Hindus spending a lot of money making sure we say the name right, but this is the Kona 64 kilowatt hours its been around a little while now. But you know what Ive never really had a proper Drive in one of these but thats going to change today and were going to use this in part of our daily duties, which is to go from here to Cheltenham and back in its about 250 miles. So were going to get a chance to do a real world range test in some pretty cold conditions, its been very cold. This week it was cold last night, its about three degrees. This morning, warming up the suns coming up and so were going to see exactly what this does for real world range and get to know the car a little bit better so that I can then follow it up with a bit of review and my thoughts. Its pretty good value, long range EV and it is efficient weve shown that before, but is it as efficient as a Tesla Model. 3 long range. This is a refresh 21 plate, and so we know this is a really efficient EV. Usually he beats most things out. There now its not really a direct comparison, but we just happen to be going to Cheltenham today to drop this car off and so its a chance to run them side by side and lets just see how they compare for a bit of a interest and see Is this going to be more or less efficient than the renowned model? 3 long range fairly lightweight compact efficient? We know that front wheel, drive 64 kilowatt hours of usable battery capacity and a car like this on the late 69 early 20 car with 13 000 miles.

This ones gotten it its worth, not the best part of thirty thousand pounds upper 20s. Something like that. The Tesla Model 3 weve got here that were dropping off. This is a 2021 car with about 25 000 miles, so its newer, but higher mileage, its four wheel drive its quite a bit quicker uh dual motor about 75 kilowatt gross batteries gives you about 70 kilow hours of usable, roughly speaking so slightly larger battery known for Its efficiency – this is a good efficient car, but with this body style, will it be less efficient on the motorway compared to a Tesla? Tesla seemed to beat just about everything else for efficiency, but todays, a really good opportunity for us to find out and try these cars side by side in the same conditions at the same speed on the same roads. The best way to get a true comparison. This car here is worth about forty thousand pounds. Now the price has been dropping on the model 3s a little bit recently because theres some price cuts for tester. So I think these are just great value on the used Market at the moment and can be bought for in fact, under 40 000 pounds again lets get your mileage battery percentage. Ive got 95 battery and 251 miles of range in just normal mode. Five percent and 313 miles of range and any mode yep Ive got an Eco driving mode. An Eco plus thats, going to limit me to 60 miles now so Im going to use eco mode but Im going to keep the heating on Im in a t shirt.

So uh yeah real world its three degrees Celsius outside, so it is still cold, definitely running the heating. Were there were off lets go okay were getting the way. Half past nine. Exactly now right. So at the 15.7 miles just to come here today, 3.4 miles per kilowatt, but let me reset a trip from now. There we go right lets see what we can do. I guess itd be quite good to see uh how the real range compares to what the car tells you. I know the Tesla usually is a bit optimistic on its range uh. You can get it if youre really careful but its a static calculation. I dont know if the Hyundai is a bit more Dynamic and theres a bit more real world again the chance to find that out. So it will be interesting to see exactly what we get and then what I think of this Hyundai Kona, so Ive gone to the nav. Weve got a 120 mile Journey just 120 miles real kind of mixture of roads. Really, obviously it will be largely motivated. Your car is weighs at 70 miles per hour. Hopefully if the traffics, okay, but weve, got some country roads now and were going to be delivering in town, so theres. A mixture of motivational cars, race Country, Roads bit of everything, the roads are still quite wet and damp and filthy dirty. At the moment, every car is just getting absolutely covered with Road saw and grime Music, oh, were just doing the motorway.

