This is actually the electrified gv70. I always do a little thing when I get a Genesis on the drive and see how long it takes for someone to walk past and say what is it or is it a Bentley nine minutes in this one which is equal? My record, I believe this one puts out 483 brake horsepower in boost mode more about that later, and its got wltp combined range of 283 miles, its also capable once again in boost mode of an Ulta 62 time of 4.2 seconds. Now one of the standout features when you first look at this car. Is this glorious matte, finish paint? This color is called Melbourne gray, which I far prefer to the um Savile silver. The gv70 comes in just one trim level, starting from 64 and a half thousand pounds. However, the review sample here has got 14 and a half thousand pounds of optional extras on it. Now, when it comes to boot, space weve got 503 liters in this electrified gv70. There is a tiny bit of space under there as well for your granny charger and for one or two other little bits and Bobs weve also got a 12 volt charging socket there, as well as a three pin plug socket, which could come in very handy. Indeed. The only thing with this boot is, it lacks a little bit of depth, which is a bit of a shame, although this being the EV version, youve also got a further 20 liters of boot space in the front now moving into the back here – and I have To save what an absolutely amazing place to sit the drivers seats quite far back at the moment, because the cars got memory seats.

Basically, when the driver gets in the seat, returns back to the memory function, but normally theres a good six inches of leg room here. For me, Im about five nine and a bit very luxuriously appointed throughout youve got these little blinds in the back here, which are very, very nice indeed, Lex contam system in this one. So it sounds amazing, more on that in a sec, youve got independent climate controls down here, seat heating controls. You can adjust these seats to have them sort of reclined or more upright got two USB As down there and a nice big arm rest here when it comes to the middle seat, Shuffle over its actually a good two thirds of a seat. So no problems traveling a long journey there and its not hard, like the seats, are in some middle seats in some cars. Um very low transmission tunnel as well youve also got these nets at the back of the seats to store your bits and Bobs really lovely. In here, the sunroof especially makes it feel extra nice and bright and Airy. That is an option. However, I have to say folks that, as far as car Interiors go, this is right right up there. The level of fit and finish and quality of materials is just superb its way above what youre going to find in any of the current range of German vehicles. It really does feel in a class of its own, almost theres, so many nice little touches got this really interesting.

Trim on the door cards here, double stitching all the way across every material. It feels like its just soft touch and lovely even right down at the bottom here, and the door pockets its a nice soft touch material, which is something you dont get in too many cars. These days really clear climate controls here and you do still have a physical dial to adjust the temperature, which is a wonderful thing. Moving further down, youve got little roller dials for things like the volume and your radio tuning and that kind of stuff. On the entertainment system, really nice Metal finish buttons here: physical buttons for your camera controls theres. This amazing little cubby here, which houses a couple of USB sockets and your wireless charging pad and your phone just slides down into it like that, and then you can close it up. So everythings shut off youre, not tempted to have a look at the phone. You cant see the screen when youre going along and if you do get out and leave your phone in the car well its hidden away. A couple of cup holders here, which are really nice, with sort of rubbery Bottoms in there and a cubby here, moving on to the steering wheel and and its just lovely its so chunky, the leathers such good quality, and it just feels great under the hand. Just the right number of controls here, little knurled metal, finish everythings. Superb, it feels like it could have just come out of Ill say it again, a Bentley its just that good.

The driver information display is very good. Youve also got head up display in this one. As always, weve got those blind spot cameras that were used to in Genesis vehicles and this huge 14.5 inch wide screen infotainment. It is touch screen, but youve also got this rotary dial and for me its better than the BMW. I drive system that everyones in love with seemingly I just think this is a fantastic infotainment system, but this really nice line. That goes all the way around which houses your vents, but its just little touches like that that make this cabin feel so special. This cars got the Comfort Seats and the Napa leather pack. Everything is great. The seats are glorious, wonderful things, any car manufacturer struggling how to make their the interior feel more special should just come and sit in one of these, its just so well designed. I love it now once you get behind the wheel in this Genesis gv70, I have to say that the luxurious interior, all the lovely touchy feely bits really just carry through to that Driving Experience, because its whisper quiet, its ultimately refined its just a lovely thing to Sit and drive honestly, I feel, like I could circumnavigate the globe in this car and not feel tired or jaded in any way its just so comfortable, its just so refined its so quiet. I love it. So what you have to remember with this is that its a very heavy car, the standard gv17 is already quite a heavy car, but now its got lots of batteries in, but that weight feels very well distributed.

You do feel the weight, however, through sort of Fairly tight bends, but it doesnt take away from the enjoyment of the ride or the driving experience, and it still gets plenty of grip even on a Bend at reasonable speed. No issues with traction at all, obviously youve got those dual 180 kilowatt Motors, so youve got that all wheel drive set up and the thing just clings to the road, its a lovely Driving Experience. The steering is very nicely weighted. It really feels, like you, can point the car exactly where you want it and it will do as commanded theres, no wooliness or vagueness to the steering its lovely. The suspensions really well damped, without feeling hard and without feeling booty at all its a great piece of engineering. It really is now a fairly senior designer from Bentley left Bentley and went to work for Genesis, and if the target for this vehicle was to make a baby, Bentley bentega theyve certainly achieved. I havent been lucky enough to drive the Ben tiger yet. But for me this one looks a bit better. The price is significantly better and I cant imagine the Driving Experience being too much different to the bentega. Uh theres just refinement this car absolute refinement. Now, when youve decided that youve had enough of being a Country Gentleman – and you want to be an oink, there is a boost button here, which temporarily, I think its for 10 seconds. Uh boosts the horsepower of the car and it will get you down the road.

