Welcome. Today I have probably the craziest car I have reviewed to date. It is a 2023 Lucid air, Grand Touring performance. This thing has over a thousand horsepower a new zero to sixty in two and a half seconds, and today, Im gon na get it up in the air were gon na nerd out in the tech specs see how this thing is constructed and then go give it. Some beans, oh Music, so flat. I feel like Im looking at the bottom of a boat hole its just so flat and smooth, and look at all these little Jetties. This ones, like the cross section of an aircraft Wing that lower link, looks a lot like the Alfa, Romeo stelvio thats. So big you can tell its special by the way it has its own label, starting in the rear. The Lucid air Grand Touring performance utilizes, an integral link, multi link, rear suspension, thats cute, a little leveling mechanism for the headlights as far as a rear, anti sway bar goes. I dont know, if its possible to measure it its really up its kind of hidden and tucked up in there. Oh man, this is all the access I have to be able to get to the rear, anti sway bar. I dont know how accurate this is. Gon na be its a 24 plus or minus three millimeter rear anti sway bar its paired with a set of adaptive, Bilstein dampers, as you can see up there on the side of the label, a little Bilstein logo.

They did an excellent job at making this car easy to jack up, giving this large rubber pad right here. Amazing enough as it is the Grand Touring performance model isnt, even the top fastest or longest range that they offer this one comes with 118 kilowatt hour. Lithium ion battery pack and with its dual motors, weighs in at 5236 pounds but Im gon na try. Do you actually make any noises? Oh those are its noises. Youre welcome. It almost looks like carbon fiber. It looks a lot like carbon fiber. You can see right here its like a half inch. I dont know that is like maybe 15 millimeter, all along the side of the car, where the pinch weld would traditionally be on a normal vehicle. It has this massive beefy aluminum structure. Typically, at this juncture in the video Id be discussing what type of transmission is available with this vehicle, but because its a giant, RC car it doesnt, have one in conventional terms. It has an integrated drive module that contains the electric motor, the reduction gear, the power inverter and the differential all in one giant housing and because its all wheel drive. That means theres, two of them one in the front one in the rear. It also has torque vectoring capabilities, which means it can send the power left right front rear wherever it wants, whenever it wants all the time, some of the time, 60 percent of the time every time, Sex Panther what up front you have an all aluminum.

I think forged too, it looks like everything up here is forged aluminum five link suspension setup. You can see that Bilstein adaptive damper and a coilover setup look at the size of the ball joints on this thing. These have to be at least 24 millimeter nuts. On here I can measure the front anti sway bar because its right here, yeah whats up big boy, 32 millimeter in diameter up front theres, a massive aluminum like subframe. Almost that goes across the center. Its super, durable jeez looks like some of these journalists. Never driven a lowered car before look at all those scrapes Waze is durable, like I said its a big boat time for the braking test, no one behind me, but a sunshade ready, oh wow, took all the air out of my lungs. The brakes in this thing are mental. This car is this is like getting an incentive flight in a fighter jet. That braking was just made possible thanks to a rather impressive set of six piston monoblock Akebono calipers. They have a really pretty champagne finish on there. If the Lucid logo paired with a 380 millimeter or 15 inch front rotor the wheels, they are a 21 by eight and a half with a positive 37 millimeter offset theyre wrapped in a set of 245 35 21 inch, Pirelli P0 tires out back. There is another rather impressive: four piston monoblock Akebono caliper, with a 376 millimeter or 14.8 inch rotor and the wheel gets slightly wider at 21 by nine and a half inches with a plus 49 millimeter offset the tire.

