Normally I get excited by performance figures, not the 60s top speeds. That kind of thing, but look at this I am averaging 80 miles per gallon and this isnt some plug in hybrid with Hyper inflated efficiency numbers. This is a regular Honda, Civic this to give it its full name. Is the Honda Civic ehev its a regular family hatchback as Civics have always been, but this ones gone slightly up market in terms of its Tech and price itll set you back as much as 36 000 pounds, but for that you get some fancy powertrain technology, where Previous Civics use a variety of engines. This generation comes with just one option: a super efficient, full hybrid that doesnt require plugging in okay. Let me show you whats powering this thing, because it sounds quite exotic. Doesnt it well, maybe not as exotic as you might think, because underneath the Bonnet is a two liter direct injection Atkinson cycle petrol engine, but its not alone, as you can see from these orange high voltage cables, this bad boy is electrified its connected to not one But two electric motors, the first motor, is a generator. It uses the engine to create electricity, which it can then send to the second motor to drive the front wheels or the engine can send that electricity to a small one kilowatt hour. Battery pack, underneath the rear seats to then send to that second motor to again Drive the front wheels or the engine can drive the front wheels by itself.

It all sounds incredibly complicated, but thankfully the car itself keeps things nice and simple in my hands. The Civic proved incredibly efficient in ideal circumstances, so in warm temperatures with a warm engine driving without too much stopping and starting and generally at Urban speeds below 30 miles. An hour 80 miles per gallon is possible. Ive also managed 60 miles per gallon when doing a mixture of urban a road and Motorway speeds. Realistically, though, you can expect 55 to 80 MPG from this car, which is very respectable reassuringly. The car takes care of absolutely everything you dont have to worry about being. In one of a million different driving modes, you hop in press D on the center console and off. You go its pretty much as simple as that. There is a power flow display which shows you, whether its the engine or the motor or the other motor or the batteries which is contributing to you moving along the road. But honestly, you dont have to worry about that thats just there for your curiosity, its quite an easy car to drive as well. First of all, the steering is nice and Light, which means its very, very easy to maneuver. The brake pedal is nice and smooth, which means that you can come to a stop smoothly without annoying your passengers or yourself. There are a couple of paddles behind the steering wheel which look as if they were designed for you to change gear.

They dont do that in this car they actually adjust the level of brake regeneration. So, in other words, if you pull the left hand, paddle that will cycle through four different levels of brake regen, which means that the most aggressive mode slows you down without having to press the brake pedal. Doesnt come to a complete stop and its not super aggressive. As it is in some cars like electric cars, but it does mean that you have an option to not use the brake pedal and just use your fingers. The suspension is quite nice, as well Im on a typical English B road right now, which means theres loads of undulations and imperfections, but the Civic is soaking them up. No problem whatsoever. Ive also got really good visibility. All around its a car. You jump in and feel happy to drive. The only gripe I have in terms of driving this car is the refinement theres. Quite a lot of road noise coming up off the tires and if youre going on a long journey, the level of noise that youre hearing from the road can become a little bit tiresome on the upside, the latest Civic looks pretty decent. The design is clean and simple, with a large, lower grille featuring horizontal bars and an upper grille with a honeycomb design and a blue ringed Honda badge top spec cars have the option of digital lights for easier driving at night. As for the Bodywork, well, it has a slightly different shape than before, with a wider stance, an a pillar pushed backwards to line up more accurately, with the center of the front wheels a wheelbase thats, 35 millimeters longer, but with a 20 millimeter shorter rear overhang.

The back end is smoother, especially where the boot lid joins the roof, thanks to a laser welding technique with neatly packaged rear lights and notably, an exhaust tucked away from View foreign. Now, let me talk about practicality. This is a family car, so it has to be really good in that regard. This isnt motorized, which is a bit of a shame, but the rest of it is brilliant. Total storage is 410 liters for reference. A golf is about 380. A Ford Focus is around 375 and a plug in hybrid Astra is around 350.. This is bigger than all of those and thats, especially impressive, because this is an electrified car brilliant. I also really like this look at this. A pull across parcel shelf. No Nonsense. Does the job, plus its got a couple of hooks 12 volt power supply the rear seats fold fairly easily? Do you want to know the best thing about this boot, though it comes with a rubberized mat, which means its waterproof muck proof. Everything proof, for example, lets say: Ive had an accident Ill spill, some water in there no big deal, because what I can then do is remove the entire rubber mat, Shake It Out, Chuck it away clean it and Ive still got a pristine car thanks, Honda, Music. So lets check out the back of the new Honda Civic ehev, its actually quite a nice place to spend time because of that extended wheelbase. You get quite a lot of room in here.

Look at this Im 511 and Ive got a ton of leg, room that front seats, adjusted for me and I fit great plus. I can put my feet underneath the seat and Im very, very comfortable here. Decent amounts of Headroom as well. Ive got a nice little armrest with two cup holders. One big one small rest of it is quite basic, though theres no ambient lights. The heating system back here doesnt allow you to adjust the temperature just whether the vents are open or closed, but there are two USB ports. One thing Im not very happy with, though, is look at this. On this side, youve got a little pocket to store your gadgets and bits and Bobs over here. The passenger behind the driver doesnt have one whats it all about. Does the window open all the way drum roll yeah, not bad yeah? Okay, not amazing, but spacious. I, like it whats it like up front decent, very decent. I will say the materials arent necessarily the most impressive. Shall we say if you feel around you, you might come away a bit disappointed, especially because this car is 36 000 pounds, but the general look of the cabin is quite pleasing. I like it. I got this piano black just in front of me not too much of that stuff, but just enough to make it feel classy this horizontal strip, just here with the hexagons mirrors, the front of the car, which is a nice touch.

Youve also got these joysticks which allow you to adjust the direction of your fans very very easily and on that subject, Ive got a fan, speed, knob just here, and a temperature control for the driver and passenger nice and easily integrated into buttons rather than being buried In a display, thank you. Honda once again, youre doing the correct thing in this regard. Now, in terms of practicality, weve got a couple of cup holders: nice, big, Central Storage, binacle, decent sized door, pockets and weve also got some wireless charging just in front of you right here. Your phone does move around quite a lot. Im not gon na lie to you when you go around the bend that will fly out of place and stop charging, which is slightly annoying, but you do have two USB ports and a nice big infotainment display just up here, which comes as standard by the way. With this, you get Wireless Apple carplay. So look at this no cables whatsoever, but Ive still got Apple carplay integrated into the screen, but you know what its a pricey car 36 000 pounds. So you would expect this level of quality, but Honda Ive done it quite well. I guess the last question to ask is: is it fun? Yes, it is fun I do enjoy driving this car, especially when you put it in sport mode and the character changes slightly. You realize that it handles really well so nauta 62 is done in around eight seconds.

Top speed is 112 miles an hour, although youll probably never need to go that fast in this car, but it goes around corners really nicely theres plenty of grip from the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tires and the engine noise Ill floor. It he even sounds half decent. Obviously, if you drive it like a maniac, you are going to ruin that lovely lovely fuel economy but its nice to note that the Honda Civic can be as Placid as you like, and focus very much on efficiency, one minute. But then the next minute can be a decent layoff to drive as well its a great all, rounder, a great all rounder, with an emphasis on efficiency, then theres very little knot to like about the latest Civic apart from maybe the price perhaps, but you will eventually Recoup some of that 36 000 pound outlay for this particular model through the incredible efficiency.