Today we are in an electric vehicle and uh. I know that might be confusing for most people who watch this channel, because petrol definitely does run through my veins. But Kiev rang me up. They gave me this ev6 GT line and, of course, being a professional Automotive journalist, Im gon na get in this thing and Im going to give you a non biased review. So, although I might not be an EV guy, we are going to talk about this thing. Im going to tell you, the pro is going to tell you the negatives and uh yeah just day to day driving, though its been pretty good. Now I have had this ev6 GT line for just over one week here and look Ive had to charge. It thats been a bit of an issue online reviews right wa set up too slow, this crazy man. This is what you call Cloud World Jonathan Ross had to try four locations to find a charger that worked. I got them in an apartment building. I dont have access to a home charger uh, you know, but in general just driving around it drives quite comfortably uh. You know Kia, obviously theyve been around theyve really started to up their game in terms of manufacturing. Recently, theyre, starting to you, know almost Bridge uh, a luxury vehicle on the the higher end trim levels of their cars. So this thing has actually treated me quite well in terms of driving this thing daily, uh its comfortable, its quiet on the road.

Its got a huge amount of features in here, which we will cover now lets just cover the price of these things, because, obviously, new tech, electric vehicle batteries, these things are generally quite expensive and Rivals for this car you know were talking the Tesla Model, 3 weve Got the pole star 2, even the Hyundai ionic 5, which I have reviewed as well. So if you want to see that video Ill leave a link for it and click, the pop up Banner right here so lets just talk before on road cost of this GT line, because this thing is going to run you about 87 Grand before on road. So my it is pricey, and this is the second level basically of uh – you know top tierness, so you can go to the GT which is above this car, which you know. Obviously you get a more powerful electric motor package uh it does. You know zero to 100 much quicker thats kind of more of the Tesla Model, 3 Performance variant, and that is going to set you back about 100 Grand before on road. So it is a lot of money, and I just I find it funny these manufacturers. You know they keep bringing out these fast EVS or these very luxurious EVs, and it to me it kind of defeats. The purpose, because really all you want is basically you know a Honda, Civic or a Toyota Corolla with an EV battery in it.

You know thats just make it as cheap as base bone thats pretty much. What most people would want from one of these things, I believe now, no Greta, funberg sleepy Joe Biden and every far left blue haired extremist well be telling you look. This is the future. This is like saving the trees were saving the Antarctic. You know yada yada. Well, my Cobalt mining lithium mining, all the transportation costs to like you know, get these things made exported transported to carbon neutral their footprint of building one of these things uh, I believe, from an MIT study. I saw its talking about like 120 150 000 kilometers. You need to drive this thing for before youve actually balanced it out and gone to like a positive, and you know, thats, comparing it to petrol, leave a comment guys. I I. What do you think, because at the moment were burning coal to get power here in Australia were burning coal? We are burning coal to produce power to charge this thing to say we are a Greener people clown world and again guys. You know a lot of you guys who follow me. You know Im a petrol head, but at the same time, Im open for Change and as soon as I can see the data and as soon as I can see the infrastructure here and you know Im for it – you know what I mean like. If you can make this thing cheap, you can make it drive forever, make it cheap for me to fill up Ill, be uh.

You know Ill be a lot more satisfied, but just at the current times we are here in Australia, its just uh it just doesnt seem feasible right now. Now lets just talk numbers here for a minute, because obviously two electric motors here were talking about 2′ kilowatts. Combined and about 605 newton meters, so again you know electric cars, they just have that instant torque and this thing does really Boogie off the line. Even in eco mode. You know: weve got an Eco normal in sport uh. You know it is quite rapid and I will actually mention in sport mode. I would be concerned to give this to a novice driver, or you know someone whos not really comfortable or used to an EV, because in sport mode, if you put your pedal down, this thing will take off like a bat out of hell and like seriously fast. It will, I will not be surprised if we start seeing a lot more crashes uh. You know with these electric cars, because if novice drivers are getting in these things, oh I want to put it in sport mode may. They will be basically through the windscreen uh. As soon as they hit anything uh yeah, its its kind of dangerous foreign, one of the big benefits of an electric car here is your servicing. Costs are much lower than your traditional internal combustion engine, so Kia on this ev6. They actually do give you a three year: cap service price and a five year cap service price.

