With this model entering the Australian market in 2022.. The G80 electric is a real competitor in the luxury sedan space, giving more established competitors a run for their money., With a price tag of between 156 and 159 thousand, depending on paint work, it is sure to make waves in the Australian luxury EV market., The exterior Of the G80 is conservative, sleek, yet stylish. From the beefy grill and front fender, assertive bonnet, dual LED headlights and prominent nose. It makes a statement. For a large sedan. It manages to keep a sporty and low profile with clean lines from front to back.. These are reminiscent of other luxury brands it may be trying to emulate, though, are still different enough to make the G80 stand out as somethingmore unique.. The real standout for this vehicle is the high level of quality features included in the base price, which would cost significantly more in other, more established brands, either as inclusions or upgrades.. The electric G80 is approximately in the same league as the BMW i7, though far cheaper. The BMW i4, though bigger the Lexus LS, though cheaper or the Mercedes EQE 350.. The Genesis G80 electric is based on the internal combustion model G80, rather than being built as an EV from the ground up, which is noticeable in two ways, namely that the rear passenger floor space seems slightly reduced with the floor slightly higher than you might expect. Due to the addition of the battery.

, Also, the rear boot space is smaller than expected due to the rear electric motors.. Another result of this is the huge front section of the car, which would usually house a large internal combustion engine is instead taken up with a large electric motor. With no frunk or storage space. It seems a bit of an uneconomical use of space, especially compared to cars that are built electric from the ground. Up.. The high quality of the interior, fit out is real. Stand out of the electric G80. Sitting in the drivers. Seat feels like sliding into the cockpit of a futuristic spaceship where everything is mint.. All the touchpoints are ergonomic, handy and sleek from the centre circular drive, control to the physical touch, screen, navigation, wheel and even the seat adjustments.. The inclusion of a mix of physical controls and touchscreen features gives you the option of interacting with the vehicle on your terms, which is pleasing to see. An over reliance on touch screen. Controls in some vehicles has been shown to reduce driver attention and safety, as the driver must take their eyes off the road to see what they are doing. Having actual knobs and buttons for the sound system and AC avoided. This and made me feel like I was living in the future. I always imagined as a kid.. All four seats are really comfortable in the G80, with all including variable heating, as well as active cooling in the front.. This hearkens to the fact that the car is built to ferry passages around an equal comfort, front and rear.

. To this end, both rear seats come equipped with their own touch, screen and central control wheel that folds down from the centre armrest. Again. The only negative of all of this is the diminished rear foot space, which can impact the level of comfort for taller passengers.. The interior seen here is in glacier white, though there are a range of six or so other colors and material combinations that can be selected on the website.. The electric G80 includes a range of other electronic features. You might come to expect in a vehicle of this calibre and its nice to see that theyre all included in the one model.. The obviously useful ones include blind spot collision avoidance and blind spot view. Monitor. For a sedan of this size parking would be a hassle without the surrounding cameras which allow you to get close to the curb without scratching the rims.. Another notable standout here was the high beam which changes shape to provide optimal visibility on the open road.. The G80 EV includes a range of regenerative braking modes that are activated by sleek paddles behind the steering wheel.. As you click up the tiers and increase the level you eventually activate. I pedal mode where intelligent one pedal driving is engaged.. This means that taking the foot off the accelerator will cause the battery to recharge using vehicular momentum, causing the car to gradually slow to a stop At lower settings. The car will roll or coast for longer, as one would be used to in other vehicles.

. The G80 EV boasts a battery capacity of 87.2 kilowatts max power of 272 kilowatts and max torque of 700 newton meters.. All this translates into impressive power and handling for a car of this size., While its not the fastest EV on the market. It really is a smooth ride and doesnt disappoint.. The purported driving range of the G80 EV is 520 kilometres on a full charge.. This is impressive compared to other vehicles in the market, though, I recommend that one deduct 10 to 20 in any EV max range claimed by a manufacturer as range is usually calculated based on optimal conditions, including temperature and max speed, significantly below open road speed limits and Whether or not you pump the air conditioning and stereo., This vehicle does come with a solar roof that helps to contribute to the overall charge, though, was really just a perk, rather than a serious way to charge the battery. Think of it as helping to counteract the Drain of the air con on a hot day. Genesis claims. The G80 EV can charge from 10 to 80 in 22 minutes on a 350 kilowatt DC Ultra fast charger, which is impressive. On the more common 22 kilowatt roadside DC chargers. I was able to achieve something similar in around two hours however.. My final thoughts on the G80 electric are that its a great car that does most things right, though not all.. I feel this model will be popular among countries that prefer big.

Flashy. Sedans, though, see the need to transition their fleet to electric.