.., It is comfortable and its very quiet on the inside And as a wagon, it draws a lot of practicality from its unpretentious styling, with great space for passengers and a large 495 Litre boot. Now on tops of these qualities. It also has a good range of 400km., Underneath this, the only surprise, might be its performance since the car … entering the multiverse Nondescript unpretentious. These arent necessarily words that youd associate with one of our cars of the year.. Yet it is so what gives Now, perhaps its precisely that which makes this our electric newcomer Car of the Year 2022.. Now, as we all move down the electrification timeline for cars, We can all say that we like fast flashy, super sports cars., But how many of us can say that we truly own one Well thats, because the truth is its not that practical to own and run One. But this.This MG 5 is the car not just for the few, but for the many.. It is a car that doesnt just win awards, but is practical and attainable too. At some 70000 before COE. This is a rather affordable category B, EV. Its powered by a single motor, sending power to the front wheels and in fact its the only electric vehicle station wagon you can find in Singapore right now.. That means 495 Litres worth of boot. Space.. You could fit a familys weekend away in that space and not even touch the ceiling room.

At 4.5m, long 1.8m, wide and 1.5m tall. The MG 5 gives plenty of presence on the road with space for plenty of booty to haul.. The single electric motor pushes out some 154 160 bhp, depending on the trim and battery. With 260 280 Nm of torque. For an everyday car thats plenty fast.. It completes a century sprint in 8.8, seconds. 8.8 seconds. Is 8.8 seconds fast. No, I dont think so.. Is it slow Its not slow either., But in Singapore unless youre on a racetrack? Do you ever really need to be fast? You need to feel fast. Now that may sound counter intuitive., But with this electric vehicle you get 280 Nm of instant torque and with that you can overtake as easily as … And thats the important thing. Thats. What you need. Ill, tell you! What driving this MG 5 feels like. If Im driving an ice car, a conventional petrol car, it feels like Im driving in sport pro max mode., Like the pedal response. Is there theres power when you need it and because of the regenerative breaking when you let off? You feel it start to slow down., Its almost like driving at 4000 5000 rpms in a petrol car. And thats. What you get inside an MG thats, what you get inside and MG 5 EV. Its instant power, even with its massive caboose., And it still holds its own around corners, its an everyday car, its an everyday electric vehicle with station wagon capability, and you dont feel the Guilt of burning that petrol, like a sports car.

, But you still get some of that power when you want it. And in a petrol car unless youre on a super spirited drive its, not something. You want all the time because it gives you higher, wear and tear and its also not great for fuel consumption. But thats for a petrol vehicle., Its a big, no no. For an EV, maybe a yes, yes, because youre making use of that instant torque. All the time and when you dont want to youre getting that power back in regenerative braking so that you can go further. K, E R S, Kinetic Energy Recovery System.. That means in simpler English, regenerative breaking., But thats, nothing new. All EVs and even some hybrids today carry regenerative breaking.. Now this may sounds like something simple, but its something that some of the brands may miss out: on. By MG, delivering this little switch. That says, K E R S. It gives me the luxury of choosing what level of regenerative breaking I want, whether its 1, 2 or 3. Now 1 means that when I lift off the accelerator, it comes back a little less energy, but it comes to a gentle roll., But on 3 it may Be a little bit harsher, but it claws back more. Energy. Now this is what the MG delivers, whether its levels 1, 2 or 3. You want the luxury to have the option. And its the little differences inside this MG 5. That makes it such a wonderful car to drive.

, And even though it is our new electric new comer Car of the Year, its received an update. So this version of the MG 5 will come with the full suite of safety systems, including smart cruise control. Lane keeping assist and more so … Whats, not to like, At the end of the day, its still a car car., Its an electric vehicle by MG, but it feels like a car. The moment you get inside and sit down. You know where everything is. It feels like a car., You still have your instrument cluster and the instrument cluster is done. Well, so its half analogue half digital., But the way theyve implemented it. It looks fantastic by extending the round of that gauge., And that is what I like about a good car.. It doesnt have to be super, wasteful or super luxurious.. What they do is make simple look good and feel good and thats exactly what this MG does.. Now, when some other brands take an electric vehicle that mean a world of a difference, the MG keeps it classy and it looks just like any other car on the road. In terms of its fitting its center console this glossy black plastic. Here you get Android, auto and the way theyve machined this metal, it looks upmarket and it feels upmarket so its something that getting into your car every single day will feel good.. It makes you feel happy. It makes you happy to drive this.

And thats. Why this MG is one of the winners. Now granted that the floor inside this MG is rather high, but thats to be expected because its a battery electric vehicle., Your battery is underneath., But what it does for this car is keeps its center of gravity low. So when you do toss it around the bends or go over humps the way the suspension and the car is set up, its actually pretty smooth.. Now this MG 5 gives you WLTP range of 400km., But when its fully charged, you can get 450km on the dash. And with 50kWDC fast charging. 0 80 takes just 40 minutes. Thats about how much time you need to finish a meal. chaos without paying All charged up. 0 emissions, practical, affordable and safe.. Is it any wonder its our electric newcomer Car of the Year 2022? I dont think so..