To date, it impresses with its compact dimensions and unique design. Excellent driving characteristics, High electrical efficiency, Innovative driver assistance systems and excellent ease of use. The mg4 electric will enter the important C segment in Europe with three versions to choose from the base model is the mg4 electric standard, with a 51 kilowatt hours battery a range of up to 350 kilometers in the wltp cycle and a 125 kilowatts 170 horsepower rear Electric motor, the price for this version starts at your 28 comma 990., the mg4 electric comfort and mg4 electric luxury are equipped with a 64 kilowatt hours battery in a 150 kilowatts 204 horsepower. Electric motor the Comfort model thus offers a range of up to 450 kilometers. The first pre order Vehicles will be delivered to customers in 2022 imposing in sporty design the dynamic design of the mg4 electric is the result of an extensive development involving the sake motor Design Center in Shanghai. The advanced Design Studio in London in the Royal College of Art, also in Great Britain, capital city with a length of 4287 millimeters, a width of 1836 millimeters and a height of just 1504 millimeters, the five door sedan fits perfectly into the competitive landscape.the long wheelbase of 2705 millimeters ensures attractive proportions and plenty of space even for a family of five. The trunk volume ranges from 350 to 1165 liters, powerful headlights and vertically angled indicators, give the mg4 electric a distinctive front, end extended by 28 LEDs and six vertical light guide.

Strips the three groups of fog, lights and low beam are combined with LED cornering lights. The influence of these lines can also be seen at the rear, where the elaborate LED rear lights differ in the design of their respective light, edges.172 LEDs and a rear light strip that extends across the entire width of the vehicle add further visual accents. The two tone roof and its sophisticated aerodynamics merge into a two wing spoiler that visually lengthens the cars lines and improves aerodynamics, depending on the model variant. The drag coefficient varies from CW 0.27 to 0.287, due to the active design of the cooling air admission in the front spoiler from Comfort when less cooling air is needed, the vents close improving aerodynamics by up to 30 percent and increasing range by up to 10 percent. The design of the 17 inch Tomahawk alloy wheels available in two colors for comfort and luxury models is also aerodynamically optimized and in combination with low resistance, Continental tires and 215 55 or 17 format reduces energy consumption. The mg4 electric will be available in the following exterior colors Pebble, black Dover white metal, Silver, Andes, gray, Diamond red bright and blue and fizzy orange the thinnest battery in its category and excellent electrical performance, Innovative one pack, the battery is the basis for the dynamic look Of the mg4 electric, the horizontal arrangement of the battery cells results in an overall height of only 110 millimeters, making it the thinnest battery in its class even lower than, for example, a Coke can and offering more space for an inferior vehicle at height.

The battery is part of the MSB platform for battery electric vehicles developed by parent company safe motor. The intelligent and modulated structure of these architecture offers numerous advantages in terms of flexibility, use of space safety and Driving Experience. The design is scalable and suitable for pitches from 2650 to 3100 millimeters.different body parts for different segments can be designed on the same platform from sedans and notchbacks to SUVs and Pickups to sports cars. The ng4 electric is the Brands first vehicle in Europe based on the MSB platform and will initially be offered in two battery versions. The mg4 electric standard combines a 51 kilowatt hours battery with a rear mounted 125 kilowatts electric motor to drive the rear wheels. This entry level model accelerates from zero to 100 kilometers per hour and 7.7 seconds has a top speed of 160 kilometers per hour and offers a range of up to 350 kilometers in the wltp cycle.the charging power with alternating current AC and a public charging station is 6.6, kilowatts, while the battery can be quickly recharged, with direct current DC with up to 117 kilowatts. In the latter case, the battery can be charged from 10 to 80 in 40 minutes. The comfort and luxury models have a 64 kilowatt hours battery and a 150 kilowatts motor to drive the rear wheels. You will complete the standard Sprint in 7.9 seconds and reaches a top speed of 160 kilometers per hour. The wltp range is set at 450 kilometers 435 kilometers for the luxury version, an 11 kilowatts onboard battery charger AC is standard on both models.

Meanwhile, the battery can be fast charged from 10 to 80 in 35 minutes at a speed of up to 135 KW DC enough power for about 300 kilometers in 32 minutes. In addition, all three versions have a maximum torque of 250 newton meters, exceptional handling and optimal balance with rear engine and rear wheel drive, combined with a balanced 50 50 weight distribution. The mg4 electric offers exceptional handling and driving pleasure like the larger vehicles of the European premium manufacturers mg motor uses, a McPherson front axle for the electric mg4 and a 5 link independent will compound axle for the rear axle combined with Boschs two pinion electric power steering Which quickly and precisely adapts, steering effort to vehicle speed in real time the offers, from light at low speeds, to Stronger at high speeds and three configurable modes, light standard sport. The chassis offers a direct and stable handling in the city. The mg4 electric is very agile and easy to maneuver with a turning circle of just 10.6 meters NG pilot with adaptive cruise and distance control traffic jam assistant and Lane assistant is standard. Ng4 electric uses a range of Advanced Driver assistance and Safety Systems. In addition to front Collision, warning FCW and automatic emergency braking, aeb all versions also come standard with adaptive. Cruise control, ACC traffic jam, assist tja, Lane departure warning ldw and Lane departure warning lka, which are grouped under the name mg pilot and allow a certain driving autonomy.

In addition, there is the intelligent, headlight control IHC and the speed assistant SAS with traffic sign recognition. In addition to the mg4 electric luxury, the mg pilot also offers blind spot detection BSD and Lane change assist LCA. It also warns of cross traffic behind the vehicle through the rcta rear, cross traffic alert feature and of oncoming Vehicles when a door is open due to a door open warning Dow, an unstable ride, warning BCC is also available. The 360 degree camera shows the drivers surroundings on the screen around the mg4 electric high suitability for everyday use and modern connectivity, though ng4 electric offers high suitability for everyday use, with plenty of space for up to five passengers and numerous storage compartments. The additional heat pump of the Lux version makes the air conditioning even more efficient. The vehicle battery can also function as a mobile power bank vehicle to load and Supply external devices such as e bikes, smartphones and computers, with power via an adapter cable. The mg4 electric has a 7 inch digital instrument, cluster, with key information and a 10.25 inch mobile infotainment screen.