What we are seeing. This is the electric version of the Citron C3. So so we are going to Vlog about this vehicle. The the latest launch vehicle here. So we have uh uh. You know Tamil uh, okay, Tamil modern here uh to explain a little bit about the vehicle and uh about the vehicle and a little bit about the differences from the citrion EC3 and the C3 model here so uh Tamil uh sir. This was launched when sir, actually yesterday only launched okay, so this is the latest launched vehicle over here. So this is the electric version of the C3 yeah. This is the orange color okay, so this is the Which models do we have? What all models do we get in this? We have a live model. Is that field model is there and field model? We have a monoton option, theyre monitors. This is the field monitor. This is the orange okay, so you mean monotone in single okay. Okay, so when you say the flip back one, so you have some click back option for the yeah okay. So what is so lets? Uh come up to a few questions generally when we ask for the electric vehicle. So what is the range which will provide? So here is certified is 320. on the road, driving condition and traffic condition. We will get uh 220 to 30 220 to 2 30.. So is there any regeneration on this regeneration breaking? Is there regenerative braking? Is there okay, so uh any modes of driving are two standard models.

Your driving mode? Is there okay driving is not an economic mode, two drive mode? Is there only standard mode on economic model? There is provided for this. So actually, this Motors uh permanent magnet synchronous, motor theyre using this vehicle power is 57 PS, 57 PS, so 143 Newton meter, 143 Newton meter of drawer, is provided for this vehicle. So what is the ground clearance of this vehicle this? This one is a 170 170 ground, so any differences with the the normal petrol vehicle uh. With this petrol petrol, petrol C3 is a 180mo. So it is just wanted to show you here. The petrol vehicle is actually kept beside it. Only this is the new Citron. C3 model that was the EC3 what we were checking and this ground clearance. This is the 180 ML. So one thing I wanted to tell you about this vehicle is the battery is in the floor, pan yeah yeah. So that is why we get 10 mm. Less of drone clearance in the electric version of the Citroen uh vehicle yeah. So that is the major difference in any any major difference between the petrol and the uh petrol version. We dont have a automatic okay, we dont have automatic transmission at all. In petrol version. Is what uh electricity comes with the automotive only and another one thing we dont have a IR VM DNA IR VM is not there in petrol version, okay electrical version, so, as you said about the flip back right, so can you explain a little bit about the Flip back as you dont have the model here in uh electric version in case in electric vehicle.

This is field monotone. This is a monotone option means you will get a printed overview somewhere. Closer painted over VM cover, okay, okay, for example. This is a dual drone. Okay, this is the petrol version: okay, okay. This is why it is polar white and platinum roof. Okay, in case with wiper combination, the painted overview. Okay, this comes with the same roof: color, okay, okay and another one thing door: molding will get it and take this the same color, so yeah yeah. So that are the version, changes yeah. So once you go for the higher versions, the flipback version of the buyback will become. Okay. If you dont want white backgrounds, you can select, monotone feel monotone okay, so the monotone version is what it is displayed over here. Yes, so in case, if you select, the uh combination means you will get an additional fog, lamp, Okay and fog. Lamp surrounding will be a cladding will become great okay. The cladding will be provided here in the yeah. This one same, like reflector, also is available. Okay, okay, so main three things what we covered here: the range of the vehicle. What uh here Sr said was 220 to 240 uh with the with the driving pattern and the road conditions. One is that and uh mainly one thing about what we wanted to ask is the so this was about the main detailing of the vehicle. A little bit more detailing sir, will be explaining uh inside the cabin so just to explain a little bit and show you what are the charging knobs given here and the charger.