Like a scolded dog, in fact, in boost mode, the car will do not 62 in 4.2 seconds and its absolutely exhilarating. In fact, the naught to 30 time I dont know what it is, but its astounding. This thing really gets you down the road nicely and has no problem stopping either thanks to some fairly decent brakes. What also happens, if you put the car into sport mode or use the Boost function, is the seat bolsters actually inflate and tighten up around you? The base of the seat becomes a bit firmer and that really holds you nice and steady when youre driving in an enthusiastic manner. Most of the time time, however, it must be said, I just drive the car in eco mode. Its got all the power you ever need, youre, obviously not depleting the battery as fast as you, otherwise would and um. Why wouldnt you really quite often the luxurious land barge type cars are really nice and happy on the motorway, but not quite so happy around town. I must admit: thats not the case with this one. It seems equally happy sort of around town as it is out on the open road, its just a lovely thing to drive. Now, with the gb70 I havent actually driven the petrol or diesel versions of the car, but Ive driven those engines that are available in the gb70. In pretty much the rest of the Genesis range and I have to say, the petrol engine is brilliant.

Its a four cylinder that feels like a six but its not very frugal and the diesel is a little bit unrefined. It doesnt go with Genesis, I dont think, and I certainly think they should have either had another option of diesel engine or just not done a diesel in the Genesis range because theyre very refined cars, but certainly a six cylinder diesel would have been better than the 2.2 thats in in most of the range, but up until now the only real weak point in the Genesis range has been the fact that they havent had a hybrid available um. They havent had a refined diesel, maybe a six cylinder Diesel, and only that one choice of petrol engine which good as it is, is not very economical. This EV platform just seems to have solved it. If ever there were a car, thats better suited to EV something like this and I think for luxury vehicles in general, the EV powertrain just goes so well with it and for all the keyboard Warriors that are now going to jump angrily at their keyboard. Unless youve driven the Genesis, cars in Petrol in diesel and in EV, please dont leave a comment because you couldnt possibly understand and remember. Ladies and gents, although I like several EVS Im, not an EV fanatic Im, a car fanatic, I know weve already discussed the infotainment system, but while youre actually driving the displays in here are an absolute Joy.

The main driver information display is really good, really clear and, of course, youve got that wonderful, blind spot system which, when you put the indicator on it, actually shows you the blind spot for that side. Uh it comes up and replaces one of your dials weve, seen that in other cars from Hyundai group – and I have to say it works brilliantly. You know it really is a genius bit of design and with the main widescreen infotainment screen its brilliant, because youve got that ability to sort of split the screen and have plenty going on so youre not constantly going through all your menus, everythings there, where you want It one of very few cars as well, where in practice using this car for several days, I havent used Apple carplay and I cant remember the last time that happened. The infotainment systems, so good youve, no real need to so the electrified gb70 Style out about 64 and a half Grand, but the one Im sitting in today is about 78 Grand because its got every conceivable option pack on it and, in all fairness, Id want all Those options on it because lots of them are things that really make this car feel so special. The Napa leather Comfort Seats that gorgeous matte paint. This huge panoramic sunroof, all those little things just take this car from a very good, very capable very nice car to something that really makes you feel special you get out of this car and you feel like youve, achieved in life.

This is a wonderful thing. So what dont I like about the car Id have to really nitpick to find something something that Ive actually found with quite a lot of Genesis Vehicles is that the parcel shelf or the parcel cover, if you like the load, cover whatever you like to call it. These days is um, perhaps a little bit low, and that takes away from some of the boot capacity and the the actual boot floor could be a bit lower and thats. True in the internal combustion engine, cars as it is in this EV Im really clutching its drawers here. Folks to find something that I dont like about this car. Its just so well engineered so well designed, and just such a great thing to drive and to sit in is wonderful. I guess one other minor gripe that I didnt mention before will be the range at 283 miles of range, its not particularly outstanding. You might have expected something around the 350 mile mark for a car of this price point and in the real world, of course, thats, probably going to be more like 230, if youre running the climate control. That really is one of the only downsides. If you can call it that, but I am really being quite picky. Luckily, the rapid charging on this is insane. If you plug it into a 350 watt charger, you can actually go from zero to 80 percent of charge in just 18 minutes, which is fairly impressive.

Stuff, so in this luxury, electric SUV Market, this cars got some stiff competition. Things like the BMW IX and ix3 the eye Pace. The Audi e tron, the eqc theyre all vying for that same kind of purchaser. But personally, I think this one has to be on your list, its a car that not so many people are going to be aware of, but certainly, if youre in the market, for one of its main Rivals, you simply must experience one of these, although Genesis is Still not a household name in the UK when it comes to car buying. It really should be because these are outstanding vehicles that really deserve your attention. Folks, if youve enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up and please subscribe to the channel. If you havent already done so and click that notification Bell, if you have loads of car reviews on the channel, lots more coming up, we also do quite a lot of used car buying advice and leasing content and, if youre interested to see how much you can Lease one of these bad boys, for please click the link to lease Loco in the video description that updates in real time and will show you the best available lease deals on the Genesis. Gv 70.