Thank you. Music. The Nero in EV format has a little bit of a higher floor than the others based on the batteries being in the bottom of the car. The Leathers in the back in GT line format are really plush and very nice. I do relate them very closely to the likes of BMW or Mercedes. They have stepped it up in here. It is a nice feeling here and a very luxurious finish. You still have a USB ports in the seats, its a nice centralized Lighting in the back Kia. In EV format is really quiet; it is dead silent in here, and you can tell Kia have made a lot of effort to make the car extremely quiet on the road and all those little noises that people dont think about like windshield wiper motors things like that. That have a little bit of noise to them become exponentially louder when you dont have an engine, so even with Kias EV. Here you can tell theyve put plenty of effort in because you cant hear that Im running the windshield wipers right now, and that is a good really good upgrade for them, and you can tell theyre paying attention to what an EV car needs to be like inside. The dash the air conditioning vents, it is all a really luxurious feeling place to be the Leathers. The seats are very comfy. You have lumbar support, fully automatic adjustment, you can customize your dash, the steering wheel is comfy and it is very nicely weighted in the EV.

This car feels really nice when driving spiritedly, because you have all the weight at the bottom of the car. So even though it is heavier, you dont tend to notice it as much as you think I will say this. The steering wheel, hasnt grown on me just yet, but Im sure some people wont mind it. The Kia in normal driving is really fun. It has an electric car. I definitely can see the appeal in driving one of these day to day in terms of range. This one has 423 kilometers when I hopped in it with a full charge sitting on the tank and what Ive done is charged it at home, each night and so thats about six to seven hours and honestly, that gets you back to full every single day. In your normal driving to the gym to work back home to the shops, if you want to drive to Sydney sure Id understand, you probably need to charge a bit more. But as long as you remember each night and getting to a rhythm, an EV setup for your daily drive is not too bad an idea. It is very livable and very manageable. Then you also have the case of fast charges and things like that. If you really get into a pickle, the paddles on the Kia EV focus on the kinetic recharging of the car, so you can actually set how hard you want it to recharge. When you let your foot off the pedal, it actually is really nice to play with.

When youre driving, because you can get a little bit more energy back, if youre going up and down some decent Hills, you can actually fiddle with it a bit and get a little bit more charge than it probably would in automatic mode um. It is odd. The dog ears are really easy to use and it is a better system than Ive seen in most cars, most dog earring, for me, Im not a fan, but this one is really not that bad it. You could definitely put up with it. I love the ambient Lighting in here where you can change the colors. I think that is a feature that should be on most cars these days. It is a really nice touch and I love the design of this car. It is a really nice futuristic feel to it and lots of nice filling materials everywhere. All your instruments are in the middle, so youre heated and cooling seats. Your heated steering wheel, the auto hold feature your park. Brake parking cameras, parking sensors all in the center here around your gearing, uh dial. You also have your EV on and off button. This car does put itself in the park when you do turn it off as well. If you forget – and there is, although theres fast charging, you do have a cigarette lighter a normal USB and a USBC in the center as well. There is a small Center glove box which you wouldnt fit much in, and you have two drink holders in this main compartment, which is really handy actually, because you can fold the drink, holder section away and make the compartment bigger when youre not running any drinks.

In the car, very cool seats are very stylish, with a very funky style of a headrest Vision. Wise. There is plenty of vision. Um there Ive been in cars, have been a little bit better, but in terms of overall its above average for sure no issues or concerns. With that. I love that youve got a sunroof in the GT line. The mirrors are very cool when youre, when youre parking they do adjust down, so that you dont scrub the wheels and yeah I found when I first got in the EV. You do have that sense of always thinking about having enough charge, but I find after a few days and after getting into a rhythm of the charging, you do find yourself really laid back and relaxed about it and it and it never really worries you. Youve always got plenty in the tank, so for me it is actually getting its getting pretty livable the idea of EVS. I think, as we know, theres plenty more around now and theres plenty more coming so um theyre theyre going to be growing very fast on us and be interesting to see how much further the technology can develop. Really other than rain. Kev has three Drive modes: Eco, normal and Sport. This thing does pull away from you pretty nicely in sport mode. It is a weird sensation without the sound of a engine in the back of that, but I do find myself in EK mode.