So let me show you the charger. First, please come here. So the charger comes along with the vehicle, so Ill just show you. So there is a button here which to open the boot space and uh yeah. So this is the charger, as I can show you. This is the home AC charger. So if you see the charger length and the charger, this is the 15 amp pin which is provided, and you can also cover the boot space. So what is the boot space? 315 liters of boot space and one more thing the spare tire is provided beneath the beneath this only below here, its also 100 percentage. Foldable seats are also provided, so so that was about the boot space and the charger provided here Ill show you the charging lid. So once you enter here, I can show you: the charging lid is provided here. Okay, as you can see, this is a single pedal drive. This is an automatic transmission. The charging lid is provided here and this is the uh front, Bonnet opening a knob. So let me just show you this first is so one is this and just in the front right door itself, you can see there is the charging knob. So so this is a combination of cch2. I can show you this is the AC charger and this is the DC fast charger. I can tell you a combination of cch2, so as of now, we have Xeon Chargers, Tata Motors Chargers and the fast charges available.

So what is the charging time for uh fast Chargers, ten hours for normal home charging yeah, and what about the DC uh fast charging Within full charge, one to one and a half hour that uh hes, quoting something around the 60 Minutes or 60 minutes plus 30 Minutes 90 minutes it will be completely charged. So that is what sir is saying. So this was about the charging and also the charging time at home. So one more question to ask you, as other uh like you know, manufacturers are also giving the charging slot at home. So will this be provided with a charging slot at home uh that we need to take good memory sure, so we can check with that and uh yeah. So please uh come to the rare seat, as let me show you the front seats a little bit later Ill just see the rare share Comforts. So this is okay, so as you can see it, so I am five seven. It is quite comfortable uh. The under thigh support is not that great, but it is fine, sir, wanted to explain a little bit here. So what is this? What you were saying this is actually this is a rear power window button, sir okay. Okay, this is for charger. This is the fast charger USB also provided. This is the rare power window buttons. If you see the door handles right near the door handles, you will not be provided with the power window buttons, the same power window buttons are provided here.

So that the driver also can use this button, yeah and also the passengers are sitting behind, can use this. So this is to just show you how the inside cabin looks. So this doesnt have the uh headrest for both the front two seats and uh. Also to the rear seat, I can cover here and the door handles look as this only premium, but coffee here you can see the doors here so this hand uh this handles here handles, are given at all the two positions behind so yeah. So sir, was explaining a little bit on the uh, so so what are the options here actually provided, sir? In this one so day, night irvm provided adjustable, also, okay, so one is about this. This is the cabin light provided. Okay and uh. Do we have a vanity meter here? Yes, there is Vanity mirrors provided and there is no vanity mirror. I think here yeah it is not so let me come print and uh cover up a little bit. So first thing is: let me enter inside the cabin the driver seat and see the Comfort here so lets start with the key. So okay, so this is the Citron badging here what they have yeah so for the EC3 model we have. This is a spare key. Actually, what I was showing and uh this is uh another key wherein you have block and unlock option so Ill. Just come a little bit closer and show you lock or unlock key option.

Milk here lock and unlock so yeah. So lets just start the I I do not want to say engine. Yes lets start with the motor and just tell you so so there is no push start button here for all the models. Yeah yeah for all the models so lets just start the machine and, as you can see, the this is the infotainment system. So how much inches is the infotainment system for 10 inch in 14 minutes completely wireless, so Bluetooth, connectivity, Apple, Apple, car and uh to play? Is also provided here, so you can see these are the AC vents yeah. This is the sound system. What is playing here, these are the uh volume up and down call Pick and drop. This is the voice control actually provided here now, sir, this is the voice control, and what do you mean by srcs Source, its like a mode its like a mode, and this is actually nice. The volume and the music system is crazy and uh. This is the home button. So as this is the very uh uh, its a very beautiful uh, 10 inch uh system what they have provided in the settings. They have a lot of uh display options brightness. So that is one thing, so they have provided to uh. The hazard button uh the USB cable 12 volt Supply uh. You can see and uh. So let me come to the Gear system here, a little bit in time.

