Now mg is a company going up against that with low cost, but efficient electric cars that are based around being as easy to use as possible. Now the new mg5 is one of its latest vehicles and its one of the few electric estate cars currently available in the UK. So if you are wanting a low cost, EV thats, practical and efficient, why should you be looking at this? Well in our video today? Were going to find out this newly designed, mg5 looks particularly good and the Sleek front end is far more premium in terms of looks than weve come to expect from mg, obviously being in a state its designed around practicality. But we think the dimensions and the Chrome accents make this whole car look really good, though the mg5 has been designed to be as cost effective as possible. You wouldnt sense that this is a budget model from in here. Of course, 30 000 pounds is decidedly not budget, but when compared to the rest of the Electric market, its severely undercutting it. Despite that, its got loads of great fixtures and fittings all cars get a 10.25 inch display and that houses all your media and navigation functions, and you also get Apple, carplay and Android, auto included as standard. So you can just mirror your smartphone onto the screen too. I think its a bit of a pain that the heating and ventilation is located into the screen as Ive spoken about before.

I prefer to have physical buttons, but you do get a shortcut button on this setup down here, so you can quickly and easily find it. Another good feature is the fact that the transmission section flies over this bottom area, which is really good for loose items and its rubberized too, so it stops them from rolling around and once youre. There youll also find two USB charging ports and a 12 volt socket too so theres loads of charging options as well. Youve also got two big cut: poles in the middle and a nice deep section in the center. So overall, I feel like its both well equipped and very nicely made. The fit and finish is, is really good Ill. Tell you why its hard not to be impressed by the space that you get in the back of the mg5 Ive got loads of legroom knee room room for my feet and plenty of Headroom too, and the seat is in my usual driving position. Its also a really nice flat floor, so whoevers going to be sitting in the middle doesnt, get shortchanged in terms of room for their feet, all right, its a little bit basic theres, no independent controls for the heating and ventilation back here. But you do get a USB and a USBC charging port, so at least you can keep your devices topped up, and this rear seat in general is reasonably flat and its not awfully bolstered, but I think its going to prove quite comfortable over long Journeys.

I just think overall, its tick, the box for space, which is what you want from a car like this, and you also get isofix points on both of the outside seats. So, yes, very impressed back here. Obviously, if youre looking at an estate car, then practicality is going to be the Forefront of your priorities and with its 464 liter boot loads. It up to this section here. The mg5 definitely has that practicality Bots ticked and when you compare it to a car thats. Similarly priced like the Volkswagen ID3, that only has 385 liters to offer, so you can see how much more space youre getting despite not having to pay any more. I also like the fact that this car has a split level boot, so you can put the cables underneath and keep them stored away and nice and tidy theres quite a bit of a lip there. So bringing things out is going to prove a bit of a chore, particularly if theyre heavy, but overall I like this space. So is the fuss free nature of the mg5 Matched by an equally paired back Driving Experience? Yeah, I would say I would say it was 250 mile range up to 250 miles, depending on which specification of mg5 you get so its got more than enough in the tank to do short Journeys and those longer ones as and when you need to as well. It can do a 10 to 80 charge via a rapid charger in about an hour so thats a little bit off the pace of some Rivals and a full charge fire a home.

Seven kilowatt charger will be around nine hours so overnight its gon na its gon na be a full overnight charge to get that fully topped up battery the Driving Experience definitely leans more towards the comfortable than the involving and actually, I think, thats something that is very Refreshing these days, theres a little bit of body lean, theres a little bit of role, but all of those things add up to make this car just more comfortable and I think thats not a bad thing at all down this slightly mismatched road that were driving on Now its dealing well with potholes its getting over the worst of the imperfections and, if youre driving fully loaded with kids in the back or dogs in the back, then youre going to want them to be comfortable. You dont want their teeth running around. So I think this car does does really well in that front, theres quite a loud noise from the electric motor when you, when you step on it its certainly louder than Ive, come across in other electric cars. That does make it quite exciting, but you can tell that theres not as much sound insulation as youd find in other rival EVS. You can hear the water splashing up inside the walls, and you can just hear the wind and the air rushing around thats going to come as a byproduct of having a cheaper price tag is theres no way of getting around it and I think its quite a Reasonable trade off in order to still get a very practical, very useful car the performance is good.

I feel that judging EVS, based on their figures alone is actually not that useful, because when you get in and drive them for the first time or if youve just come out of a diesel or a petrol car youd be amazed at how quickly they accelerate away From the line, this car isnt as sharp to accelerate uh, something like a Cooper born and weve done, a review on that. You can go and check that out now on the motorcycle UK YouTube channel, but compared to a traditional petrol diesel estate car. I think youll find that the mg5 feels quite exciting and quite a lot brisker away from the line than you might expect. The steering is really light its not overburdened with feel. I think that lightness could make this car feel a touch nervy. At times it certainly doesnt feel planted, but again this isnt a sports car, this isnt a performance vehicle. This is a usable, everyday, electric estate, car and so the steering more than matches up to it. I feel how does it compare to something like a skoda Kodiak? I think it does quite well Id say that the low speed ride in this car is slightly more comfortable than the end Yak, particularly the enyaks, on the large wheels and with the Sportline suspension pack. I think that this is a whole lot more comfortable, as you can see, Im getting a little bit more of that roll and that just moving about, but it feels quite Pleasant.

It feels like an old school estate, car and thats, quite nice, as in most EVS theres regen, braking to be found in this one and, unlike the eqa that weve been having a look at you, dont control it via the paddles and you dont control it by A specific mode on the transmission theres, actually a switch down to my left hand, side, which is titled curse, which is quite exciting for F1 fans, Im, sure and thats how you adjust, how much regen youre getting so level. Three is most about a regen: you let off the throttle and itll really start to slow itself down, and then you can taper that back to remove it entirely and thats what youll want to do on the motorway. You actually want to have the car to Coast because thats the most efficient way of driving an EV around lanes and around town, I tend to have it the most aggressive regen settings, so you can largely drive it without having to use the main brake pedal. The visibility is pretty good too. These front pillars are nicely slim, so theres not too much of a blind spot, and there are some gaps in between the wing mirror and the body itself. So you can see straight through over the shoulder isnt too bad, but it is blocked slightly by some pillars and the rear screen is relatively slim, but that comes from having an estate car body style. It just tends to be a bit of a factor unless youve got something like an old Volvo, where there was the big Square screen, but thats not the case.

A most modern estate cars its more than usable enough. But I think I think its just a little bit tight. I find the mg5 to be a really appealing package. Its got that no nonsense approach that I think the EV Market has been crying out for its got a really decent sized boot, very pleasant interior. With a good amount of standard equipment – and it does all of that at a price that undercuts so many of its Rivals, its quite hard to imagine. The great news is that the mg5s fundamentals, including that great sense of space and practicality, were present on its predecessor, which is largely just the same, and that means that you can get the same level of space that you have in this car. For a far more appealing price on the used market, so its worth checking out on to see some of the examples that are available there at the moment too. Thank you for watching this new car review on the mg5. If you have enjoyed it, please leave us a like below and let us know in the comment section if you think the md5 is worthy of that estate car name. Would you pick it over a conventional petrol or diesel estate, car and since youre? Here please remember to subscribe to the motors.