It is a 265 35 21 Pirelli P0. In the name of science, I am now going to give this thing: the beans bolstering assessment. There is a little bit of bolstering that was a little bit dramatic. These seats theyre black in the front white in the back, but get this not only are these seats, heatilated and ventilated, as well as the steering wheel, is heat elated. They are massaging both driver and passenger. Have them theres, rolling, unwind wave stretch deep. I believe this one vibrates turn that on listen to that, that is so intense as far as Drive modes go in this little tablet in the center, which can press this Arrow itll make it go up into the dash and disappear, which leaves room for a massive Storage, cubby whoa its got a bear on it down comes your tablet, theres also a little rolly dial right here. You can adjust the volume with, as well as your fan and your temperature for your climate control. As far as Drive modes go, I have smooth Swift and oh its got uh Joshua trees. In the background, because this thing is made in Arizona thats, why and then Sprint and Sprint asks you to uh confirm that youre that insane to use this, it is recommended to be used only by skilled, Advanced drivers under suitable driving conditions with Lucid specifications. Summer tires installed: thats, not a joke either. This thing will run a 99 in the quarter mile in 2.

6 seconds zero to 60.. You do have to have some skill to drive this, and then there are options for Lucid stability control. You can customize that, however, you want with that said, lets see what this thing can do. Foot to the break gas go! Oh Jesus! Oh my God, thats good! Oh my that hurt it hurt my head or hurt my chest. The launch is crazy. Oh, there goes my glasses. The hood popper is a button. Oh thats, crazy. That is a gorgeous under hood. You know, Lucid knows, whats up some companies cant even paint under here they are functional, thats sweet. The vent is right above the headlight. Are you kidding me? Its even vacuum into little patterns in here – oh this – is so nice whats under there. Another compartment also carpeted not vacuumed, into a pattern, though, can you imagine sitting here when someone does a 0 60 run? Your ass would go through your head on the windshield. I heard thats what happens to bugs. Oh this is that rich folk carpet, this stuff is thick well. How satisfying is that notice? The wiper reservoir has a black cap to match, instead of blue thats just classy. The electrical book can be cut by firefighters inside that compartment. Good to know I dont know if Id use a pair of pliers, though underneath the thread of this 2023 Lucid air. Grand Touring performance is one of two permanent magnet active core synchronous Motors.

Now each motor is capable of producing up to 650 horsepower and a whopping 2950 pound feet of torque at zero RPM now thats before the gear reduction, but still out of something that is small enough to fit in a carry on bag of a plane. The entire integrated drive module, including the gearbox and the power inverter, only weighs 163 pounds its a mental that is mind blowing. Now the total system output of this vehicle after the gear reduction through the gearbox magic stuff is a thousand and fifty horsepower in a thousand and 25 pound feet of torque at zero RPM thats, and this is even the fastest one. They have one of three motors thats over 1200 horsepower digging in a little bit deeper into something that you cant actually see as much as Id love to tear this car apart. I dont want to make the Lucid people upset, because I would love to drive another one of their vehicles at some point in time, so the electric motor it is capable of spinning up to 20 000 RPM, which is quite a bit faster. I believe than some of its electric competitors and the power inverter hello, the lights just turned on. Maybe it was happy because I was telling you about it: the power inverter. It is a silica carbide, mosfet system that is 900 volts. This is a 900 volt EV, its rather impressive Ill, get to the charging bits in a moment.

Why do the lights just turn on at me? How do I close this thing? I just rub it. I feel, like a button button, push that button. Oh wrong button. Oh there you go check this out. This is how the rear hatch opens. This is amazing. The whole back of the car goes up with it theres even little tail lights that illuminate inside the jam that is so wild. This is a pretty good size. Hatch too. We, I know the number one question most people are going to ask, because Ive already been asked that multiple times is: how does this compare against a Tesla Ive, never officially reviewed a Tesla because they dont offer their vehicles for review, at least not to me. I have driven one before and I will say the fit and finish, and the quality of the interior and exterior of this car is high and obviously for the price point it should be. This is an expensive car. The windshield in this thing is one giant, continuous piece of glass that goes into your roof, which means your sun visors just float in this giant pane of glass, the whole thing thats all glass, its super dark tinted too. So you have to worry about your scalp. Getting burnt theres lots of unique materials all throughout the interior, like this denim over here in the side, plus all the suede, its absolute luxurious and gorgeous interior. This little center console has a real piece of wood right there.

