When we get an all new car, it is second generation Kyron Nero. Yes, I think theres too many too many. What theres a hybrid, a plug in hybrid and a way up here, which is a full EV yeah? Are there a lot of things now that come in three different Towers, rain variants? People want their options? I guess yeah anyway, lets only stick to this because theres a lot to talk about with plug in hybrid, yes and the regular hybrid, which well talk about when we get the car in a few weeks. Yes, there are a lot of 45 degree and 90 degree design line angles on the exterior, and I like it. So the headlights look okay, but the fog lights and the housing and the turn signals are all theyre, so good, yeah anything you specifically like about the shape in general. Before we get into some small peculiar details, um, I really love that accent line they put on the back pillar that big yeah thats only available in one color combination, which is this one, the White and the gray pillars. I really like it. I think its its different from everything else on the road. If different is what you want, then this gives you that option. I think a lot of people are not going to choose it because theyre going to go, maybe you think uh. You know I dont know. If I want to stand out that much along the front, its a typical EV, so there is no real Grill and on the top trim, which is over in you, get some textured patterns around it.

Most EVS have little air curtains by the front fender right. This does not. Instead, there is an error curtain at the top of the c pillar, its a weird space for it um, but I think its kind of nice. It does its thing and kind of speaks to the whole vehicle Im, calling it a sub compact crossover. Instead of a hatchback isnt it a sub compact crossover, I guess not its its. The ground clearance is really the thing, because its and – and that was one of the things I was going to say for later, but spoiler alert lets get into it now all right. I drove this in a snowstorm this week and the thing that I found that was the difference between this and the compact crossover that we also are testing this week was the ground clearance, its not the the powertrain had trouble getting through stuff its that it was. I didnt have the height that I needed to clear like say: drifts at the end of the driveway kind of thing. Oh interesting, yeah wheels are kind of boring a little too much material, not enough holes through it. So theres not really that nice element of design on the top trim. Strangely, you get two tone door handles part: Chrome, part body color. You know if theres any segment where the designers can just have at it and experiment and have fun and see what sticks with people and what doesnt its this one and I guess based off success or failure of this.

It goes uh up and over and Beyond. Right exactly its a nice clean design, the last Nero wasnt groundbreaking by any means. No, it was sort of bulbous and yeah. Not it didnt stand out in any way. The inside has some pretty interesting different stuff going on too. I really love this accent line where it starts at the top of the dashboard and comes all the way down the door handles so good. It is, you know its a little weird to adjust to having your controls so high up close to the Belt Line right, but once you do such a nice clean, modern, look on such an affordable car yeah. This is stuff that you usually see higher up. So a little part just above the glove box, thats kind of homeless, this yeah yeah I dont like that either and it looks like a dust and fingerprint magnet to me because its this gloss black and then its theres so much depth to it. Thats, the only complaint that I have of the entire interior design is that piece I like it, because it changes color with the ambient lights. If you go top trim, if youve seen any of our newer Kia reviews, youll know that the HVAC slash infotainment bar is not new and I think they brought it out initially with the Sportage so now its in this, which is pretty good, you know what the More, I use it the more I dont like it, you can set it so that it will default to say the HVAC.

If thats, what you think youll use more often, which you should right and then you hit a button to go to the audio and then after a few seconds, itll go back to the HVAC right. I keep thinking that it has gone back when it hasnt or it hasnt gone back when it has, and so I go Ill, adjust the temperature and then Ill go to yeah yeah. I ended up blasting the volume at one point, so um yeah, I just I cant – wrap my head around it all right. Well, I like it because its a good use of space. It is I love. I want to love it, but maybe next year yeah you get your two big screens built into one big piece of plastic, its a little slow. When I was doing some playing around with it I had gloves on. I had gloves off it, just didnt really do it. For me, it looks nice easy to get through. Everything is where it has to be and where it needs to be, I dont mind the digital dashboard except I cant see the top of it right. The way I have the wheel, which is all the way down at the bottom right, fortunately theres a heads of display if you want to go for the top trim. But if you dont care for the top trim, then right youre stuck looking down or looking through, but the best part is your range in kilometers.

