Mobilitys Joy bike is one among them. The company already has a wide range of EVS in the market and its latest offering is the high speed electric scooter Kami horse Music Joy bikes first introduced the mios at the 2023 Auto Expo, and this is the companys Flagship electric scooter right now, which is why Youll see that the company has incorporated several new Innovations into this electric scooter which not only make it stand out amongst its siblings, but also amongst its rivals in the market. So let us get to know more about it. Music Joy e bike has gone with a retro styling for the mihos, which is equipped with elements like round headlamp, Chrome mirrors and a wide single piece seat. Now we did notice large panel gaps, screwed finishing on the plastic bits and a very flimsy hinge for the seat. However, the company says that these issues will be ironed out in the final production model. Having said that, when we talk about the overall construction of the electric scooter, things are very different: Music standing with a hammer over here, that is to show you one of its key USPS, which is uh its body construction. Now the company says that it is made of a very strong chemical compound, which is called dicyclopentadine, and it is very strong so much so that it can be called nearly indestructible now if you want a sample here, you go Music. The features list is also decent.

The mihos comes with a 4.3 inch tfp color display that is, Bluetooth, enabled and gets turn button navigation, along with connected Tech like riding Behavior vehicle, tracking Geo, fencing and remote disabling. You also get 12 inch. Alloy wheels with disc brakes at both ends remote key with theft, alarm under seat storage, with a light and USB charger, along with reverse assist function. The new mihos high speed electric scooter comes with a 1.5 kilowatt hour. Lithium ion battery that powers, a rear wheel, mounted Hub motor now on paper. The power figure might not be impressive, but that massive torque output of 250 newton meters tells us that this electric scooter is quick and very peppy, and we got to experience that at this fun little go kart track. As for the range, the mihos offers an Indian driving conditions or IDC range of 130 kilometers. However, the company claims that, even in real world conditions, the electric scooter can offer a maximum range of up to 102 kilometers on a single charge. Now the mios comes with three riding modes, which is Eco, Sport and Hyper, and all three modes give you a different kind of performance, of course, as the name suggests in eco mode, its more efficient in sport mode, its more peppy and whereas in the hyper mode, It gets even more better, but, however, this is a go kart track, so we couldnt experience the entire performance to the fullest, because we would like to test it on real world conditions in regular roads to understand how the performance changes, but in based on what our Experiences we felt that the hyper mode is the only one that we would like the scooter to be always on, because other two modes are not that exciting.

In terms of top speed, you get about 35 kmph on the Eco Mode, which goes up to 45, with the spot port and 63 or the hyper mode. The by scooters handling is very good. Its very sharp, however, the ride quality we felt even in this condition. Although we cant comment a lot, but it felt it could have been a bit more pleasure. Foreign Music bikes mihos does seem a bit pricey, especially when you consider the fact that EVS, like the 8th of 450x and Ola S1, Pro offer much better performance at a similar price point. However, what the mihos promises to be is an extremely durable, no nonsense. Electric scooter with decent features, and that seemed to be good enough for many buyers, because the company has already backed over 20 000 pre bookings.