It is, of course, the Julie Panda mini lets check it out. Music. Thank you. So here we are with the Julie, Panda mini, and this is the latest entrant to Chinas burgeoning electric micro car scene. And if you know anything about the Chinese car industry, youll know that the wooling Hong Wang mini is the goat in this segment. It sells about 30 to 40 000 every single month and its essentially got a whole new generation of Chinese drivers onto the road. But if theres going to be any Contender for that crown, it could be this one because look at it, its so cute. Its super cute, these big circular morpish eyes, this Crescent Moon daytime running light, which looks really cool sort of slightly flat indented face, reminds me in white. Actually, a lot of Big Hero 6, but maybe a bit more squared off youll, see weve got quite a high waistline and a bigger Bonnet on this car than you do get on the Wheeling Hong Wang. If I come around here Ill show you these Alloys. Okay, theyre, not Alloys, theyre, wheel, trims, but theyre only 14 inches. This is the big one. Theyre called bear claw Alloys. They look a little bit like a bear claw, I suppose, just bigger than the ones that I had in my original Mini years ago. You can get these in 13 or 14 inches, so little tiny, Wheels, weve got fake carbon Wing mirror casing here, which is interesting, and this also slightly strange step up in the B pillar, which to be fair, does block your view a little bit in the back.

But it looks quite cool, then youve got this this enormous door. I mean that must be at least a meter from front to back its almost the entire wheelbase of this car and one more feature Ill. Show you on the front here is this enormous 64 inch panoramic sunroof, which is basically the entire roof of the car? Its very squared off looks a lot like a Japanese k car, so lets check out the back and Ill show you how squared off it really is. So at the back, as I said, we do have a very squared off look very much like a Japanese K. Car quite tall, quite boxy, we dont have a full width daytime ring light on this car, unlike most other cars in China these days, but we do get these cute little units with a c shaped daytime ring light Little Triangle in the corner here as well. You get your indicators and your reversing lights in there, and your fog light is down here now. This car, despite being just over three meters, long, also comes with a reversing camera and parking sensors. Just in case you struggle to park a car, this small, I dont, understand how you possibly can youll notice how we have geom written on the back here: geometry used to be the budget electric brand of Geo theyve now been kind of absorbed into geely. I would say – and this is somehow in the middle geoming small electric geely – not sure anyway – weve got a hatch here, but as youll see, we dont have a massive amount of space in there Ill demonstrate with this bag.

Youll see how wide that is. This. Basically, just about fits in there, but apparently theres 60 liters of space in there. I dont know how they were calculating that. But if you need more up to 800, you can fold the seats flat. They have a 50 50 split, so you can always take three people or two people. If you need something much bigger in here, thats, not bad, actually decent amount of space inside, of course, for what youre going to be using this car for daily shopping things like that, you dont really need much more space than that. One thing I will point out, though this has clipped me a few times and its slightly low down. So if you, if you do buy one watch out for this so thats, the back end lets go and check out the interior. Okay, so stepping into the G League Panda mini, and you know what actually theres quite a lot of space in here. This is really quite spacious and actually its also small enough. You sort of slide over and sit here in the passenger seat. So if I want to park up against a bush or a wall with this side, I can just get out on that side, which is great thats quite functional. Now, as I said, were at the bottom end of the market, so lets just get a few things out of the way. Yes, weve got a lot of harsh Plastics, not a lot of insulation but thats.

What were expecting so were not going to talk too much about that lets. Talk about what we do have and actually theres, probably a lot more than you would expect so very basic steering wheel, no reach your rake adjustment, of course, no buttons on there other than a horn, but you do get an airbag. You also get abs and EBD. So it does come with some safety features. What we do get on this one, which is one of the top additions. This is an eight inch screen, so its actually from about here to here, and you get different functions in there, thats quite good, because you can connect it to an app on your phone and you can therefore get your music, your Maps, your radio, almost like a Screen mirroring for your Android or your iPhone, and it works pretty well its a little bit slow, but it does work and it functions pretty well now, on the lower models you dont get a screen at all. You dont even get a radio. You dont even get speakers on this car. We do get speakers, we get two thats, it thats the maximum number of speakers. You can get and theyre you know about as good as you would expect. If you really want some music, I would probably get yourself a big Bluetooth speaker and stick it in one of these pockets on the dashboard now for those cars, they will deal with this 9.