So after nearly 20 miles of kind of a roads, 50 miles an hour quite efficient coming through the New Forest, this is a join the motorway. My average is 4.1 miles per kilowatt hour against in a Tesla two four one Watt hours per mile. So, actually, really very similar. So on that kind of 50 miles an hour country, roads are very similar. Lets see how that changes now in the motorway, because I think the Honda is probably gon na – be a bit less aerodynamic than the Tesla uh, but its pretty efficient well see you never know done well in previous tests, but I suspect the tester will gain on The motorway efficiency but well see okay, so Im on cruise control on the Hyundai and Ive got radar crew, so it keeps a safe distance to the car in front. Ive got a lane assist that keeps me in the lane. If I indicate it lets me change the lanes and then it sets all cameras on keeping it in between the white lines on the next Lane. Now the Tesla, unless youve bought enhanced autopilot or FSD, they actually wouldnt do that. If you indicate to change lanes, it will actually cancel the self steering the lane keeping so you have to re, engage it the Hyundai I dont actually have to do that. So pretty good autopilot on this car. Why have you got 70 50 miles an hour? Road works, look: have you seen any people working on this Ive been going for Miles along these roadworks? This is on the M3 near Winchester miles and miles of Road works, with nobody working on them just to miles an hour, because theres some stuff dug up Music.

All right after two hours of driving, just over weve done 115 miles very nearly according to the kuna Ive averaged 3.6 miles per kilowatt hour start at 95 finished here with 46. So Ive used 49 of the battery to do that pro rated that all out 100 to zero in theory would be about 235 miles now were going to carry on driving in this car. So well, try again see what we get overall during the course of the day, but lets see what the Teslas got again: its right uh. What percentage youve got back here now with Ive got 53 left thats 53 on the Tesla Im down to 46 smaller battery. I was going to use a bit more all right, whats your efficiency, 245 Watt hours from 2 45 watt hours for Miles so thats 4.1 miles per kilowatt hour, thats, pretty good isnt it 3.6 on the Kona. I have to say to Kona. I think up to about 50 miles per hour, could equal the Tesla for efficiency, but on the motorway you can just feel its not as aerodynamic. You can almost feel its holding back um. You know pushing through the air so 3.6. In the end, it dropped too. As always trumps, everyone on a highway and thats a four wheel, drive car very fast as well so the code. You know that so that Pro router gives 236 odd miles. Real World Range were going to carry on driving this car so again, well see if that changes through the course of the day, maybe well get back in one go downwards here.

I think we might just stop on the way back. Okay, anyway, lets drop off. That model three and then well carry on in the Kona. All right were driving back its time for games to drive again. So, look at the navigation that weve just put into it 116 miles, whats the range 116 miles, no 110 thats the distance the destination. The top right is a range 109.. All right cool hang on. So now your challenge is to just see if you can drive a bit gently or carefully whatever taxi you want to do Im an eagle plus now so get back in one go just for fun, really just for a challenge. It just lines up the day doesnt it all right lets see how we get on what I will say again so theres a few things that this car has that the Tesla doesnt theres a few things this car has that the Tesla doesnt head up. What is wrong with this? Why this is not great, only gon na take us five hours. All right, okay, lets see if the camera doesnt drop off this time. Well, let me tell you theres a few things. This car does have that the Tesla doesnt head up head up display theres one. Can you point find me two more kills um forget about keyless entry, uh vented seats, yeah youve got blind spot lights in the in the in the mirrors. In fact, it beeps your view from the trains plus this four, the sunglasses holder, something I always love to see in a car, proper sunglasses, thats charging good with only one yeah Tessas got that adjustable regen paddles Tesla doesnt.

Have that maybe does it? I call it live in there just to sort of play with it. Something youve got a code. Sometimes you increase it thats. What I found so far, this car has the Tesla doesnt. In fact, this does have the autopilot system Ill call it. But if you change lanes it keeps the system running Im, not the Tesla, which would cancel it. You can go all the way up here. This is 60 gigs youre gon na be gentle 42 battery youre. Fine, we know were going to stop usually just plug in for a few minutes, whilst we eat, but something fun lets make a challenge out of it. You just let everyone overtake it, though yeah. Why is your window messed it up? You like a bit cooler in here its three miles of range and under 13 miles ago. Youve got to save 10 miles somewhere. You reckon you can do it. You could probably arrive minus five miles in cold weather Lets see. We know this car uh, like you, know the cone that weve done a few videos before and theyre good for 300 miles on it. Weve done range tests before alongside when weve done, uh the Teslas and stuff like that, and I think when we did them. You know we did the family EVS up to uh Braintree yeah. We did yeah a Tesla and uh um, a Kia inero and a few things Mustang, and these are normally good for 300 miles summer range, but its the point of this test, its across the cold weather, so worst case scenario right now lets see how we go.