So one thing I just wanted to cover here: instrumentation clusters, so I will show you one thing. So this is the range so see this is the battery okay. What is the battery? This? Is the battery uh left out? Okay and now now there is a button here and once I click this, it shows me the odometer 49 kilometers is what I have covered once I click again. This is the trip trips. That is one thing and trip A and B is what is provided and 34.9 percentage of charge is what is left out, so that is about it so yeah. So nothing much provided here with my coffee here, so all they have given. Then one more thing is uh, so this is the cabin and the horn button is in the center uh foreign wanted to cover a little bit about the gears. Lets finish the gears in the first thing, so so it is in neutral. So I have to on the machine here as soon as I on the machine uh as you can see, as you can see, I have put on the handbrake and now I can change the gears actually so now I will move this to this down. Drive move this another time down. Okay, I need to select it okay, once I selected it selects to the ECO mode and then, if I come again top it selects again back to the neutral eco mode in case, if you want, you can select yeah, you can select uh in case.

If you dont want to, you can remove it. So what is the zico monster? Is it for economical driving or getting more mileage of the vehicle? Yeah? Yes, okay, okay, getting more mileage of the vehicle, so once I put back to reverse uh, so this does not have any reverse parking. Camera reverse parking, camera and liable is a part of accessories. Okay, fine, fine! So once I put it put it to the reverse mode: uh, it actually doesnt have uh the reverse parking camera. So that is one thing uh what we missed out here, but it is a part of an accessory which we can get it. So again, we come back to the neutral mode and uh that was about the gears and the system how it works. So, as very clearly, as I said, this is a single pedal driving. This is a dead pedal in my left and Brake or uh. Acceleration is what it is provided here is not for test drive. This is a Gadi which is inside the uh this one so just wanted to explain all of these so uh. One more thing whatsoever wanted to explain here. So what is this, sir? This has a height adjustable seat; either it is, you can see, height, adjustable seat and also okay. Okay. This is a very crazy. I can increase the height also, so this works completely a complete tour inside uh. So one more thing I will just wanted to show.

Uh and lets just show the motor how it is placed okay, so sir, was explaining a little bit about the motor uh. So what is this uh motor, sir, which is permanent magnets International motor? They are using Okay, permanent magnet synchronous, motor uh, which will provide uh 143 Newton meter of torque, Okay, so coffee. Here I mean it is enough for the City Drive and uh all of this, so so uh. One more thing wanted to ask you: what is the tire size? What is it 14 inches the radial tire? Okay, so, with this 190 frame, okay, suspect ratio is 65. Okay yeah. All I will this option is there? If you want means, you can fix? Okay. So, on the we dont have any turn indicators on the uh RPM right, yes, okay, so that is one thing: okay, oh and we have an antenna here which is provided in the front only and one more main question, sir, as uh this vehicle, any differences in The length of the vehicle from the uh no, no almost same only so. What is it? What is the length of the three thousand nine hundred and eighty one more okay, sub 4 meter concept of uh. So can we call this as an SUV or something like that? So this is a completely basic with the hotspot. Only okay, with the SUV stand with the hdb standards. Okay, so that was completely a walkthrough of the vehicle and I showed you inside cabins or uh.

Uh instrumentation cluster, with a clear what all it is providing so a very beautiful vehicle where it starts from 11.5 to 12.43 of the showroom price, and they are promising something around 220 to 240 on road, which is a air, is certified around 320 kilometers and the Cabin space I mean for a family drive and a City Drive of electric vehicle. As you can see, it has a cch2 port in which uh fast charging also is provided in this vehicle and also a regenerative mode which every vehicle is providing these days and a beautiful, beautiful Vlog and a beautiful uh uh like detailing about the vehicle. Thank you. Thank you um comment below if you have uh anything to tell about the car, if you have already taken a test, drive Im going to take a test drive very soon from here itself and uh. Please comment below if you want to have any collaborations with me about the vehicle or anything you want to know more about this vehicle and uh yeah.