Remaining is on the bottom left. There is no percentage, though right. Do you care? No, why it doesnt matter to me what percentage of the battery is left it matters to me. How far I can go. Seats are not leather and not cloth. They are synthetic leather, its the one as in plastic, actually thats not entirely true. Some companies are working on some synthetic Leathers that are not plastic based. They use bio materials. Okay, your wireless charging with the top trim, you get your upgraded Harman, Kardon audio system and the gear shift its nice because its the big centerpiece, but that start stop button. Being yeah, I keep going for it here. I know thats where it should be yeah. I dont know maybe its just me no Im with you on that, but no Wireless Apple, carplay and Android auto in this, which is annoying. I know a quick talk about the cup holders and center console before we go to the driving part. I actually thought you were gon na hate this I do yeah. I do because theres no privacy not only that but its not symmetrical, know where the cup holders are and youre not into that Im, not and Im. Okay, with having to push a button to get very second half if the couples are out. So you get lots of storage if you dont use it. I like that, its modular and flexible last thing you have your USB A and C ports up front and you have USB ports in the backs of the seats which are behind my elbow on the top trim.

You get cooled seats and you also get heated rear seats which should be on more trims than a Navy. I dont really care for the cooled seats. No sorry, I mean the heated rear seats because in an EV heated seats will warm you much more efficiently and burn less range than trying to do it through the HVAC system, its a brand new subcompact. So we have to test the rear seat for space right now. Jay is in my seating position and Ive got lots of leg room. As you can see, tons uh lets see what happens. All right were coming back into your oh, oh, okay. So the footwell is a little bit tight. Okay, when you come back, okay, good and Ill, give you some space now, okay, up yeah! So as long as the driver, doesnt have a really weird seating position, this is going to be fine. Ive got again tons of like room now so thats thats me lots whats that Center armrest, like thats a good question, lets pull that down and have a look just just two cup holders here its nice, that there are air conditioning vents for the back yeah. You dont always see that in a car this size and the heated rear seats back here, as we mentioned good amount of Headroom as well. My only complaint is that the cushions are not very compliant theyre, a little bit stiff. I dont know if it would be comfortable to sit in this for a really long time verify, but you get your USBS in the backs of the front seats, yeah right here, the two usbcs uh pockets on here.

This is this is um hard plastic. So anybody who, with really long legs would not be uh. I find this pretty uncomfortable yeah, but uh pretty. Okay, oh well! I would say: Im gon na jump on the highway to see how fast this goes Im going to put it into sport mode. You can! Oh boy, you can feel the difference between those killer. A little bit of rain. I know, were really low on Range. So Im not going to do this for long might throttle the the power output a little bit because we are so low. So this will be a good experiment, all right so 64.8 kilowatt per hour battery uh, all of the Nero EVS get the same 201 horsepower and 188 pound feet of torque. So it feels like were moving pretty quick um, its not the most powerful Eevee and the Nero isnt meant to be the most powerful EV uh, the same thing with the Kona same thing with the soul. And if you do want your power, theres, the ev6 GT. Thats got our charging times out of the way so level, 157 hours and five minutes. So five minutes like 57 hours. What do you care about five minutes? It matters. You plan your life around it: okay, so level, two uh nine hours and five minutes, and you have three options for level three, but you dont right. You have two and a half options. 50. Kilowatts takes 65 minutes.