Most of the time. Listen to that, can you hear anything because I barely cant foreign has a lot of benefit to the carryover from it being a primarily EV build model such as the auto hold feature for when youre driving, which is very handy in an EV model where the engine Always wants to creep and same as the nice quiet cabin which theyve obviously made for the EV in particular, and it carries over to this model really. Well, you hear more road noise than engine noise, which is very promising, and a very nice place to be and very luxurious as both these models are being the GT trim the car to drive itself. The 1.6 liter is a little bit small, so you do when youre pushing hard. You do tend to hear the engine revs pretty loudly, but it the EV engine really works well with the small engine to break that torque Gap at low revs from the engine itself and when youre going under 40. Most of the time youre going to be using the Eva now, the in the little battery in this model is constantly charging and being used. So what youll find is it tries to always stay around half charged in eco mode? You wont find it fully charging as you go, but that is by Design and its because it Cycles so much. This is a higher cycle battery and so high cycle batteries dont want to be fully charged all the time.

Now, if you are concerned about that, you can, in eco mode use the downshift paddle when going downhills or coming to a stop to apply Max curves to help charge it up a little more youve seen there with no brakes. That was all just the curved system. On top of that, this model, when you put it in sport mode and Putt around it, will charge the battery more because the mapping of that mode is a lot more tailored to have a lot more engine support from the electric engine. So if youre putting around not using the engine hard, it will put more energy into that battery, but that is at the cost of fuel consumption. Both these models have a very comfy drive, as well as a really good ergonomic setup inside. As you can see the headrest the seat position, it is a little bit hugging, which is nice. You dont want it too much in a comfy City Cruiser like this. While this has two modes: Eco and Sport, the EV had three modes: Eco, normal and Sport. However, we never really found ourselves using normal in the EV anyway, so having just Eco, and sport makes a lot of sense now in EV mode in the HEB, your revs are replaced with the same Taco as what the EV has. What that means is you have charge Eco and power, showing at all times, as well as how much battery you have now, when you switch to sport mode via the drive mode button on the steering wheel, you do get that replaced with the revs of the engine.

As the engine is going to be doing most of most of the work, the paddle shift is up and down work as a normal paddle shift. Car would, but at the same time, in eco mode, if you hold the down paddle, you do get that regenerative. Braking that I showed you earlier in the center of your two tacos, you do have all your normal Drive information. Current trip averages things like that. What the Hybrid engine is doing in the HEV model and your GPS and your lane assist settings as well, but that some of those are also in the head up display. So you can really customize this car to show you everything you want to see how you want to see it, which is a very premium, feel well. The home screen here is rather nice. I found myself in the HEV going for the hybrid view with the sound menu on the right. I didnt find myself using Android auto too much in the hybrid quite preferred to have this here and my drive information in the middle. I quite like how the home screen is very customizable and has a dual layout, so you can run two apps at once, its also very easy to scroll through from GPS to sound. You can keep going theres forecast and calendars with your Kia connect, so it is very handy and intuitive to use as well home menu just up here with all your settings and different Windows available, and then you just scroll to the left to go back to your Home screen, if you like that view, for me, this is what were on.

I quite like how the drive information is in the center here, and I also like how it constantly shows you different settings that youre playing with, for example, if I turn the rear, windshield wiper on it actually shows me in the taco here when using the GPS And changing the song, it does overlap. The next turn so be careful now lets. Look at some neat tricks see how this goes Music. What about back the other way? Music, foreign, Music, one weird but cool, feature about this car is you can actually recline almost flirt? Look at that I can actually sleep in here: Music, foreign, Music, foreign Music weve got an EV that is around the 72 mark MSRP versus hybrid EV, non plugging at just over 50k MSRP. I think that the interior of these cars is top notch. It really for me sends a message to BMW and Mercedes that care uh, taking notes its a premium Place, lots of luxury materials, the quality of layout for the infotainment and the air conditioning controls is really impressive. I love it as for the EV and HIV side. I think that theyve come a long way and they are pretty good. I think theyre good value for money, but comparing EV to HEV. I think there is still a little bit too much of a price Gap to justify going fully EV for this model. I think that, based on what Ive, seen and in terms of servicing fuel prices, charging at home over a five year period, youre still going to be out of pocket a little bit more money.

If you go to EV idence to last longer, so it might pay off if youre planning to keep the car longer than that. But if its a five year stink, the HEV is probably going to be your best bet.