Welcome back to the channel today Im going to be reviewing the level 2 EV charger from watt saving uh. So this guy is actually not available in stores yet or online uh. They have been selling in the Asian market, but theyre going to be selling starting off in North America at the end of first quarter 2023. So around March you should be seeing it for sale, uh, so watt savings. I mean this one and its a good thing. They did because, just last week I used to use just my mobile connector to plug in my Tesla and it died on me. So I had no charging. I was stranded. Thankfully, this thing came in QuickTime and I was able to plug in my car and Im back on the road um, so when they do release it, its going to be roughly around 450. Is that what theyre aiming for, if youre, connecting it to or comparing it to the Tesla connector, the Tesla connector on Sasa store is 425 and the j772 version is 550., so its kind of in line with the Tesla law, connector and other EV Chargers? This one is kind of on the low end in terms of pricing, which is good. You have some really expensive ones like in the thousands, but this one is pretty good for around 450. cant go wrong. It does, however, have a really good feature of it. Has a these RF cards so basically you tap the card and itll activate your charger.

You dont need to use these, but if youre in a public setting lets say youre in a Condo building, you dont want everyone to use your charger. Have these RF cards, and only you can use your charger so thats great uh. The other features is obviously its really minimalistic. You have this really Sleek design, just the one light for your charging status and error codes and the best part which I love is that it plugs directly into a 1450. So you dont need to do any sort of insulation. If you have a 1450 already installed, you just plug it in its plug and play, it has a 24 foot, cable and a very thick. Obviously it has the j772 plug. I have the adapter for the Tesla connected, but if you dont need this, if youre on Tesla you just plug this straight in, I do enjoy this a little a lot thicker than Tesla one. So its a lot more sturdy and the cable is a lot more sturdy than your average uh mobile connector that I was using. It does come with a cable holder. If you are, if the actual charging charger is sitting in the garage, you can use that cable. Do your cables, but if youre outside, like myself, this is outside the garage, I would recommend you do one of these to keep it away from the elements so lets go over the specifications of the watt saving us 10.

. The enclosure rating is rated for ip65, so its good for indoor and outdoor installation for protection. You got all of it. The warranty is good for two years. The charge cable length is 24.6 feet. The input cord, so you plug it into a Nema 650 or a 1450. DC power is maximum of 9.6 kilowatts all right in terms of installation. It is the easiest thing in the world. All you have to do is install this bracket, basically screw into some studs. On this side, I use anchors on the other. If you can install a picture frame, you can install this thing and you want to have a bit of an offset on your outlet just because the cable is going to turn in curve a little bit uh. So you just want to install this basically line it up and you go that easy. There is a little screw on the other side. You want to screw it in to secure it and then basically youre just going to plug it in, and you can see why. Youll need that little uh offset all right there. You go easy all right. So in terms of speed uh, this thing is capable of 40 amps and 9.6 kilowatts, so a Tesla wall connector is 44 amps. So just shy of that my car is the Tesla Model. 3 standard range, so it has an onboard charger of 32 amps, so it cant get as high as this is a capable of doing so right now, Im getting eight kilowatts, which is probably around 30 to 35 kilometers per hour or 20 25 miles per hour.

So uh is doing great. I havent had any issues with it this week, uh charging the car perfectly. So this charger is good for every EV. I just want to take a second and tell you what its like using it with a Tesla. So, first off, if your car is locked, youll, either need to go through the app or inside the car to stop charging and unlock your charge port, which is annoying but not a big deal. The other thing is, since it uses a j772 adapter. You probably have one that came with a car, but then youre, probably leaving this one at home and unless you plan on switching it out every day, you might want to get a second one in case you want to use it on the road so theres that Theyre cheap though so, not a big deal where I see this is a really good option is: if you have a Tesla and a non tesla EV, you could be a good option for charging, because then you can just swap it out pretty easily. So all right. So they arent available in North America just yet look for them in about March 2023. It should be available, uh and Ill. Have the link in the description so where you can get one, and also, if I get any discount codes, Ill, definitely pass them on to you, so you can save some money. So look for those in the description below um anyways.

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