First, this LED light bar. If you cant tell it might be not too obvious, but this is actually a single piece and Hyundai says thats quite tricky and expensive to manufacture and theyre. Pretty proud of it as well might seem a strange thing to be proud of. But it is the only item in Hyundais range, bigger than that for lighting is on the new Grandeur which we dont get in Australia anymore, but its just been facelifted in Korea with that. So, as I said, this is the electric model that were looking at. It does have some distinct styling cues of its own, particularly the different Grille design along the front, similar to obviously the ionic five. It is a different platform, though, which will go into a little bit of detail about later. So lets have a look in the drivers side, hopefully Im on the correct side of the car or well walk around full walk around design. So again, not a single piece, because weve got the tailgate here. But again this huge light bar running across the rear. Really Keen to know what you think about the design be sure to tell us in the comments, petrol models, at least the base model have gray plastic cladding on here as well, which Ill show you on the screen. But I think it actually looks quite overall. Its a fairly sporty and Charming design, I feel – and you might agree – I personally think a million times better than the current Kona lets have a look inside on the passenger side.

For this left hand, drive car, so Ive got some ambient lighting there. That might be flashing its flashing on my screen, but its definitely standard ambient lighting out here in real life. It is not a disco effect. What do you think about the inside styling here? Well, go around the drivers side in a moment, but lets take a look in the rear before we do. There is a lot more Im, not sure what the seating position. There is right now so thats, probably a bit exaggerated, but there is a lot more rear leg room in this car 77 mils additional leg room over the previous model, the previous Kona, even for a small SUV, was on the small side for the segment. So this is already a massive leap ahead of that the wheelbase is longer than a Toyota cross, but the Toyota cross is longer than this car overall. That driving position is probably similar to Mine, by the looks of it so lets hop in see what the leg room is like loads of leg room in here. Lots of toe wiggle room underneath as well and youll, see hopefully not too dark hop out, have a better look. You can see that its also got a flat floor which, despite sharing a platform with petrol and uh, and a hybrid model as well, which would have a transmission tunnel in the all wheel, drive 1.6 petrol turbo model. This electric model has no transmission tunnel, so, unlike a lot of ranges that share electric and combustion engine variants, its actually a pretty big achievement for Hyundai to get rid of that transmission tunnel for the electric model, which is obviously going to be great for foot room Boot space is quite a bit bigger, I think its around 30 liters in the seats up and I think 140 liters more with the seats down, which is quite a lot its a bit dark.

I could do with some lighting, but Ive got a 60 40 split there. Quite a bit of boot room, oh well, theres, no spare wheel in here at the moment. Therell obviously be a spare saver, a space saver, sorry, but its a good sized boot for a small SUV, especially one with a tapered roof, tapered C pillar. Quite nice, there lets have a look in the drivers View. I think this may not be enough room for me. Lets pull that back and then, of course, we can check the rear seat again in a moment. Okay, this feels like it would be about my seating position. So well have a look again in a moment at the rear. Seating controls all plastic dolls, but they feel quite nice and I mean realistically its nice to have physical dials, because we dont there are a lot of cars now were seeing where we dont get those sorts of features so Im personally, very glad to see them. These two 12.3 inch displays will be standard across the Range in Australia as well, and I think globally. So that is quite cool too pretty familiar. Looking aircon system here for Hyundai set a drive mode here like the ionic 5., its got a column shifter. Here. Let me just twist that, just like you would in the ionic 5., this ones quite nice, though its actually a rectangular design instead of whats in the ionic five. So all in all pretty nice in here, good sized glove box, thats a fairly firm plastic Dash thats.

Quite surprising, not soft, for those who care about such things. Oh and thats, hard plastic as well. I was not expecting that, so it is still an entry level cost saving model. But on that point lets talk about pricing after I check my new leg Rim in the rear, still quite good, Im 510. So, depending on how tall you are Ive got a fair bit of Headroom and I have a very tall hairstyle. So Headroom is definitely much improved and obviously that knee room is much improved over the previous Kona as well, but at the end of the day it is still a small SUV. It would probably do the job as a family. Hauler, though, for a young family, not a family of basketballers, so in terms of price, well, we dont know right now the Kona range starts at about around 27 Grand. I think theyre just not going to be able to do that with this one. We expect itll, probably kick off or to compete with the Corolla cross, which starts at 33 Grand so thats, probably where we should expect the new Kona in petrol form to be priced. The electric models will vary, therell be a short range and a long range similar to what they have right now right now, it starts at 55.