Music, youre not happy how he gets. That was a bit of a Long Hill. How we looking corner it was crying its fine 57 miles to go its 63 miles of range 0.17 miles just again and just one small section. So what weve done actually taking a more direct route so straight back rather than going across down the a34 and background again and that saves having to charge and its only two minutes longer so might as well. Do it thats a nice scenic route down through kind of Marlboro? Oh, this hill is lovely and the the when you increase the regen you just Coast down the hill like we are now. The Kona shows you how much youve just gained from that regen process. Youve gained 0.8 of a mile down that little bit of Hill there yeah lead at the first exit. There we go were flying, Ive got loads of uh spare. Oh somebody pulled out a roundabout s, yeah good game. In it three weeks ago, 60 64.. We could easily just stopped and plugged in for a couple of minutes. This is more fun yeah, two minutes extra, whatever another nutritious lunch on the road time, a Subway yeah. So this is an onion, sweet, corn, sweet corn on me that so normally this is where we just top up the charge a bit while so were eating, but were going off range. We dont need to were making solar at work.

So if we get back in one game plug in charge back up off the solar perfect, how should we get a foot long that quickly made against redhead what weve got left its about? Eight percent and 19 miles of range easy lemon squeezer. So how many miles is this car cover today exactly its 234 miles? Six hours, 10 minutes of driving averaging four miles per kilo hour, so over six hours of driving from this really quite good little car wash isnt, it yeah its all right, thats, all right. So its still freezing cold out here so lets wrap this up quickly with uh Roundup and some costings for you as well. So we covered 234 miles on this car today and weve got back here with eight percent spare battery, so weve used 92 percent of the battery the 234 miles. I think its a pretty good real world range test right on the way back, rather than the kind of long Motorway route, we did a more direct route uh, which is more like a rose Country Roads, and they are a bit more efficient because you just get A little bit slower, but it was only a two minute longer route and less miles, so no charging needed for that Dave over six hours of driving. So again real world nice and easy plug it in do the same thing all over again tomorrow. But what would that cost? Well, even if you pay the highest amount of electric on the cap tariff at the moment, 34 Pence per kilowatt hour, that would have cost you 20 pounds there.

We go so, I think, thats a lot cheaper than petulant diesel, even at the highest rate of electricity and dont forget. If youve got an electric car, you might go into a cheaper overnight. Electricity tap at seven Pence per kilo hour, so a fraction of that literally could have cost under five pounds, or you may have some solo like we do now, and you may be able to use some solar to get some so called free charging as well. What I would say about this remember this morning, when we set off, we had something like 250 miles of predicted range. Well, weve done, 234 weve got 19 miles left. It means that the range prediction on this really is quite accurate, where theres the Tesla is always that bit optimistic, so youve got to factor. In that I mean we only need a test ride switch to percentage. But if you look at how many miles youve got left the Teslas always optimistic. This has been very real, real world and kind of reassuring for that, and what a good little car its been for the day as well. The adaptive cruise control Lane assist is quite uncomfortable enough, so were gon na do another video where well do a bit more of an overall review of this car. The things we like and anything we dont like about it so stay subscribed and therell, be another video on that coming very soon. In the meantime, Ive been quite impressed with this little car, especially in these temperatures we know in the summer you can do a solid 300 miles on this weve done those tests before, but that in these conditions I dont think its too bad at all its a Good value electric car, this and really quite nice to drive as well so thats the Honda Kona range tested.

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