I mean thats quite refreshing, isnt it and I think the Thunder might have been stolen slightly because this was launched in 2020 and of course, we all know what happened in 2020 covered yet thats right. But this e tron GT is gaining fans. Ive got to be honest since Ive had this this week, everybody has been asking me about it: even people that arent into cars in my neighborhood wow, what is it its gorgeous its lovely? So if you like people talking to you, this is the car to buy or lease before we tell you more about the Audi e tron GT, please like comment and subscribe, the lines on this car are to die for theyre, gorgeous the wheels fit the Arches really Nicely 20 inch Alloys there youve got a charging port on this wing and the other front wing and these rear doors. Here you almost dont notice theyre there they just almost sort of dissolve into the rear muscular haunches of this e tron GT come around to the back here and youve got this light bar going all the way around so at night it looks so dramatic its just So well planted. It has curbside presence its a car that I would want its practical as well. You can get five people four really more comfortably inside. Look at it, though another charging flap like I said earlier right here and, of course, those four rings that tell everybody youve done fairly well all right.

It may not be a taikan on what its based but hey. This is an Audi through and through its lovely. There are a couple of trim levels, the e tron GT and the GT vorsprung Quattro, and there are a few more Trims on the RS version, but lets keep it simple and focus on our test car. The non RS GT Quattro, even though this Audi was designed with Porsche. Hence the taikan underpinnings, its neither too sporty nor too conservative. It hits the aesthetic Sweet Spot beautifully on the options front. Our Audis come with ascari blue metallic paint, e tron Sports, sound and five twin spoke, design, gloss, turned alloy wheels, competitors are clearly Porsches, taikan and the usual suspect Teslas Model S look outside of the box and you might want to check out mercedes, benzs, eqe and Add a real push, the less than two tonic, but quick and sharp looking Kia EVC six could also be worth adding to your EVS to checkout list inside this e tron GT. Its all typically Audi so lets take a look inside from the front seats. I can tell you that you can almost smell the word premium. Everything feels so well screwed together. The steering wheel feels thick and sound in the hand and theres Tech that is everywhere, but when you come to drive this car, its all really simple, to use its all very, very intuitive in the front. Youve got plenty of Headroom and thats.

Despite this panoramic sunroof. Here Everything feels so cocooning and just lovely. These seats are comfy, they support your own corners and your driving position is just bang on it feels really. Good storage is not an issue in this e tron GT. Youve got twin cup holders place to stick your phone or some trinkets. Youve got this little cubby here enough for a pair of sunglasses, a hat and lots of other bits and Bobs and youve got your phone charge lead here. If you wish, because theres a USB port in fact, theres two USB ports in there and another little slot to stick your mobile phone, so storage is not an issue. This glove compartment here it may not be the biggest but its enough to keep Audis handbook and servicing info in there and a few other bits and Bobs too Id like to State the obvious. But we are in the rear now and its not all good news. You know because if you are tall, your head will brush the headliner, although this heatron GT doesnt have a headliner its got. As we said earlier, this big old panoramic roof, which is really lovely, I have to say it makes the cabin far more Airy. But you know what its not too bad look at this terms of leg room Ive been sitting in the front, so Ive got all this room still here. Potentially, you could get three people in the rear, although its going to be a really miserable experience for this middle seat.

Passenger because look its not really designed to be a seat. But you know what youve got room here for your feet, its kind of called a foot garage. I think Audi have called it because the way the batteries are housed under the floor, um youve even got some controls here to sort of warm yourself up or cool yourself down very nice. I think the only thing is the Ford Vision because of these integrated headrests within the sport seats. It does obscure your forward Vision if youre a rear seat passenger, but you know theres plenty of room between them. I guess to look out and if you dont have a middle seat, passenger youve got this lovely armrest. It also doubles as a twin cup holder and usually there are no magazine seat back pockets for your kids to put their copies of nature or whatever theyre reading. In this weekend, so Ingress new grass may be an issue if youve got an issue with your back, because this is a low slung car and the doors are fairly narrow. These apertures are fairly narrow, but you know what its something you can live with. If you dont have a dodgy back because, on the shallow side of things, I think the look of this car justifies having it. This might look like a hatchback, but its not its a normal boot, with 405 liters of space theres, a handy, underfloor, storage compartment there to stick your laptop in or probably more likely, your cable lead.