6 inch screen, which is here, and this actually comes with a hell of A lot of information on it, so even without this, you can still use your ventilation controls and we do get air conditioning which is cool. Your drive, selector, is down here or as its translated on the Gili website, a super cute knob and that just has reverse neutral and drive, and your window switches. Electric windows as well on all models are down there as well, so yeah, its very basic, very friendly, but youll see its actually very light in here as well, because of that panoramic roof, its absolutely enormous. You get also mirrors on your you get on the passenger side as well. You do so. You do get a passenger side. Mirror youve got your microphones here. So, actually you can talk to the car as long as you have this screen and use that sort of speaking to the car functionality. But you get a big tray across the back there for extra space, quite a deep pocket here, another pocket under there, and then you get quite slim. I would say door Pockets, so youre not gon na youre gon na squeeze a bottle in there. If you want to get one into there, you get a handbrake manual handbrake and weve also got a 120 volt. Sorry, 120 Watt 12v power outlet there and on this one we also get two USBS just normal USBS theyre, not usbcs, but yeah its super basic.

All that you want also these chairs by the way these are sort of a one piece, design, theyre, quite funky, and the top part you can unzip. So you can take the cover off and go and wash it if your kids make a mess of the car lets, go and check out the back. Okay, so climbing into the back of the Panama, is actually not as bad as you might think. If you get the right shape, you can get in the back. No problem now lets put this front chair back, lets, put it slightly more laid back than it might be, and yeah. If I put my knees directly behind, they are touching the back of the scene, but if I just open them slightly, actually its pretty adequate and theres loads of foot room down there as well, so its not as tight back here as youd think its a lot Bigger than the ruling Hong Wang, but then the car is longer so that does make a difference now fairly basic. Of course, youve only got a little armrest the doors though theyre so big. The cup holders for the rear seats are actually in the back of the front door, so you can still access that quite Airy in here quite spacious, because of this 64 inch panoramic roof. But you dont get that in all models. So it might be a bit more dingy in the lower end models. The biggest gripe for me really is this: this kind of shape in the B pillar, because all I can see over it if I was a child that would be totally blocking my view and it can distract you a little bit when youre in the driving seat.

So the visibility – probably isnt as great as it could be, even though you do have quite a large glass house, so thats my only real gripe with the back. You also get two isofix mountings on here. So if you do have kids, you can strap them in. So, as I said, yeah its bigger than the Woolen Hong Wong in the back definitely more spacious. I think, though, its time to take it for a drive. Okay, now Im really pleased that I got to drive this car in Hangzhou, because we do have some very lovely little roads here around the lakes and theyre a little bit narrow, really accentuate the benefits of having a micro car like this, but Ill. Tell you where it really stands out and thats in a car park, because with all these other drivers in SUVs and saloons, and they doing 20 point turns trying to fit into a tiny parking space in this its an absolute Doddle. Now this car comes with a choice of two power trains: both electric both rear wheel, drive. You get a 20 kilowatt motor, its about 27 horsepower 85 newton meters of torque that is Twin with a 9.61 kilowatt hour battery, which is rated to 120 kilometers on the cltc Range. Now I will say that cltc is pretty generous, so expect between 50 to 60 percent of that in reality that one weighs just 715 kilograms. So its pretty light. The 30 kilowatt variant thats about 40 horsepower comes with 110 newton meters of torque.

That one is paired with a 17 kilowatt hour battery, which is rated to 200 kilometers on the cltc cycle. This one weighs 788 kilograms, so actually in terms of weight and performance, it is very much similar to an original Mini its almost the exact same. In terms of that performance, though, what I would say is its not obviously super quick. You dont expect that, but it is sprightly its more than enough to drive around the city and you dont feel like youre, getting left behind by all the other cars, and you do get two choices of speed, so you get normal and sport. Sport is slightly quicker, but you know its not really. That was me exaggerating it doesnt really put you back in your seat, but its okay, its fine. Now, on the ride Comfort side, I would say its slightly more rudimentary than normal cars, so it will be a little bit choppy over on certain roads, but not as much as you would expect. Actually, the only really crashes over big speed, bumps and big potholes, but most of the time, its actually its totally fine, its totally acceptable for a car that probably doesnt have the most advanced suspension in it and more than that, its fun, I mean, if you throw This car around corners, you will get a lot of lean. You will get a lien youll feel like the car is about to tip over. It probably wont because weve got a battery lower down, but it is smile inducing its fun.

