The all electric Blazer EV SS, is the complete package with style performance technology and an available GM estimated range of up to 290 miles on a full charge. Lets take a closer look at the first ever Chevrolet Blazer, EV, Music. Welcome to the Chevy my way, Studio, Im Dez here to give you a tour of the first ever all electric Chevrolet Blazer EV. It comes with three distinct personalities, the LT RS and Chevys. First, ever SS performance model on an EV seen here in radiant red the Blazer evils built from the ground up around GMs game, changing Altium platform, which allows for design freedom and flexibility and charging speeds range and performance. The Blazer EV is a standout on the road, with a bold, sporty appeal and unique eye catching details. As you can see, the Blazer evss has the sole of a true sports car. The unique front grille illuminated emblem and a two tone: roof are complemented by standard 22 inch wheels on SS. It also offers the Innovative available front and rear walk up, LED lighting feature. You can also see here the power charge port door integrated into the exterior design and around the rear of the vehicle. We find the presence based liftgate. It opens when youre behind the vehicle for five seconds, with the key fob, no hands needed, look inside refined, modern sporty. The cabin is driver Centric with a flat bottom steering wheel for the RS NSS trims.

The LTM battery platform is flat which allows for plenty of space for passengers and extra storage, two roads seat up to five people comfortably or allows for Max cargo space of 64.2 cubic feet. Theres no button to start the car with the hands free start system. Laser EV is ready to go when you are no fumbling with keys or pushing buttons simply enter the vehicle. With your key fob buckle up then tap the brake and Blazer EV is ready to drive and heres the command center. A huge 17.7 inch diagonal color display touch screen that flows into an 11 inch diagonal driver information center. Putting you at the center of everything the touch screen allows you to wirelessly connect to your phone access. Apps, like available Amazon Alexa built in available Google built in compatibility and the my Chevrolet mobile app with energy, assist to map your routes, locate charging stations and much more. The Blazer EV also offers available wireless charging for your phone for cord free cabin experience. Now lets talk performance. You can see the Blazer EV has low wide proportions. The LTM battery provides a low center of gravity, giving you enhanced driving stability. It also has independent front and rear suspension for exceptional responsiveness and a smooth ride. The all new Altium platform supports three available: Drive systems, front wheel, drive all wheel, drive and rear wheel drive on the SS performance model. You get what Chevy calls wow mode, which means wide open watts and translates to a GM estimated 0 60 in under 4 seconds, and the SS trim provides a GM estimated 557 horsepower and up to 648 pound feet of torque when enabled regen on demand.

And one pedal driving can help maximize efficiency by converting the vehicles kinetic energy into energy stored in the battery, contributing to the impressive available GM estimated driving range of up to 290 miles on SS models for home charging. The Blazer EV comes with an 11.5 kilowatt level. 2, AC charging module. That means you can skip the gas station and charge at home using the included dual level charge cord for level 1 charging with a standard 120 volt Outlet level 2 Charging with a 240 volt Outlet or upgrade to the available Altium power up level 2 wall charger. For faster charging at home, you can also use a public DC fast charging station any way you charge the Blazer EV its seamless and simple. The Blazer EV also offers Chevrolets latest driver assistance Technologies. This includes the standard Chevy safety assist Suite of Technologies with automatic emergency. Braking from pedestrian braking and much more Super cruise is available as well. Thats the industrys first true hands free driver assistance technology. It lets drivers, travel hands free on 400 000 miles of compatible roads across the U.S and Canada. To learn more about the Blazer EV schedule.