You can increase the space by kicking all your rear seat, passengers out and dropping the seats in a 40 20 40 split, and if you put them all down that results in 1171 liters of space, there is a lip but its a fairly flat boot. So you know what its not too bad people always comment that we cant always find buttons, but this is where you find the button for the e tron GTs front, not the most logical of places. I think youll agree so sticky things in here matron and you find the little metal lever. I open it up and there are 85 liters of space enough for an overnight bag or whatever this got a 93.4 kilowatt hour battery, which is enough to give it a decent range of 295 miles. Wltp really usefully youve got charging ports on both front Wings, AC on this side, AC on that side too, but you also find a DC charging port on the passenger side. A seven kilowatts wall box at home will take you around 13 and a half hours to fully charge this, but with DC charging youve got speeds of 270 kilowatts, which means you can get from five percent to 80. In around 22 minutes power. Consumption is three miles per kilowatt hour, but if youve got a lead right, foot then expect a lot less than that. The e tron GT has a rather conventional steering wheel, which is really refreshing, got a volume control button.

Here you can change channels on the radio or your different tracks. Here youve got access to your telephone and on this side you can change the screen settings and your view got the indicators there main beam there. Cruise control increase limiter here and youve got your windscreen wipers here right in front of you. You have Whats called the Audi virtual cockpit, its 12 inches of gorgeous display. If there can be a gorgeous display, you can change the settings like, so everything is just really intuitive. So youve got the consumption. You have your range date and time so youve got your long term memory here, youve got your navigation map comes up and youve got the different views here of all the range speedometer and it also shows which motor in Comfort, Dynamic, individual or efficiency mode really handily, Youve got to start and a stop button turn it on. Okay, weve got all sorts of things here, such as the drive select youve, got your hazard warning lights, parking, sensors and a very small but sweet volume control here on off for the sound system and, very importantly, your gear selector here in park slide it forward for Drive in the middle for neutral click it up a bit and youre in reverse and hit P again and youre safely parked the aircon controls are as simple as can be really off on eco Max and youve got your fan here that you can adjust the intensity Of it and, of course, youve got the temperature here you can set, and the air conditioning is dual zoned at the front and theres a Zone in the back too 10 inches of screen here laid out.

Very simply, car is where you might want to start charging inefficiency is clearly very important to us all. If youre in an EV its showing here, the battery level were at 71 percent. Uh youve also got your media theres. No medium inserted apparently go to your source and youve got all sorts of things here. You can go to Radio there. We are get rid of that and I got telephone. You can hook up to anything here and youve got your navigation screen its really simple. If you dont want to select the drive mode manually, which you can do on some of these physical buttons down here, you can do it from here. The Audi Drive selects there. You go efficiency, Comfort, Dynamic, individual, get that go back button there again youve got the AC here. You can look at it on the screen rather than the physical buttons settings and service. If you need to check out the info there parking age, you can do it all from here. So you know uh the volume control of that parking sensor can be adjusted on screen, as can lights and vision and youve got driver assist here, which you can go maximum individual basic Audi always does a great job with its display when it comes to infotainment and Just general driver information, its just not too complex, and you nearly always have physical buttons. If you cant, be bothered to find them buried within the system itself.

Well, youre joining us inside the Audi e tron GT Quattro. It still has a motor at the front and the rear axle and the combined power is 476 PS. Youve got a core test of driving modes in this beautiful GT, youve got efficiency, youve got Comfort, Dynamic and individual, and I would suggest Comfort is the best setting to keep it on, especially as Britains roads are famously destroyed. Technically, the e tron GT has got a naught to 62 timer 4.1 seconds, but theres a whole host of things. You have to do to get that kind of speed out of it, and I wont bore you with that. But for the most part, this car will do not to 62 miles an hour in 4.5 seconds, which is plenty quick enough on the United Kingdoms. Roads believe me handling wise. This car is just a dream: it sticks to corners, but then a lot of EVS tend to unless youre in a really tall SUV. The battery is situated very low down under the floor, so youve got this real, decent sort of balance going on the pothole. Obviously, just went over one now: doesnt really tend to interfere with the cars Direction. It really feels planted and inspires confidence. The only thing that doesnt Inspire confidence is the really small rear window. So when you are reverse parking, thats a worry, but, thank goodness, Audi has stuck on a rear view, reversing camera which does help things a lot ride.