So if you go for the three year, one its only going to cost you 520 dollars type thing and its about a thousand dollars for five years so thats all you need to pay for maintenance for five years, so a thousand bucks that is cheap. You do also get a seven year, unlimited K warranty, but there is a little bit of a gray Zone with these electric cars so Kia with an internal combustion engine. To give you a seven year, unlimited K, warranty, thats, pretty good one of the best in Industries Id actually say, but when you actually look again for the electric car warranty, there is a little clause in there that does say high voltage parts is only warrantied up To 150 000 Ks, so seven years or 150 000 Ks its yeah its borderline, because uh basically MIT research has suggested that about you know around that 90 000 miles 150. 000 Ks type thing is when the batteries are starting to need replacement and uh yeah thats. Concerning – and this is kind of the concern again here in Australia – is resale prices of electric vehicles, because again, once the batteries start to get a little bit weaker, you know Replacements on them are so expensive, so people dont want to buy these things really unless theyre New and we dont get the opportunity really here in Australia to lease cars. Like America, Canada, you know other places in the world, you know you can lease a car, give it back in three or five years.

You know, then, maybe the electric car thing kind of makes sense for those people who do that, but if youre actually going to buy this thing, you got to factor in you know when you go to sell this or you know at that hundred fifty thousand k Mark youre gon na have to spend a huge amount again to replace the battery. All of that Savings in terms of petrol and lack of service costs, basically balance out. In my mind, foreign. This just feels like a really well built car and its quiet. You know its got good insulation from the outside. It drives well when youre in eco mode, its quite comfortable just you know easy to use the pedal easy to use that regen. When you let off. You know these things automatically kind of break for you and recharge. A little bit into that battery uh its quite simple, the one thing I think this car lacks in terms of competing with say Tesla is they need to do more with the middle screen here, so the infotainment system look its responsive, its quick, its a sharp image, But I really feel like to compete with Tesla and when youre going to charging stations and waiting for, like you know, 40 to an hour to charge, you want to be able to do something, so I really feel like they need to have included. You know Netflix or you know they need some more apps in here.

Let you watch stuff, you know just play games or something. You know you get bored, you really do. If you dont have a passenger and youre charging, this thing, uh yeah it gets bored real quick now you do have Apple carplay and Android auto on this vehicle, but it is only wired and again Kia. You got to step up. That is unacceptable for a vehicle here that costs 87K before on roads uh. The fact that I need to plug in a wire plug it into my phone to do that. Thats not acceptable, not acceptable at all uh, also with the wireless charge pad here. Look its again its too weak it even with a small case on the back of it. It will not register your phone, so youve got to take your phone out of the case, then put it down, then it will charge its not practical. Uh again, you know Ive been in other cars where it will charge through the case. Obviously it needs a little bit beefier wireless charger here in terms of the Interior. I actually really really like it. I think it looks fantastic uh. You know its got a nice sound system here, its easy, you know, everythings laid out quite nicely. I do like the mood lighting. I absolutely love. You know, whats, on the dash whats on the center console here. Just the seats are very comfortable Im. Glad theyre, not leather, you know, theyre heated, theyre cooled they just look nice.

