Yeah, and actually you can happen almost yeah, so this is always a plus Point. Well, apart from that technology, where is so, as I said, uh Power technology may change your size, so in that the motor gets a new winding. Okay, Im diving a little bit deeper, but it actually comes down to the you know benefit of the customer. Okay. So, since the new winding is more quieter and it actually is more efficient, so the wine normally right, yeah. Of course I know, EV experience is going to be even more dense, now, yeah, okay, uh interior wise. Are we seeing any change? Yeah individuals? We have lot of changes, I mean you get the you know: uh the ivory black dual Interiors, okay and the current one is having a black interior right. Now. Okay and yes, we have a car as a platform uh head unit with us, okay, so 10.1 inches. Once we enter the car, we can explore it once yeah all right externally. How am I going to know that this is the new Zeb uh yeah? The eye catching feature over here is the new bumper Grille that lines over here. So it is. This makes it like uh coming on to charging. Is there a change in the charging infrastructure? Charging infrastructure basically Remains the Same. Only since the battery size has increased. Okay, the times have increased. The charging times have increased okay, of course, but it still is beneficial.

There is no substantial increase in the time in the time after charging, okay anyways, but there is some marginal increase. Okay, so earlier it used to take seven hours for full charge at AC fast charging that you can see over here. Okay, so now it will take 8.4 IRS 8.5 hours for a complete ability, yes, and he has the ecosystem for the road charging network. Of course I mean the moment we are speaking right now. The infrastructure is growing rapidly. Okay, yeah and government is quite adamant on you know: creating more and more charging infrastructures on major nationalizing, correct, correct yeah. So, apart from that, have I missed anything in terms of what is new with the zscv uh yeah, I mean you can look at the exteriors. Experience are quite astounding over here, yeah yeah, so we have uh Hawkeye Led, Led. You Know headlamps very sharp, yeah, very sharp and its a color spoon. Yes, so this also is, I think, a new color. This is the new edition black white, which are got blacks, weve got white weve got gray. This is uh the red one is also available. I think Ive seen a couple of them on the roads right, so theres a lot of variety in terms of the color as well, and I think, of course conversations so. I think we should hop inside the car and then yeah. Definitely all right lets get inside the car uh. Yes, it is new, I mean earlier, it was not having the you know, unique features of car as a platform.

Okay, this new generation or this new EV basically gets a 10.1 inches head unit, okay and uh. Since you know catchy phrase calling uh Endless Possibilities that you have in this car of the platform, you have a lot of applications over here. Okay, you can actually book a parking for yourself through Park Plus okay, you have jio 7 app for music right yeah, but you can get. You know news and you know current events, information about current events, a mobile phone, exactly by the way, this 461. Does it really and Im pretty sure 461 the road now still, but is there any customer stories of maximizing range that you would yes, there are stories I mean everybody can choose to drive economically right if they actually choose to do it and uh yeah and because It actually uh, you know you cannot uh, forgive yourself for not driving the vehicle rationally, given the power and torque it has so I mean yeah yeah, of course, and yes, so, yes, there are ways to drive the car economically, you can keep the you know. More drive mode into Eco right and the curse level at level two or level three to the best right, which will actually generate more power. You know regenerate more power for yourself right, it will charge the battery and using the AC economically also enhances the range. Of course, so 461 you can, if it is not a dream value, you can anyways thats very close to it.

Foreign factors like attenuation, okay, so, over a period of time you must be experiencing thats a same thing in your mobile phones. Also, right, sorry is very fast, and discharge is very fast, but how soon or how slow are we talking about this? This is uh. You know 30 loss of uh capacity after eight years Music. So can you tell about that yeah the exciting exclusive, very convenience that we are actually talking about? Okay, are there also two variants minor changes: okay, yeah opportunity: okay, oh wow, thats, actually good. So you get an easy for whats. The price for mgcv. 28 28. Is the top end, I think star tends but again because its an EV, the RTO taxes are minimal so probably on the road yeah Music. So the entry level variant with 461 kilometers of range is still going to be 24 lakh rupees and at the top end, that I go for is going to be 28 lakh rupees. Now, in 28 24, I am trying to think of the vehicles that upon you shut up, so I would typically think of the newly launched Scorpio N. I would think of the Jeep Compass, the Safari, the Harrier, the xuv700 and a couple of sedans, probably upon Music. Why is someone supposed to choose a zsev which is a new platform, the experiments ahead? Why cant? We just go for these tried and tested platforms. Why? Because people think about you know the safety of the battery, because you must be knowing the cases of hola correct.

That is one that is one part of anxiety right, but leaving all those aside, uh EV, as we discussed in the last video uh. We have a lot of certifications from a lot of European and American agencies of this battery safety right range anxiety. Yes, at this stage it has almost halved. Okay, I saw the open road. I took a chance and the moment we sports for over the takla immediately. I felt a little bit weight in the steering and even pedals feedback, so its its a very pronounced effect. Im. Sorry about that too. But look you have to drive it to me with courage to me Music. You have to experience this whole effect of Evie and back so we discussed about the safety factors that we are. You know we are quite strong on right, so that is that issue is already covered now talking about the real anxiety, the central government is quite adamant on creating infrastructure on all the national highways right yeah, and it is as the moment we are speaking it is. You know happening actually correct, so fast charging stations are coming up at a very fast pace, of course, and so that anxiety of you know letting your battery drained out slow running out of juice right the next time. This actually will not be an issue. You know in the coming five years: Music. Music. How fast is it going to charge so a 50 kilowatt charger will take you one hour, 25 kilowatt times.

Another will take you two hours. This is kilometers, of course, of course, and it is always advised that you charge whenever you use fast charger. You should charge only to 80, okay yeah, okay, 100. You can use the AC, slow charger or AC faster, okay, so DC super fast charging. You should always charge it to 80. Okay, because you have a solidity that youll find a you know, charging station very soon, right, so even practically yeah. My today, Mumbai is going to happen on a single charge. I dont need to recharge, and back is going to happen on a single loan hour is going to happen. Probably already a charger is very much possible on a single charge. Satara is also possible. So, honestly, if youre someone whos living in Pune whos using this primarily as a city car but on the weekends you are going to nearby cities. This is a perfect option for you, and even if we talk about uh, the maintenance of it uh or even the per kilometer cost of it probably uh equivalents. How much is it that we end up paying for this one? So considering the you know, you know head charges for your location. Let us question about the ac5 rupees per unit right and the energy that you put in your battery from 0 to 100 is 50 kilowatt hour, Music and the moment immediately. It goes into minus minus percentage, power minus being it is recharging.

The curse is in plastic, rupees, Music, foreign, Music, Music, Music experience, the magic of EVs, and then you can make a call for yourself whether this is the one for you, but for now this is it. This is, we say goodbye to.