If youre new here, please make sure to hit that subscribe button down below and turn on the post notification Bell. So youre notified every single time. I upload a new video today Im going to be doing a review of the all new mg4. This is thanks to Lancaster mg for making this video possible. The car here is the SE the basic model. You then go up to se long range and the trophy model, which is a long range car, only Ill, move on to battery capacity range and performance. In a little bit, though, first lets look at the outside of this car. Now it may seem that they sort of Pop That nowhere, but mg has been working on their new car technology for quite some time now. So its quite interesting mg is owned by a company called sake. Im, not sure how I say s a ic. They are actually working with Audi at the moment making the q6 in China, so they mean business, especially if a big company like Audi trusts them its also been critically acclaimed by journalist, motor and journalists. People have been fleeting to buy this car and have been wowed by the value so Im going to test it for myself and see what I think foreign Music. Is it a nice place to be? Yes, it certainly is a nice place to be these fabric. Seats are incredibly comfortable, theyre, not the most dynamic, looking seats, theyre, not even a pattern at all.

A bit boring, but theyve got very high density foam. So extremely comfortable youve got this load of storage cup holders your gear selector there armrest is standard. You cant adjust it in any way, but its fine there. For me, you get the 10.25 inch screen as standard on all models as well as this seven inch screen for your digital dash, thats all standard on all models. The trophy model adds Sat Nav on there. It also has what mg calls iSmart live Services you get Wireless Apple, carplay and Android auto and a few other bits and Bobs in the trophy. You also get lever seats instead of these fabric. But, to be honest, I really like these fabric seats and most people will be using Apple carplay anyway, but I would love built in nav in the SC model. But thats not an option at all. Steering wheel is the same lots of similarities really a bit more of a close up on this lovely hexagonal steering wheel again, I have the same problem on the Honda e because its a two spoke steering wheel and the logo is very similar. Sometimes, when youre turning you, you really dont, know the bottom of the steering wheel from the top of the steering wheel, like obviously youre, not looking at the steering wheel, so you just think thats the top Im, not Im, not a fan of that too Fair. Also these buttons, I dont, even know what they control like its not doing anything.

But I swear what are these buttons for and I really dont know I can someone explain because these arent but thats the volume the best pick is definitely the mid range. Essie Long Range model, I think, thats. Definitely the model that you should go for if youre thinking about going for the mg4 overall, quite easy to use. So its only got rear sensors on this one, which is a bit of a shame but thats becoming so normal. On cars now even on Audis, they have rear sensors and not front sensors, its a bit of a shame. The trophy model brings a rear camera and everything I think rear sensors is fine. It would be nice to have front ones, though too Music. Thank you. The base car actually has 168 brake horsepower, which is quite a lot, and it goes up to 200 break for your long range models driving around town. I can say the suspension on this is excellent. The seats are so comfortable and so supportive as well Im so impressed by this car for the price point as well, theyre just one up in everyone – and I can imagine some manufacturers are not too happy about it. When I first got in the car, it said it had 80 charge and 63 miles, which didnt sound very good. Now its got 57 charge, but its got 79 miles because obviously I havent been driving efficiently. I dont like again that the screen is facing away from the driver.

That is another its a huge pet peeve of mine. She picks up very quickly. I feel like its actually quick feels quicker than 100 hours in its a really fun car to drive. Actually talking about the exterior design on this car and the colors on this car, absolutely stunning, The Standard is this arctic white, as well as whole bone blue. That is my absolute favorite color. I think its stunning, especially in person cameras just do not do it. Justice Im obsessed with that color Id, get it in that color 100. If you then want the black or silver, that is a cost of 545 pound on the SE, and if you want the dynamic red that is a 695 option, the orange color is only available on the trophy. Unfortunately, I think that is a wacky, crazy color, but I do prefer the Holborn blue. The car overall has got just such a dynamic look Ill talk about the styling cues to the rear of the car and what I think they remind me of, but, to be honest, I think its its giving kind of Nissan Leaf Vibes, but a lot more modern. So the wheels – if you thought, though these were lovely diamond cut – alloy wheels youd be wrong, are plastic covers, I saw them on the back of a lorry without and I thought all the silver alloy wheels now normally Im, not a fan at all of steel wheels Or wheel covers over Alloys like on Teslas its not for me Im not vibing with that, but these look fine.

