So we thought to do a separate video on it. Now, if youre interested in seeing the detailed review of the vehicle itself do check it up on your pop banner down description below or indeed in the pinned comments now to kick off this video, we have to talk about its audio configuration, and here youve got six Drivers with 3D audio sound and that comes comprised within the SE and the trophy long range as standard with no option to upgrades. Therefore, here you have got speakers found within each of the four doors and then youve got tweeters found within the a pillars. Now for you to Tink around with the audio drivers, you want to navigate only 10.25 inch display, and here you will find a five band. Equalizer, whereby weve taken three notches off 80 Hertz, one notch of 500 Hertz and an added one notch to one kilohertz, five kilohertz and 16 kilohertz. Of course, its all very subjective, so make sure you share your own EQ settings. If you have the mg5ev, then in the comments section below all now, we would like to point out that there is no virtual subwoofer option which was present on the old mg5evs infotainment system. This seems to have been enabled by default, given our own EQ settings and experiences of it, but just something we thought to share elsewhere. Youve also got a loudness mode, which we have enabled on the new mg5ev. Now, if you do want to connect up to the infotainment system, you have got Bluetooth whereby the SBC and AC codecs are supported only but better still, you have got Android, auto and apple carplay, supported over a wired format allowing for better quality playback.

Although its worth noting that we did experience quite a few issues with Android auto connecting and disconnecting, but this could be a potentially isolated issue now. Nonetheless, if you do want the highest quality playback, you want to add movie or indeed audio files to a USB, because here the mg5evs infotainment system does support USB playback so moving swiftly on we get onto cabin noise, and here are the numbers that were recorded by Us using a sound data will be on your screen now for those who are subscribed, youll realize that the figures as the lower speeds are actually pretty impressive. Although its worth pointing out that here, the sound meter did not pick up the low end resonance. That was present at lower speeds and therefore, when traversing uneven terrain or, for example, while going over potholes or speed bumps, it is minimal, but just something we thought to highlight in comparison to some Alternatives out there on the market. This is very much the same sort of case that could be said about the rest of mgs, fully electric Fleet. Now, as for the higher speeds, you do have a bit of noise that Creeps in from the tires and a little bit of wind. That can be heard off the aplas, but it is quite minimal in the grander scheme of things. So therefore, weve got no inherent complaints, so, with all of that said and done, lets go on to an audio demo, where youre placing the camera and the microphone in four separate locations and playing back a track.

Its titled like me, and it sang by Priya, J Music me ga Music, waste time Music, see that you are Music, everybody else Music. Now I appreciate an audio demo. Over YouTube is never ideal. So let me get onto my subjective opinion now. First off in terms of the sub bass tones, they are cut short, which is no surprise, given the fact that there is an emission of a physical subwoofer unit. But on the flip side, youve got this virtual subwoofer, which seemingly has been enabled as standard on the new mg5ev, as I did mention before and as a result, youve got a little bit of extra oomph towards these sub bass. Tones on that note here is both the quantity and quality are done, pretty good, both at the front and rear of the cabin for the mid bass tones. I actually reduced a few notches towards the EQ in order to reduce its mid base impact, but of course, that is all very subjective, depending on how much of a base head youd consider yourself to be now. As for the mids, they are pushed back and recessed. Now you could be quick to say you could have eqd it via the infotainment system, but doing so will add a little bit of inaccuracy through the mid range tones and therefore adding a little bit of an odds, re Reverb as well. So, in my case, I actually chose to go for more of a reference sound all, while accepting that there is somewhat of a v shaped sound signature.

As for the highs, they extend pretty well at the front of the cabin due to the inclusion of the dedicated tweeters found within the a pillars, but at the rear of the cabin it is lackluster and, of course, over here, youll find that the sounds are coming. More towards the front of the cabin and therefore doesnt give you the same sort of toe tapping feeling now equally when it comes to its Sound Stage, its a little bit lackluster, due to having only four audio drivers at the front and two at the rear. Indeed, you here, the overall width and depth just feels a little bit closed and the instrument separation could have been improved with that said, the oval 3D audio processing isnt too shabby and equally here you still get a good degree of Engagement. Ultimately, what Im trying to say over here is that the mg5 EVS audio system is neither bad, nor is it great and therefore will suffice for most consumers as such it gets or approved. Audio Awards now Ill be curious to know what you make of the audio system down in the comments section below and how you feel it compares to some of its competitors. Now, if youve liked this independent detail review and want to see more definitely do consider dropping a like, subscribing and hitting that Bell notification, all of which will be greatly appreciated. As such Ive been Chris from totally EV and Ill, hopefully see you in the next one.