Quality wise this e tron GT is an absolute Joy. All right, you can feel the potholes on the odd lump and bump in the road surface, but really its a gorgeous car to drive really fun. It inspires confidence in the bends and because the battery is so low down and Central between the front and the rear. Axle youve just got this absolute plantedness. The only thing that doesnt Inspire confidence as it was when it comes to reversing because of the really small rear windscreen. But luckily Audi has fitted a reversing camera which does mitigate things somewhat, as you would expect from a German premium. Automaker the brakes are bang on no issue whatsoever, even when coming back down from a rather quick Sprint, its you know absolutely solid as hell and okay. If youre an automotive anarak, you will agree with me here that the weight of this Audi is going to be heavier than a Tesla Model S, but so what you know, why should we always have Tesla as The Benchmark in some ways the weightiness of this car Is confidence inspiring, so Ive got no issue at all with that? Yes, it affects the range somewhat but 295 miles. Officially is not bad expect more, like 240 250 in this cold weather. What is very noticeable about this e tron GT? Is the hushed ride its a very serene Driving Experience in the cabin you can hold a conversation with your family no issue whatsoever.

Most EVS are quiet, lets face it, theres, no combustion engine rattling or whatever in the front or the back. So again, what a lovely lovely car to be in, but you should expect this kind of tranquil ride from a car that is lets face it over 83 000 pounds for the basic GT, Quattro version. What a Motorway this car is a real pleasure to drive. So, on a trip from northamptonshire to North London along the M1, it is just your office, but what a gorgeous fun lovely entertaining aesthetically pleasing office. It is you know. Clearly you have to stop to juice the car up, but its just a real real smooth experience. Overtaking you could well, you could sit in the third lane all day long clearly, but you wouldnt want to do that because you will be draining your range. What Im trying to say is that an Audi will always be your friend when youre on a long commute and just because this is a GT. It doesnt change that whatsoever. This e tron GT shares the same platform as Porsches taikan. Okay, its got more unsurprisingly gt like handling uh. The Porsche is slightly sharper, but you know what in some ways I prefer this. I dont know why I just feel its more of a family car. If you like and thats what I would be buying this or leasing this for under the metal, basically theres a Porsche taikan in this eutron GT from a safety point of view, this has not been crash tested by Euro end cap.

It do you think thats worry! Well, you shouldnt do because the taikan has been examined and that got the full five stars. Another reason not to be concerned about the safety side of things in this e tron GT is that is absolutely packed, packed with safety. Kit youve got everything on it. Yes, there are a few packs that you might have to buy if you want extra extra safety, but you really arent going to have a problem if you were to have a bump in this e tron GT its got parking, sensors, cruise control, reversing camera and a Speed limiter, theres Lane departure warning and emergency Auto braking, but if you want radar guided cruise control, then you will have to dig a Little Deeper for an optional pack. Youll also have to Fork out more if you want rear cross traffic alerts and self parking, as we may well have alluded to this Audi e tron GT is not a cheap car. You wont get much change out of 84 000 pounds and remember this: is the entry level GT Quattro youll be paying well over a hundred thousand pounds for the vorsprung version? And if you want the RS edition of this youre heading well over the 130 000 pound Mark Audis warranty on this e tron GT is not particularly generous, its three years or 60 000 miles, and you get eight years or up to a hundred thousand miles on The battery uh, as I say, thats, not overly overly generous, especially when you consider some manufacturers are offering seven years or indeed up to ten years.

So, even though nearly eighty four thousand pounds sounds like a hell of a lot of money, you may well think this is worth it. Audis have got a great reputation for build quality, theyre, nearly always ahead of the curve when it comes to styling and all right. I might contradict myself when I say this bit: some people might think youve gone for the poor mans token, but you know what this is an Audi at the end of the day. Those four rings spell the word prestigious. They show youve done well. This is a lovely car and I think its well worth the money lots of people dont really equate EVS with sexy, but they can be – and this is one real example – all right – its expensive, okay, the range isnt class leading, but at well over 200 miles. This is a real world EV and one that I would buy if I had just under 84 000 pounds thanks for watching and if you like. This video dont forget to like comment and subscribe.