I still would prefer real diamond cut alloy wheel, because, just when you know it, you notice it a bit more. But, to be honest, they look better than when the covers are not on theyre a nice design, its quite clever from mg or a little bit sneaky, maybe but yeah their wheel covers, unlike some electric cars which dont have much under the Bonnet. This does youve got your coolants here, windscreen wash brake fluid battery and then youve got your big motor in there. It is a rear, wheel, drive car, hence the little bump in the floor in the back, which means icy conditions that weve had recently is not made for this car and electric and torque. A lot of talk to the rear wheels is not good for the UK. Winters at all no fruit front boot, whatever you want to call. It bought most cars in this segment dont anyway, but I think in the future well see a lot more fruits, slash fronts and the fronts gon na look pretty much the same, whether you go for the SE. Obviously SE and Essie long range are exactly the same. Just the internals, but its going to look very similar. The only difference is with the trophy you get a little tiny camera here for the 360 degree cameras, so you get 360 degree cameras on a trophy but its obviously a lot more expensive than the SE, which starts from 26 995, which is absolutely a bargain.

If youre asking me also the trophy gets, these sections here are like LED daytime running lights, but the headlamps are exactly the same. Matrix LED very bright theyre buying myself. Dont know why I did that to the rear of the vehicle. Its got a very Dynamic. Look to it its not like many cars out there now on the trophy model. This is actually a spoiler and on the SC and SC long range it does look a little bit bare like it looks a bit odd this bit here. So does this light spoiler, which is a bit odd, its the light and then its a black piano black plastic spoiler. It actually protrudes a long way out. I dont mind it. I think its okay – these lights, remind me a lot of Nissan, a Nissan Nissan Micra or any Nissan product at all and thats no problem at all, because I love Nissan cars. I think its pretty well designed at the back, but I can see why some people wouldnt necessarily like it lets, have a look in the boots. Its very similar to a Honda shaped boot very square, but not too far back Music. Looking at the boot, I would say it definitely looks smaller than my Volkswagen Golf Boot and thats, because it is its a 363 liter Boot and the class standard for a family. Hatchback is 380 liters, so its not the idealist size boot, so its not as dinky or unusable as a 171 liter boot in the Honda e Music, absolutely tiny, but its also not as spacious as the 385 liters offered in the Volkswagen ID3 and the 435 liters.

In the Nissan Leaf, so its not the biggest boot think of it somewhere between the Honda e and the Nissan Leaf in terms of size. Overall, though, its enough for the weekly shop right lets have a little look at how backseat passengers will fare in the mg4. This is the scene quite far back to be fair, so theres not a lot of knee room but theres plenty of Headroom. These winners are huge, its not dark in this cabin, especially in the back where normally you do get a lot of claustrophobicness, but no its not too bad youve got no Center armrest, unfortunately, but what I do love is your very lovely, concealed 86 points with the Velcro, these are like the perfect solution, so if you do need to use them, theyre so easy, you just do that. But if you dont want to see them, you dont have kids, I dont have kids, just dont have to even think about them. Excellent dont! You just have to feel them. Japanese or hard plastic covers getting lost, easy peasy yeah its comfy in here theres also three seats as well theres, a little bit of a hump in the floor, but nothing too bad at all. The middle seat is very firm as well, so its not for long Journeys at all its just for short little trips, but overall in the back. Its okay, so lets talk charging on the mg4. First of all, I really like the placement of the charger at the back of the car reverse parking.

Much better mg say that you can charge it from 20 to 80 in at 150. Kilowatts and thatll take 20 minutes so at fast charge, locations 20 minutes and youre good to go. That is excellent, but theyre quite hard to find. So if you are a normal standard home charger, it takes around eight hours to charge it from fully empty to full. On a trickle charge, free pin plug it will take 22 hours, which sounds like a lot but theres a lot of electric cars that take like two three days so thats, not too bad. You would want to get a war box as theyre not too expensive and theres normally incentives for them anyway and itll. Take you eight hours on a standard, seven kilowatt charger. One can do up to 380 miles according to mg, with a long range version. If you drive it carefully now, of course, you wont get that, but even to have that claimed is excellent on a car like this price, if you are in the market for a brand new electric car under or around the 30k mark, Id, definitely recommend the mg4. Maybe youre a company car driver or want to avoid the new? U less charges, then this is an excellent vehicle, especially town city driving. If you live in the countryside and have a lot of icy conditions, its probably not the best option, it does have its downfalls, like all vehicles, do such as the buttons on the steering wheel that Im not sure how to use theyre, not the most user friendly Infotainment screen other than that its cheap, cheap to run the color of options, the look of it that spec that you get on it, the comfort of the Interior, its all outweighs and negative.

Definitely if youre going around town and you dont need to worry about the icy conditions, its great and Im sure you will get used to the infotainment system as well as updates that will come in the future.