I know there are still several drawbacks about this car, such as the not that solid range, nor the ideal sitting position. Not that comfortable back seat a fairly confusing chassic tuning, but the excellent acceleration fantastic cabin and mind blowing intelligence have drawn many positive reviews from its users. Besides, as car journalists and enthusiasts, we love our good drivers. Car like this. Even more, you see, this very 85 was just bought by my boss and today Im about to get another one Music me baby Music, given that this is called myself so Im not really feel like talking about the pros and cons today, if youre really interested. In actual user experience Ill give you a full review after I spend some time with my car. What I really want to do today is to show you what kind of experience you will get when you buy a brand new meal in China. Im Harris youre watching mad Avis lets start with the purchasing first, its usually a complicated process to buy a car in China, because each car has different prices, gifts and services in different dealerships, so complicated that you may feel like its impossible to make the right choice. But its not the same when most Chinese EV companies like Neo, the process has become very simple. First youll need to download a new app and select your model and configuration. You want and place an order. Then the app will automatically assign you the nearest store.

According to your address and a dedicated salesman, who will help you go through all the processes and answer any question you may encounter, but actually the salesperson is not the official name. They are called fellows, as Neil wants them to be more like friends to the customers. You can communicate with them on all car related matters or even start a small talk and a fellow will respond immediately. Oh shoot. I almost forgot to mention that no matter which store youre assigned to the price gives a Services you receive are exactly the same, and all the transactions are done within the app eliminating any possibilities of hidden fees. The only way to get more gifts in this case bonus points is that if you are recommended by a Neo owner YouTube will both get 12 000 points. After picking up the new car, which is equivalent to a thousand and two hundred RMB and after you place the order, you can also become a referral for others with unlimited referral times. I know this sounds a bit like a pyramid game, but there are indeed many people who, after buying a Neo, are willing to tell everyone around them. How great the car is so its a very clever marketing, with a huge selection of optional extras and the fact that you hardly get any chance to buy a car that is in stock. A relatively long waiting time is inevitable. Since I placed my order when this car was just launched, its initial production capacity was not ideal.

The result is that Ive waited for almost five months, but Neil wont. Let you wait for nothing. I have to wait for more than a month. You will get 500 bonus points in the app every day. For example, I got more than 30 000 points, so in a way it doesnt seem that bad to have a long waiting period but, of course, its a typical poor mentality. Two weeks before the delivery, your fellow will get really busy helping with financing Insurance, subsidious purchase agreement license plate charging pile and all the other matters to ensure that you will complete it all. The necessary steps before picking up one thing to be noticed about Assurance is that Neo has something called wall refuse service package, which includes all the insurance and a series of year. Long service pause the video here. If you want to take a closer look, trust me, although it costs a four to five hundred euros more than buying Insurance alone, the experience is definitely worth it well. I hope I havent said this much. I finally gon na pick up my car but slight issue. My fellow cant speak English, so just feel it with your eyes: Music, Music, Music. Thank you, foreign Music Applause. Speaking of service, Chinese people will usually think of Lexus first, but nowadays, Neo has surpassed the Lexus to become the car brand that has the best service with its powerful digital platforms, all around services and domestic advantages.

Let me give you one example: in addition to all the services related to your car, Neil can provide you with a rental service on the same model in other cities, Pet Care in your home during holidays and even babysitting at new house. Although some of these will still cost you money, the attentive services do make news main customers, which are the anxious middle class, feel cherished and treasured, and that is why some users said that the only reason they bought a new is to experience the incredible services in The end of the video, let me ask you something: what kind of service would you get in your local dealerships and would you take a service brand can provide into consideration when buying a new car? Let me know in the comments and dont forget to like subscribe, hit the notification Bell and share with your friends. After all, your support is what drive us to people.