Okay, good Fine Fare its pretty long wait but yep level. Three at a hundred kilowatts takes you 45 minutes level, three at 350, kilowatts, 43 minutes, so youre saving two minutes by going to a 350 as opposed to 100.. We never heard of that. Is that because it doesnt actually take all the way to yeah so but its there in case, you need to be somewhere. Two minutes. Yeah range is up to 407., so thats. Why that 50 kilowatt number is so high is because its a lot to recover with any EV weather has a big impact on Range, so I picked it up at 100. It was Monday, the last Monday in February second last Monday in February, and it had 360 ish kilometers of range and Im Im, not gon na get upset over it because I understand thats how cold weather works. It was 23 degrees Celsius every day and there were no Hills or anything other than Flat. Road would be fine. Now, on the same charge that weve had all week were probably going to end up in the 250 mark because were at around 230 right now and maybe 225 and theres. As I look in the corner 47 kilometers of rain, which reminds me Im just going to go into eco mode here, we have Eco normal in sport and if you hold this little paddle down, you have a snow mode as well, which I found useful this week, Which is pretty awesome um again its February in Canada and theyve had a snowstorm this weekend, its been like, I say, unseasonably cold, but its been its been colder right.

Now you can get some of that power back, because the Nero thankfully has five levels of regen yeah, just like the ionic, 5 and ev6 very similar system, its such a smart way to do it. It is to do it. If you want your eye pedal one pedal drive, then you get it and it says both on the dashboard Music. I still dont like the full one pattern. Um I do, it helps recover range. Quite significantly. I agree it its very functional and, for my preferred driving style I would rather have just a little bit more a free flow of power, as well as having it pulled back being so small parking is pretty easy and maneuvering is pretty easy. Theres no 360 cam available. I dont think you need it. No, the resolution of the camera is pretty good. It doesnt take up the entire infotainment screen in place of that you have half of it as your actual camera view, and the other part of it is the sensor View so theres three trims theres the premium Premium Plus like the crackers, but not like the crackers And The Limited, so this is pulled straight from Kias site Canada check, often because prices changed all the time. The premium, which is your entry level, comes in at 47.883. Now that includes your free PDI, almost 2 800 dollars tacked on it that they include into your price on the website. If you want to go from the premium to the premium, plus its only after three thousand dollars so youre at 50 883 – and I think most people will live there.

If you want all the fun stuff which I will mention in a moment, which is a part of the limited trim, thats an extra five thousand so youre at 55 883, some of the highlights of the limited trim are LED fog, lights, LED headlights, power, folding mirrors A black Grille, the sunroof, which I think is totally worth it, those peculiar two colored door handles Chrome and whatever your body cover happens to be. You got your synthetic leather instead of cloth, a power passenger seat, which I think is absolutely worth it, because if it wasnt, I would be looking A peculiar and strange and odd. In the sea you get memory seats to the driver. You get a cooled seat for your front passenger and Driver as well. His rear seats heads of display a Harmon Carmen audio. All these things would make you want to jump on limited trim so thats what I would call for, but kudos to Kia in Canada, at least for offering three Trims and that much flexibility and not jacking up the price just because they could, because the terms for The federal EV rebate changed and you can go a little higher than 50 000 now so hes got this. They have the soul, they have the ab6 and everything will be transitioned over to EVS in the coming years. Theres, an ev6, you cant, see it but uh Im not gon na make that stuff up. I think he is putting themselves in a really strong position to be a very competitive player in the EV Market, not only because of that, but because theyre not afraid to try new things with their design and their technology and yeah.

You should have mentioned this in the beginning and Im not going to bother cutting it back to the beginning, Ill just say it now: the tail lights go up the c pillar and its very Kia soul, esque uh. I think if there were no colored C pillars. I would like appreciate it and notice it a lot more. I think its going to be pretty popular. I love these little things once youve made the decision to go into a Navy unless you need something the family size which this is not in a little city roundabout for two. This is a really really strong option, thanks so much for watching and if you havent already please hit that little button below that lets. You subscribe so that you dont miss any more of our videos and follow us on social media as well were on all the major platforms and we love hearing from you. Please leave us your questions and your comments and we will get back to you as soon as we can and we really appreciate hearing from you.