Oh, hey theres, a wireless charge pad inside there Taylors another one of those Bears theyre everywhere. White carpets luxurious, look great hard to keep clean. Not only are the seats full massage, which I am going to engage right now. Yes, start massage and also you can fully adjust every aspect of the seat so how the bolstering wasnt the greatest, when I did the acceleration test. So I select this back rest width and it highlights the bolster right there. Well, its crazy. You can actually see the seat move. It moves a ton. Holy crap extend thats, sweet. Okay. There we go thats snug. Now I can do some performance driving whoa. I have my own screen: touch screen, theres a menu with a touch screen in it, and it just made the shade go down that is so wild and these seats are heat elated, okay, at least the middle seat, has heat thats kind of cool well pass through. For your skis, everything is so nice. The build quality is great in this thing. The fact that this car is this fast in that it can do it over and over and over again, like its one thing to have a car that will run a 10 or a nine second quarter mile thats super impressive, but to build a Do It just Non stop constant and not break. That is impressive. Not only is the straight line performance impressive, but the fact that they can make a 5300 pound sedan handle this well also equally and impressive geez.

It is so it just wants to turn in like that. Like I just barely touched, the steering wheel – and I was like yep lets – do this its very uh, precise and crisp is the way I can describe the handling feedback. I I would love to see them. Make a sports car and, of course it has the braking to match. Oh geez want to review the Mercedes eqs 500. I thought the acceleration of braking would make you throw up in that thing. Oh geez, oh God! This is stupid, its like getting an incentive flight in a fighter jet driving in this car now Im going to switch into the smooth mode. I had it in Sprint because Im psychotic do I notice anything suspension Wise Its hard to tell if I do its subtle yeah a little bit. I dont know its really hard to tell its not a big difference in the feeling of the handling between the different modes. This is such a comfy car, though it just soaks up big bumps, and you dont feel any of the little tiny imperfections that paired with the massage going on right now. Out of all the electric cars I reviewed, I think this is for the first time. The first EV, I can say, is definitely a road trip car, because the range is so impressive in this thing. Now, if you dont get the performance package, it has over 500 miles of range.

That is crazy. This one has 446 miles of range with the performance package. You can do up to a 300 kilowatt DC charge on it, and you can charge up to 200 miles of range in only 12 minutes now its different. Depending on what package of the Lucid air you get now in case youre, one of those people that wants robots to drive for you, it has whats called dream, drive it utilizes 32 different sensors, as well as lidar, to see the road and do robot things. Not only do you have a 360 degree camera with excellent resolution, it also tells you in inches how close you are from an object so showing 17 inches right now. The only downsides Ive seen with this thing so far since Ive had it is the key is a little card that you keep with you. It does have a physical button on it, but its not necessary to press that button. It just knows when youre coming to the car and it unlocks it for you and its fairly smart Ill, have to say it does a good job of knowing, when youre coming to the car and when youre, leaving the car for shutting everything off and locking the Doors and thats the weird part about it. You dont hit a start or stop button. You just literally get out and walk away from your car or come to it and hop in and go its neat, but thats confusing to me also comparing this against some of its luxury electric Rivals.

The thing I love about this Lucid is the fact that it is distinctly and unique, Lucid because this is an American car company. This car is manufactured in Casa Grande Arizona, which is about 45 minutes from Tucson. So I love that about this thing and it doesnt share any other components like switches and dials and buttons with any other vehicle Ive ever seen before, so it makes it feel very distinct and different and unique best way. To summarize, a lucid air is, if you want an American made EV with an actual realistic range that will mop the floor with 99 of performance cars out there on the market and be luxurious and comfortable in the process right here all day, Music time to give This thing some squares first, is the bean squares, the assessment of the feeling you get in your gut when you give it the beans, and this Lucid air Grand Touring performance gets a rating of. I can only imagine what the sapphire must be like next is Cookie score, the assessment of what you get for, what you spend and the Grand Touring performance model at just over 180 Grand gets a rating of next. Is the wrench score the assessment of difficulty to work on, and this gets a rating of followed by a squid score at the handling assessment and the Grand Touring performance gets a rating of? Lastly, is the Penguin score they assessment of how much I personally like a vehicle, and this thing its getting a rating of Music.

One thing I will say is they do have an SUV on the way, but if youre going to make another vehicle Lucid, I would love to see you do a hot hatch.