What I would say is if you go around a tight corner, you can actually up the inside rear wheel, which lifts it up a little bit and get a bit of wheel spin. That does put a smile on your face. It does feel like a little bit of a childish, giggle, so yeah its great its really enjoyable to drive. The seats are totally adequate for the short Journeys that youre going to be making in this. Probably you might get a little bit more uncomfortable if youre doing a really long journey, but to be honest, probably not that much, I mean theyre all right, not massive, bolsters or anything, but youre not expecting that it is totally fine. The steering is light enough. Now the wheels are right out in the corner, so its really direct. Of course you do feel quite connected. I would say to the steering: yes, it is lighter because its power steering assisted on all models, so you do get power steering and on all of them, but the chances are you actually probably wouldnt need it skinny tiny Wheels. You wouldnt even need power. Steering on this, but you get it anyway. I would definitely recommend having one of these as a second car. If you want to make short Journeys, youre not going to feel shortchanged at all, chances are youre not going to be taking four people in your car. So youve got space for your shopping. You just fold down your seats or put it behind the seats or in the footwell down there.

Theres loads of space in this theres actually loads of space. In this car genuinely spacious, on higher spec versions of this car, you can also get 22 kilowatt DC fast charging. So it will charge pretty quick, its claimed to be able to do 30 to 80 percent in half an hour, and yesterday took me about an hour to do 12 to 12 to a full charge. It only cost me about one pound 80 or about 2.20 to charge, which was great now pricing wise, the most basic version of the panda, which is called the cute bear that comes with nothing. That means no speakers, no radio, no Central screen, no USB sockets, no reversing camera no panel roof, but does come with electric windows and parking sensors and airbag and abs, and so on that one starts at ‘, 900 RMB thats about 4 800 pounds. Five thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars. If you want the top of the line version, which is what we have that one starts at 53: 900 RMB thats about six and a half thousand pounds or seven thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars, which is an absolute bargain. Really, if you think about what youre getting that compares quite favorably to the ruling Hong Wang, which starts at a lower price point about 32 000 RMB. But if you want the fancier Wheeling, Hong Kong youve got to pay between 42 and 52 000 RMB for a macaron Edition, which comes with a few extra features.

But I dont think it comes with as many nice features as this doesnt come with. The eight inch screen in the center, for example, so actually yeah in terms of price comparison. This one is quite a favorable. I do think you get a more grown up. A more complete car with the Julie Panda mini its also slightly bigger, so its 14 and a half centimeters longer. I believe its about five centimeters wider. It is a couple of centimeters shorter in terms of height, but does have a longer wheelbase as well. So you do get more car and you feel that you feel it definitely in the back seats compared to the wool in Hong Wong, so yeah its actually a really good car, really good value, so Im actually genuinely considering one of these for most of the journeys That I make probably about 95 of them. This would be totally adequate and it is cool. I dont feel like Im missing anything from a big car, all right, thats it for our time, with the Julie, Panda mini, genuinely Im, not looking forward to giving it back. Im, not Ive, really enjoyed this the past two days. Its cheap, its cheerful its lovable, puts a smile on your face, puts a smile on your face in the car park because it looks so cool and I put a smiley face behind the wheel because its actually quite fun to drive, and I do think that its High enough above basic that it could actually be a daily driver for about 95 of people and then have a bigger car for the other occasions.

I genuinely do think that its good enough to do that and, of course, wed have more space on our roads and in our car Parks as well, if we did, but no its been a great job by Julie. I think this is genuinely a better car than the ruling Hong Wang. I think its bigger its got more space inside more appropriate for a family of three or more and its also got better equipment that panel roof, the reversing camera and the 22 kilowatt DC fast. Charging on some models as well is well worth having so yeah its a really good job deserves to do well and who wouldnt want to see more of this face on the road. I know I would so thank you for watching and if you subscribe.