You can do that. So all you know regular everyday driving stuff entirely doable in an Eevee, just in case youre curious.

Of course you could ask a slightly less serious questions like will it explode in a shower of Sparks? If it happens to get wet, I mean it is electric to which the answer is well. Look so far, so good, no thats, a silly question really uh. These are actually remarkably safe vehicles in that sense. Okay. What about charging, though, because this is a big one – and lots of people have concerns over this, so can you charge it from a public charging port, for example? Well, yes, in theory, no in practice, a quick explainer here, one side of this charger I could have used if Id had a type 2 to type 2 cable, but theyre not standard with the car, very good idea to buy one. But as I was only a liner car, I didnt have one of those. The other side was out of order. Every other charger was busy, so while in theory I might have been able to charge in practice, I couldnt Sydneys not so great about this, but again it is sort of getting better, but of course it relies on them actually being in working order. Oh yeah that didnt work out quite so well, although thats not the fault of the mg thats, the charger and thats a different problem, really that affects an awful lot of EVS in Australia right now, its getting better, it is getting better. More work needs to be done, but what about charging at home? Can I do that Music? You also get this more detailed battery charging screen.

Now, if I want to be hyper critical, some of the language translations are slightly kind of clunky grammar, which I dont personally love that much this isnt exactly a critical problem, though you still totally understand what its talking about, what its doing and how it is going. Uh, this is, of course, off a slower charge, it does say slow charging, although its off a Tesla, gen 3 wall charger. So were I charging from the supplied cable they use, which just goes into an ordinary power socket. It would be considerably slower than this thats. A choice, of course, and a brief pause here, of course, if you have any hang on youre charging of a Tesla charger arent they for Teslas, only not quite so, just in case you werent aware, if youre talking about a Tesla home charger, especially the Gen 3, You can configure those through software talk to most other EVS that can take that plug type for the destination charges you might find at hotels and so on. Some of them will work. Some of them all wont. Plug share can be quite good at working out whether or not theyve actually been configured the right way. In some cases you might find that the hotel proprietor knows what theyre talking about and will happily open it up, in others, its just been installed and the staff dont really know. So it pays to do your research basically, but you can cross charge thats, not the case for most of the Tesla superchargers in Australia.

At the moment, although, as Im recording this, they have opened up, I think its half a dozen of them in Regional areas in certain places like in Bathurst and dubbo, for example, where other vehicles can use them at a slightly higher charge cost but thats a different Kind of charging setup so in terms of the actual drive you do get that nice, immediate EV Power, its quite springy, its quite Nimble for a vehicle of this size, especially in sport mode. If you like that kind of thing in this Essence model in the higher spec model, you also get a wireless charger in the spot, where you meant to put the phone, although larger phones might struggle to be in there and youve got to be happy for them To be sideways, I should probably also talk about range, so at full spec full charge. This reckons itll do about 320 kilometers now, thats. Obviously, a variable figure because temperature distance speed elevation. All of those things play into your range, no matter what kind of car youre in and Ive got to be honest here, while Ive had this car for a week, I have not quite had the time to do a full lets exhaust the battery multi day trip. It just hasnt been feasible on my schedule. Sorry about that. I have done some mid range drives, though, so, for example, heading from Sydney to the central coast and back again round trip journey of about 120 kilometers used about 35 of the battery and doing a bit of back of envelope Mass there.

That suggests that you should be able to get nearly up to around 300 kilometers of range thats within Striking Distance, certainly of what this claims which isnt bad, you also get regenerative, braking A system that mg calls purrs and its got three separate levels of severity. My one complaint here is that the top spec level is achingly close to full one pedal braking. So in the model 3, for example, I get one pedal breaking and I really rather like it. So I can just lift my foot off the accelerator and it will come to a complete stop. I can trust it, it works and I get full regenerative, braking it as much power back into the batteries it can handle. This comes like 90 of the way, but if you left it, you would bump into the vehicle in front of you and it almost feels like its teasing me. I wish it just did a little bit more to be fair. The leaf doesnt have this at all its got some regenerative braking modes, but it wont slow down anywhere near as much as this will. I just wish this did a little more, so you do get cruise control and it totally does work. I mean Cruise controls, not a new technology, because my one niggle here is that the cruise control is controlled by a secondary stalk. On the left hand side, I wish it wasnt there its a little bit too easy to kind of confuse when youre trying to indicate versus when youre actually trying to initiate cruise control or make a change to the speed.

Or what have you might an eagle. But then you know these things do add up so one of my other complaints and its not a big complaint to be fair, but one of my other complaints is with the in car GPS. Now it totally works. You can do all the things youd expect to do with GPS and of course, you can use Google Maps or Apple Maps if youve got a connected phone um, but if youre using the entire GPS, whether or not youve got a route picked out, it has this Habit of giving off this annoying and slightly alarming chime that, as far as I can see, you cant turn off and so youll be driving along thinking right. Well, you know the world is going along. Just fine Im following the route, Ive prescribed or Im just driving around a familiar kind of and there we go itll, give you that little chime. Now you might think. Well what does that chime mean? Am I tires going flat? Am I running out of power? Did I go too close to another car? No, it doesnt mean any of those things at all. All it means is that youve changed suburbs as far as its concerned, its just announcing hey youre in now in a new suburb, and I dont see the point – and I really dont see the point because its not all that accurate, either Ive had it announced that Im in the same suburb, more than once, while in that suburb, I wish there was a way to switch it off.

Ive not been able to find one. If you do know how to do that, you do know how to silence it without silencing the rest of the car. Please let me know in the comments below because I genuinely like to know so, would I buy an mg zsev me personally? No, I wouldnt. I dont actually have a need for this particular car at this time and, moreover, as Ive already said, Im not as big a fan of that smaller SUV concept, as so many people are, but I recognize that Im an outlet there. A lot of people really do like this sort of thing really do appreciate that size and shape, and they feel that its got all sorts of advantages to them and if youre in that camp, then this is well worth your consideration because running an EV is better For the planet, its cheaper to run, there are rebates. You can get, I think its a pretty decent deal now. We could all wish that they were considerably cheaper, EVS available on the market and hopefully over time that will come, but as it stands right now yeah. This is a pretty good buy if you like that small SUV shape outside of that. If this was a little hatch, Id probably be a lot more personally keen on it anyway, thats my take on the mgzsev as youre viewing this. I dont have the car anymore, but Im happy to take questions comments.