Indeed, this Nero EV may be very differently packaged to its e niro predecessor, but its powertrain looks familiar at least on paper. The front mounted motor still puts out 201 brake horsepower. It still works through the same single speed, EV, auto transmission and the class leading 285 mile driving range figure is just three miles better than that of the previous model, which is because this cars battery, though, apparently completely new, is only a fractional 0.8 kilowatt hours larger Than before, at 64.8 kilowatt hours, Kia no longer offers full electric Nero customers a smaller battery option. The Korean maker hasnt taken the opportunity of introducing its latest 800 volt electrical architecture either. That would require the more sophisticated e GMP platform of this cars. Larger ev6 showroom stablemate. Nevertheless, the underpinnings here are different and significantly so. The switch from the old eneros elderly J platform to this replacement cars, K3 chassis has given key as Engineers a more rigid basis from which to try and improve this models. Driving Dynamics, which were somewhat lackluster in its previous guys sure enough. The Nero EV turns into Corners with a tad more enthusiasm and rolls a little less, though. The differences arent that great and theres still something of the feel of operating an appliance rather than immersion into the Driving Experience. Its better, though than whats served up by the full hybrid version of this same car. The Nero EVS extra 443 kilograms of battery weight helps rather than hinders it here, mainly because all that bulk has been well positioned to lower the center of gravity for some reason, theres a fraction more steering feedback too, though its still disappointingly remote.

Even if you select sport, the most Vivid of the three available Drive modes accessed via this curiously positioned steering wheel button of more interest, perhaps other variable settings for the brake regeneration system access via these steering wheel, paddles repeated pulling on the left hand, one will take You all the way to a maximum eye pedal option that basically means youll hardly ever need to use the actual brake pedal, except when coming to a complete stop charging speeds still capped at 72. Kilowatts are a little slower than class Rivals, but you can still get a 10 to 80 battery replenishment in 45 minutes at a 100 kilowatt charging station. This key has grown a little this time round: 4420 millimeters long and standing 1570 millimeters High, which makes it 65 millimeters longer and 10 millimeters taller than before. But it still cant quite make up its mind whether it wants to be a crossover, as suggested by the roof rails, these wider Lower Side, rubbing strips and the wheel, Arch, cladding or a family hatch, which is probably what you think this car was. If those features were removed, big wheels also fit the fashion remit on all variants. You get these smart 17 inch Alloys with a style and size bespoke to this EV variant. The Final Touch is probably the most eye catching the option of this color contrast its so called joy for reason, c pillar design, which you only get with his top four Spectrum level and which comes in either Black Pearl or, as here in a steel gray, finish Unique to this EV Kia insists this feature isnt just there for fashion.

It stands proud of the Bodywork, supposedly improving aerodynamic efficiency. The front is where you might stand the best chance of differentiating this EV Nero model from its otherwise identical. Looking hybrid and plug in hybrid showroom, stablemates, the upper and lower grilles are unique to this model and the central no section is wider, so it can accommodate this big Central charging flap. Otherwise, the look is, as with any other Nero the front end showcasing Kias current opposites, United design ethos, complete with angular, heartbeat daytime running lights, and this lower skid plate is supposed to enhance this Neros crossover pretensions. Even the rear makes a statement with Boomerang shaped, LED lights, smeared up the corner pillars and a prominent roof, spoiler topping off the tailgate emphasizing this second generation models: 20 millimeter increase in width your place at the wheel which, as with the previous generation version of this Model is a point in your acquaintance with this car when you might begin to doubt its crossover credentials, absolutely nothings been carried over from before and theres a considerably higher feeling of quality, particularly in this higher spec version, which decorates the angular Dash. With these twinkling twin 10.25 inch screens, the center monitor has a very comprehensive array of battery related features in its EV section. While on the instrument display the right hand, power meter incorporates a useful gauge, showing the battery regen level youve selected with these steering wheel, paddles design touch is borrowed from other recent gears include this circular gear controller and this Central touch sensitive strip which hosts either the Climate controls or the infotainment system hotkeys, depending which of its two display settings youve chosen all the right.

Eco boxes are ticked too, thanks to a cabin headliner made from recycled wallpaper and faux leather upholstery fashioned from a bio pu material containing healing eucalyptus oil. As with the previous enero, the seating position is a fraction higher than the norm and across the range the seats are well upholstered and supportive for longer Journeys. Theres plenty of cabin storage, space too foreign right lets, take a look in the back heres, where the real benefits of that switch to this Mark II models. More sophisticated K3 platform are revealed, theres more leg, room than youd get with most class Rivals and headrooms good too, even with this sunroof fitted as youd expect from an EV theres, no center transmission tunnel. So if you had to fit three adults in the back here for a short trip, it would probably be easier than would be the case with a combustion powered hatch in this class. Finally, lets take a look in the boots accessed on this top spec model by a power operated tailgate. You might expect the Nero variant with the largest Drive battery this one to have the smallest boots, but actually the opposite is true. With 475 liters of capacity on offer, this car can swallow seven carry on suitcases and offers the largest cargo area in the Nero range shading. The hybrid version, with 451 liters and way ahead of the plug in hybrid derivative, which can offer only 348 liters the rear bench doesnt offer a ski hatch or a 40 20 40 split.

But at least when the 60 40 split backrest folds it folds down nearly flat. The space then freed up is 53 liters less than youd get in the Nero hybrid, but at 1’2 liters will be sufficient for the needs of most owners and were not quite finished. Either because, unlike a lot of its competitors, including the enyak IV, this Kia also provides a small frunk compartment beneath the Bonnet at 20 liters in size, its not very big, but it might be useful for a charging lead or two. You might be tempted to conclude that whats on offer here is a completely rejuvenated product in every way, except the one that really matters, the powertrain that drives it. The clever 800 volt platform in Kias, larger ev6 led us to hope for real advances in that regard, but in terms of Battery Tech and driving range, there havent been too many of those in the evolution. Thats brought us this Nero EV. Its predecessor set a fresh class standard in terms of driving range, and that Advantage Still Remains here where the brand has now slipped behind. Its Rivals, though, is in terms of charging times the very area where the ev6 now helps to set the industry standard. The difference compared to Rivals, though isnt large enough for this issue to be a deal breaker far more significant other changes made. So this cars exterior styling and its cabin, which have been as far reaching as those to the more sophisticated K3 platform that now underpins it.

The idea with this redesign was clearly to lower this cars age demographic without alienating its core market, and the improvements made should certainly achieve that. The important thing is that a Nero EV makes life as easy as it possibly could be for its driver, plus it can be kitted out with luxury electronics, and it comes with that class leading seven year warranty.