This is citrine EC3, electric car, a first electric car from a French manufacturer Citroen. So in this video we are going to know the all details about this citrine EC3, electric car. So without any further delay, let us dive into the video, since this is the all new citrine EC3 electric car, a recent offering from the French manufacturer citrine. So basically, we also have a citrine IC variant, so that is icy varied and this is the EC3 electric variant. So basically, if we talk about the outer, I mean designing part, we wont get any special things to identify this as an electric car, except this e badging and and charging port. So if we look from the front we cant differentiate from the electric version and the IC version. So if we talk about the electric version and basically from the front part here, we get a continuous split LED DRL, along with halogen headlamp, and here we have a fog lamp. So basically the citrine EC3 is available in total of 11 dual tone colors. So this is the white one and my personal favorite one. So while continuing about the design part here, we get a chrome element in which the citrine badging is imagined it, and under this we get a vent through which the battery cools. So these vehicles gets a active air cooling system. That means the battery will be cooled with the air intake from this air vent and between the air vent.

We have a normal plate holder. So this is the front view of Citroen EC3, electric car. So now let us open the Bonnet and lets see whats inside it friends. This is the Bonnet of the Citroen EC3 electric car. So basically, this is a front wheel, drive electric car, so we get a pmsm motor in the front Bonnet. So this pmsm motor produces 48 PS of power and 143 newton meters of torque and it can go up to a top speed of 107 kilometer per hour. So in the front we get a pmsm motor along with auxiliary battery through which these headlamps and side indicator works, so other than that we wont get any special things here. We can see cables and liquids, so all there are wirings and wirings here and there so other than this. We wont get any special things here in the front Bonnet. So I expected a little storage space over here, but certain havent provided that now let us close the Bonnet and continue our designing language part. So this is the side view of the citrine EC3 electric car. So totally we get three colors in this: the low for the detailing and white and black as a dual tone standard colors. So, while talking about this side view, we get a 15 inches alloy wheels with it. So I think this is the second variant, so we are getting a a plastic Wheels to it. So, for the top end variant, we get a diamond cut alloy wheels so while coming to brakes, we get disc brakes in the front and the drum brakes at the rate.

So if we dive into the dimensions, this car is huge. So if you look at it personal, this car will be more than the length of tataway, which is recently launched. So, while coming up with the dimensions part, it gets a ’81 mm length and 1733 mm width and 1586 mm height and while coming to wheelbase, that is the distance between the front wheel and the rear. Wheel is of 2540 mm and it gets a 170 mm of ground clearance. So this is the charging port of this Citroen EC3 electric car. So before opening the charging port, let me clear your thing, so the citrine EC3 car sits between the Tata tier goibi and Tata Nixon AV. Why? Let me tell you so this citrine EC3 starting actual room cost is 11.3 lakhs, which is costlier than recently launched Tata tiagoivy and its equipped with a 29.2 kilowatt hour battery, which is close to Tata nexonybs battery. So the Tata nexony EV starting extra room price is 14.5 lakhs. The Citroen EC3 sex showroom starting price is 11.5 lakhs, so we have a difference of 3 lakhs while coming to battery pack its same compared to Tata next on eBay. Now lets continue with the charging port so to open the charging port, we should open the door and if you press this, the charging port opens. So this is the charging port of this citrine ec3s electric car. We get a normal AC charger and a DC fast charging port here.

So this car comes with a 3.3 kilowatt onboard charger. By help of a 15 amp starter, we can charge this car in close to 10 and a half hours, but this car also supports DC fast sharing. If you use DC fast charging, it can get from 10 to 80 percent within an hour. So ctrain is claiming this its yet to prove so, while continuing you about the design, this is the mirror side mirror of the Citroen EC3. We wont get any 360 degree camera as a standard and we cant add it as an accessory also, so we must adjust with the rear camera in the top end within that too, and let me show you the key, so this is the main key of this Citrine EC3 electric car – and this is the secondary key. So, with the main key, you get a lock button and an unlock button thats it you wont, get any special features and you wont get keyless entry also, so you must unlock with this button or with the key so while coming to back. This is the rear view of the Citroen EC3 electric car. So here we get a halogen, headlamp and halogen side indicators. We wont get any LED lights. The main reason is cost cutting. So here we get a EC3 badging, along with the citrine logo and its badging. So let me open the boot once so. This is the boot of the Citroen AC3, so it comes with a 371 liters boot space as a standard.

So this is the charger of the Citroen EC3. This is just a stabilizer. You get a onboard charger with it. So this is the charging gun, a AC, slow charger. With the help of this charger, you can charge this electric car in 10 and a half hours and these 370 liters boot space is decently enough for a family. So let me close this Music, so this is the left side of city and EC3. You get the petrol cap here, but this is not functionable. They just gave it like that. So now let us get into the citrine ec3s electric car. This is the unlock button. Let me open the traditional drawer so, as you can see, okay, this is the door of the Citroen AC3, so we wont get any Fabric or soft touch materials. This is totally a hard plastic. This is also due to the cost cutting here. We get switches to control the power windows and here we get an uh, a fob to unlock the car, and here there are speakers I think we get four or six speakers with this electric car. So these are the seats. This is not the leather seats. This is a fabric seats, so let me get into the car once the cabin noise is so minimal. I couldnt able to hear any sounds from the exterior, so let me place the key here so here we get a key fob, a traditional key fob and, if were on the car, the 14 inches display ons – and this is the center console now lets discuss about The center console so in the center console we get a speed and gear position indicator, and I think this is the RPM meter.