You know this. This is a very nice futuristic kind of design that isnt over the top and its comfortable still. So I think they nailed the interior its big in here, and this is a good looking vehicle. I feel, like theyve, really nailed the design of this. It looks sleek, it looks nice it drives. Well, I do like the you know, full light bar over the back. Its quite a cool looking design its just its expensive and charging lets talk about it because yesterday I had to charge this car and I thought its going to take. You know 30 minutes to an hour at most. Well, I couldnt have been more wrong because it actually took me probably close to two and a half three hours to get 85 percent charge, because I went to my local ampole, which had a fast charger. The fast charger was not working properly. Then I put in the GPS, give me the next charger available. It took me to the Perth train station. I went to the train station and what do you know its only for scooters that you could charge electric scooters can only charge there so again, GPS boom went to the next location, took us to a Woolworths, and when we got up there, you actually couldnt charge Because you needed a physical card and it was a slow charger. So if we were going to get full charge there, it was going to take about six seven hours so again, GPS.

We finally found like a 70 kilowatt 75 kilowatt charger, so we drove probably a good 15ks wasted, probably 20 25 minutes driving around. Then we got there. We plugged in uh signed up. You know inserted the credit card yada yada plugged in it started working. Thankfully, we were there for an hour and 10 minutes to get 85 percent charge and while we were there about, five Teslas came and went because you know it was full. There was only two spots uh, you know to me. That is just terrible infrastructure, its not ready, and the only way I would recommend this car truthfully is. If you were going to put a fast charger in your house, so you know then six seven hours overnight, you could get a full charge and I think thats, where it could make sense. It was cheaper. I mean I didnt. I thought it would have been even more cheaper. I know there are some places where its free to charge, but for my experience when I got my 85 charge, I gained about 200 ish kilometers of range, and it cost me about 19. So is it really that cheap, I dont think so, and I think that price is really going to go up dramatically. The more people that do buy these things and the scary part for me, is if youre buying. One of these things is just boatloads of boatloads of boatloads. Now of these, electric cars are coming into Australia and, unfortunately, the infrastructure just doesnt seem to be getting put in with the amount thats coming here.

So you know, I guess they really are relying on these buyers to put those faster Chargers in their garage, because if you dont do that, it does really start to get a bit. Challenging and youd have to really plan your days plan when youre charging, when youre feeling you know could get tricky not to mention. If you get there and then the charges are full youve got to wait. You know an hour for one to open, then youve got to wait another hour for it to charge. That could get frustrating now lets just talk about range here, because Kia claims this around that, like 480 520 kilometers of range, depending on how youre driving this thing and honestly, I would have to back that up. You know I think thats pretty reasonable. I think youre going to be averaging about 400ks per your charge uh, because I did about 300 kilometers of range and I still had about a hundred case of range left, showing so its pretty good. You know, I think, thats a good healthy amount of range. You know youre not going to have that much anxiety for your typical driving. You know you could probably drive this thing for most of the week without having to charge it its just when you do need to charge it uh yeah, just unless youve got that home charger again just be prepared to do your research on when the times are To go where to go because that can get frustrating pretty quickly now zero to 100 guys.

This thing is claimed at 5.2 seconds, uh, its pretty quick, so I wouldnt be surprised. If it does it lets pull over and find out. Yes, Man, not bad, not bad. Its definitely got some kick to it. This thing in sport mode Lets see what the song was now guys. Zero to 100 was done exactly in 5.2 seconds, so look Kia coming in clutch, claiming it what it is. Uh got ta respect him for that and again this thing is properly quick uh. You know I would actually I actually thought this was gon na, be a little bit quicker because it really takes off. You know that initial zero to 60ks man it feels fast and uh yeah it just grips with that all wheel drive this thing weighs 2.1 tons lets. Remember: yeah thats fast now, Im going to finish the video off here today, guys to look a huge thanks to Kia Australia for loaning me, the ev6 GT line look positives coming out of this review. It looks a million bucks. I do love the interior. You know the car drives, just as you would want its comfortable. Its easy uh, just the negatives here guys is, the thing is expensive. Charging can be problematic if you dont have a home, fast charger uh, but at the end of the day, guys look its just the infrastructure in another five years. Maybe well be there here in Australia who knows, but currently it is a bit dicey unless youve got that home charger.

So I hope you guys enjoyed this video anyways hope you learned something if you did make sure you hit that like button consider subscribing if youre new here we will see you on that.