So todays video is going to be about the 2024 Kia Soul. So lets begin with the information regarding this. The Kia Soul is a small hatchback with the SUV ambition, its got. The small Dimension and the fuel efficient engine like a car but a boxy shape with lots of cargo space like an SUV. This formula has worked out well for the soul over the ears, going all the way back to its original 2010 model, and recent years, though, the final product has appeared, watered down, updated styling on the 2023 Soul left us peeling lukewarm, which is a shame for a Vehicle that once pushed the boundaries the Kia has also eliminated the features like an available manual transmission on its top tier turbocharged engine. In the recent tails, the soul has lost some character, but the good news is that the soul still has a plenty of appeal for a very reasonable price. It offers loads of room for both the passengers and cargo with its responsive handling. It can be a pretty fun to drive. We expect that the 2024 soul will continue to offer a competitive suit of advanced safety features. Our standard equipments, which is a strong selling points because it received that the new look in the 2023 theres likely wont be any significant Updates. This time around. The soul is a smart pick for the affordable practicality, but you should check out some of its high rated competitors like the Chevrolet TrailBlazer, Hyundai Kona and Mazda cx 32.

The Kia Soul is an appealing package in the extra small SUV class, largely thanks to a wide array of standard features that cost you an extra on the competitors. Even though the 2024 Kia Soul ex only has a front wheel drive, it can be sold as a crossover, despite being a roomy five seat, hatchback due to its attractive design, high efficiency and reasonable price. It competes with the Toyota CHR Nissan kicks and Hyundai venue. The souls boxy design and the bus cow roof line conceal its root as an inexpensive car. Its not a shared with other Kias, and this EOS model has a new, practically unreadable emblem, as well as the tiny LED headlights on the higher end variants. The uneangly add ons for the previous x line. Edition have been removed, leaving a thinly profiled body that develops the line as it gets close to closing compared to the original first generation Soul. The black trim surrounds the rear, pillows and the abundance of cut lines on the tailgate red as clutter, but they are nonetheless the Striking. It includes an 8.0 inch touchscreen and standard equipment. A technology package that comes standard on the soul. Lx includes an active Lane, control blind spot monitoring and automatic emergency braking versions, feature a 10.3 inches touchscreen and a wireless charging for the cell phones also available.