Here we get battery status indicator along with the estimated range so its showing it can go up to 188 kilometers of range. With the available battery in this Citroen EC3, and we get the remaining all the warning indicators at their right and left. So, while talking about the AC vents, we get four AC events in the front while coming to the center console, we get a 14 inches touchscreen display. So this is the display we get. The connectivity features like Android, auto and apple carplay. With this, that is, we can use with the wire no Wireless Android, auto and Apple carplay, so we get a radio call center and navigation. This is the basic display. There is no fancy features in it and under this we get AC vents. The square shaped AC, Vents and knobs to control the AC and car temperature. We are not getting Auto climate control or like fancy features. You cant expect fancy features in this electric car, as this is coming with and starting extra room cost of 11.5 lakh rupees with 29.2 kilowatt hour battery. So under this we have emergency lights. That means hazard lights. So at the right we have 12 volt socket and a USB charging port, and here they gave a small space to place your phone. There is no wireless charging here, there are two cup holders and after this we have a knob to switch between the reverse mode, driving mode and neutral.

So here we get a switch for eco mode. So to operate this we must on the car like uh like a petrol car. So you should. You should place a lick on the break and if you rotate this, the car no switches on so now you can toggle between the reverse mode, neutral, dry mode, Etc. So, while continuing about the center console here, we get a manual handbrake, so I am missing the electronic handbrake in this and back to it, we get two switches to control the rear windows so other than this we dont have any fancy features here. They gave us more light, so thats it guys. This is the front cabin of the Citron AC3 electric car, so the dashboard is of hard plastic material. We are not getting any soft or leathered Interiors, so you cant expect more from this Citroen EC3 electric car. So if you ask me a question for whom the Citroen EC3 electric car, I would say that for the people who travels basically in the city, that means uh close to 40 kilometers round trip. So, for them the citrine EC3 electric car will be perfectly all right and for those who are planning to run over Ola taxi services in the city for them, this car can be so good because the onward cost of the base variant is close to 12.4 lakh. Rupees, so if you invest 12.4 lakh rupees, you get a IDC range of 320 kilometers with 29.

2 kilowatt hour. Battery used in this so citrine is claiming 320 kilometers of range, but when it comes to real range conditions, we can expect close to 230 to 250 kilometers of real range in the citrine ec3s electric car and the interior space is decent enough to run a taxi Services, so the people who are planning to run a taxi or uberola services with an electric car, so this citrine EC3 is the best option for them. So for now let me go to the rear section and Ill show you the comfort in the rear seats, guys this is the rear cabin of the Citroen EC3 electric car, so we are not getting any cup holders and a central umbrage for this. The main reason is to facilitate the Comfort to three members sitting in the rear seat, so let me get into the seat so, as you can see now, I am in the rear seat of the citrine ec3s electric car. My legs are slightly upward because of the battery pack. The battery pack is placed on the floorboard, so the floorboard height is more, my height is 5.5 and, as you can see, there is no under thigh support. So if a six feet person sits in this citrine ec3s electric cars rear seat, so he doesnt gon na enjoy the ride. So my best recommendation is if a six feet tall person is in your family. Please give a place to him in the front seat so that short people can easily sit and enjoy the ride.

In the sitting, easy, there is an electric car and my Headroom is decently enough and we get a handle for our best comfort. So basically over and all the rear seat is good for a persons who is less than 5.5 feet height more than 5.5. He couldnt able to enjoy the ride other than that we are getting two USB ports along with the small cup holder. The knee room is decently enough and the legroom is also enough, but the under thigh support is very bad. Here were getting three seat belts as this electric car only has two airbags in the front. There are no airbags for the people who is in the rear, so thats why they are providing three seat belts. Now let me get out of the car, so friends, this is the rear seat of this Citroen EC3 selectric car. So finally, if we talk about the warranty, citrin is offering seven years or 1.4 kilometers warranty on the battery and five years or one like kilometers warranty on the motor and 3 years or 1.25 kilometers warranty on overall vehicle. So this is all details about the Citroen EC3 electric car, so in the next video I am going to write this electric car and Ill share my opinion on the ride quality of this Citroen EC3 electric car. So, while coming to the price, the showroom cost the base variant, SEC, showroom, cost of the Citroen EC3 is 11.5 lakhs and the top end variant comes to 12.

43 lakhs. The Citroen EC3 is available in total of 4 variants and 11 customizable colors. So this is the video of the Citroen EC3 electric car whats your thoughts on this.